Sunday 31 July 2011

The Indola Smart Street Style Challenge- Minimalist Chic

Hair care gurus Indola have launched a new range of products called INNOVA and to celebrate the launch they have created a Smart Street Style Collection. The collection has been created by bloggers in order to achieve a real street vibe- and Immediate PR have set fellow bloggers a challenge!

Who can replicate one of the looks the best?

There were 5 looks to choose from and i went for Minimalist Chic;

Mr Newton blogger Eddie Newton in New York created Minimalist Chic where the look is all about graphic shapes. Hair extends the low-maintenance attitude with clean lines that highlight the great cutting. Styling with more volume and movement turns tomboy into sophisticate in a flash while rich colours reign supreme.

This sounded like my kinda style  and as im never one to turn down a challenge, i took my Indola products and began trying to replicate the look.

The four Key products i used were the Hair Thickening Elixier, Volume & Restructuring Spray, Polishing Pomade and Shine Spray.

I squeezed several drops of the Elixier out onto my hand and ran it through my towel dried hair- It had a similar consistency to serum but without being quite so smooth.

Then when i parted my hair to blow dry i spritzed the volume and restructure spray all over my roots and using a wide brush, dried from underneath to create volume.

Once my hair was dried i ran the straighteners through it to tame and smooth the cuticles to help with shine and finished by smoothing some of the pomade through my hair to tame any fly away hairs and to add texture and shine.

To complete the look i liberally covered my hair with the shine spray which gave it a wonderful, healthy shine. And here was the result!

Other elements used to create the look were masculine styling ( hence the tie!) make-up and hair colour.
Make- up was to be a flawless, pale base with matt lips allowing the focus to be on the eyes and strong brows. Cheeks were to be defined in light browns with no hint of girly pink in sight.

 The colour for Minamilist chic was to be a deep, sophisticated colour. They suggested a rich base of chocolate to flatter most skin types and add warmth to the skin making wearing minimal make up possible. 
And so i went forth and photographed my interpretation. Who knew minamilist could look so striking. I loved the look- brilliant shine, soft movement, strong colour and a great look.

Friday 29 July 2011

400 Followers Giveaway!

I am Fabulicious now has over 400 followers and continues to grow every day! Thank you for supporting my blog and spreading the word!

As promised I will be hosting a giveaway to mark this milestone and I will be adding it to the Competitions page on Monday 1st August!

5 of my wonderful followers who choose to enter will be picked (at random as always) to win a selection of goodies, many of which have been featured on my blog already!

So once again, a massive thank you for your support and keep your eyes peeled for Monday! 


Thursday 28 July 2011

Good Things for Skin!

As a sufferer of sensitive and often problematic skin I am forever on the look out for products which are natural, organic, suitable for sensitive skin and paraben free. When I find a brand that offers all the above I cling onto it for dear life, and ive just found one.
 The Brand is called Good Things- because that's what its full of! Their products are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oils and they do not use animal tested ingredients.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because they are free from all of the above that they are lacking in punch and substance, this is most certainly not the case. 

I tried out their 5 minute facial face mask which contains superfruit extracts of goji berries and avocado.  Designed to make your skin clearer, brighter and smoother the ingredients include green clay and kaolin to draw out impurities, avocado oil to moisturise, goji berry extract to soothe and willow bark extract for radiance. It also smells really nice unlike some other masks which can smell chalky.

Enjoying the mask!
 Apply to cleansed skin and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing off.  The result- im actually really impressed. I don’t normally use face masks- I find them harsh on my skin and often result in a break out of spots.  This mask was very gentle to my skin and I felt refreshed, clean and smooth after rinsing it off.

I continued my routine post shower by trying out their Ultra Rich Body Butter. 

Now after a long hard day at work I relish my evenings and always look forward to slathering myself in a body moisturiser, reclining on the sofa and enjoying the aroma of the lotion wafting through my dressing gown. 

Containing  mango, papaya and goji berry you can only imagine the tropical scents that escaped from the pot once id opened the lid. A wonderful fruity smell, natural rather than synthetic smelling and totally gorgeous.

The moisturiser was light yet effective, soaking quickly into my skin leaving it feeling soft, moisturised and non greasy. I was indeed then treated to the reoccurring scent of sweet smelling fruits every time I moved, with my husband even remarking on the pleasant aroma!

You can buy Good Things body care range from Sainsbury's nationwide.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

I am Fabulicious wins Immediate PR's Blog of the Week!

I am hugely chuffed to announce that i have been awarded Immediate PR's Blog of the Week! I havent been blogging for that long but im working incredibly hard to develop my blog into something that is  honest, interesting, helpful and ultimately worthy of my followers time. 

Here is what the guys said of I Am Fabulicious!

This week we’ve been really enjoying reading I Am Fabulicious, the beauty blog of Essex beauty writer Sarah Berryman.

Focusing on makeup and beauty reviews, I am Fabulicious makes getting gorgeous simple, including honest comments and photos of her own experiences.

What we really love about this blog is the great variety of products and how affordable and accessible they are, making I am Fabulicious a great source for beauty lovers and our Blog of the Week!

If you would like the chance to win Blog of the week head over to their facebook page to register your interest.

The Only Make Up Way is Essex

The Only Way is Essex, or TOWIE as it has become known has become a massive phenomenon since it burst onto our screens last year. 

 I was particularly captivated by it given that im from Brentwood (for those of you that don’t watch it that’s just one of the areas in Essex where it is set) and I used to work at the Sugar Hut with Kirk.

Now, you cannot open a newspaper or magazine without seeing the stars of the show splashed across the pages. 

You cannot turn on a talk show without one of them plugging something or other. Theres  Laurens with her fake tan rage, Mark promoting his club, Joey Essex releasing a single (yes really) and the Faiers sisters harping on relentlessly about their clothes shop Minnies boutique ( which yes I have been to and fled in a panic after finding myself drowning in a sea of hoards of pre pubescent girls all vying for a photo with the sisters. I was just looking for a maxi dress.) 

As If they weren’t already taking over the world, Superdrug has announced that come September      (and in plenty of time for Christmas, of course) they will be unveiling the TOWIE beauty range. 

The TOWIE gift range comprises four beauty gift sets designed to offer an archetypal Essex effect whether Essex-eyes, bronzed face and body or even, yes, the scent of Essex with the first ever The Only Way is Essex fragrance.

I have 1 word for you. Wow. My initial reaction is to mock this range relentlessly. A TOWIE beauty range? What is the world coming to!?

The thing is, im absolutely positive that it will be a massive success!  The hundreds of girls at Minnies willing to spend their pocket money on an item of clothing associated with the TOWIE sisters is testament to that! Superdrug has even noticed how the show has changed the sales of some of their products;

The TOWIE effect has been far reaching this year and Superdrug has been at the forefront with sales of Essex favourites false lashes rising 28 per cent, self tan wipes +210 per cent and body boosting dry shampoo +40 per cent.

The figures speak for themselves and with TOWIE set to come back on our TVs in the autumn, ive got a feeling these will be flying off the shelves.

The TOWIE gift sets comprise a lip gloss set (£5.99), eye shadow palette (£5.99), light up lip gloss and mascara set (£7.99) and a classic bronzer set (£7.99) all available exclusively at Superdrug from September.


Revlon Gloss, Pink to make the boys wink

I am a massive fan of nude lipsticks and gloss’, primarily because I always tend to wear heavy eye makeup and I always try to remember the golden rule- eyes or lips never both. ( The heavy on both look doesn’t look good on me)

That said I couldn’t help but notice Revlon’s glimmering gloss’ when I popped into boots this morning. I was seduced by the pretty Lilac and Pink Ice muted and neutral shade, but then I glanced over at the image of Jessica Alba and noticed her hot pink lips. I really liked them. 
Im not naïve enough to think that just because something looks great on a celebrity means it will look great on me too- ive learnt my lesson many a time with this, often with disastrous consequences, but I decided nevertheless to give it a go.

At £7.99 is a mid-high price range for a gloss, but given its large container im sure it would last a while making it value for money.

The gloss almost has a glittery look to it, though upon application it becomes clear that its not glitter.
It has a lovely long wand with a large rectangular applicator to ensure that it can cover you lips in one smooth sweep- and it does feel smooth going on, lovely and silky, not at all gloopy and sticky.


Im not sure id go as far as to agree with the claim that it gives lips 5X more shine than patent leather ( why would you want to compare the shininess of you lips to leather anyway I have no idea) but it certainly perked up my lips and injected a wonderful hue of  colour, something my lips rarely experience!

Monday 25 July 2011

Katy Perry's Smurf Inspired Nail Art

So, I like Katy Perry, I like The Smurfs and I like Nail Varnish.  Put the three together and you get last nights premier of the Smurfs movie in New York.  Katy who provides the voice of Smurfette revealed her newly blonde locks in an impossibly tiny white dress with her character emblazoned on the front ,twinkling away under the flashes of the cameras.

As fab as her hair and frock was it was something out I was far more interested in, her nails! On the way to the premier she tweeted a photo of her nail along with the caption ‘Smurf Nails, Duh’. And they were amazing!! Who created these incredible talons?

Well, a company called Kiss did. The USA brand has adorned the fingers of many a celeb, Ms Perry, Rihanna, Leighton Meester and Serena Williams but to name a few. 

Kiss create and sell a massive range of false nails for use at home, but with salon quality results. You can actually buy them at Boots and Superdrug
where you have a wide range of different nails to choose from, though it hard to feel inspired when you see the nail in its original, non coloured, un-customised form.

Fear not- I headed over to their website where I found a vast array of different nail art styles to inspire me . I even found a section on nail art where you can purchase stickers and paint and stencil kits to create your own nail art! If you head to Superdrug you can grab their Nail Artist Manicure Design Kit and try to create your own unique nail art.

While I cant guarantee that your results will match that of Katy's nails ( especially if you are doing  them yourself which i think it's unlikely that Katy did) I think that if they’re good enough her, they’re good enough for me- im off to go and treat my nails to a make over!

Thursday 21 July 2011

Maison d'Anu

While im on the topic of natural and organic products let me introduce you to a new brand called Maison d’Anu. It is a luxury beauty brand which is dedicated to delivering effective, natural products. 

You all think im a hippie now don’t you? 

Anyway, I will be posting more about them and their new products soon, but for now I want to show you their fab, non toxic nail polishes. As d’Anu point out, nail colour is far more than a polish, it’s a fashion accessory, but we already knew that didn’t we girls? 

I decided to accessorise my nails with the gorgeous colour called Cashmere. Unlike some other taup coloured varnishes out there, this one has a slight iridescent gleam to it which brings the colour alive rather than being totally matte. 

2 coats were more than adequate to create a gorgeous look, and with over 40 different shades to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

You can grab these varnishes from the Maison d’Anu website for £9.95 each OR you can head over to twitter and win one!

All you have to do is follow my blog via google friends connect and retweet the following:

@sarah_berryman1 #WIN a gorgeous @maisondanu nail polish! RT & Follow on google friends connect to enter



Go Organic - Not just for your fruit!

I love the idea of using natural, organic beauty, skincare and hair care products. The only thing is, I often wonder is  if they will be as effective as other brands, without all the ‘nasty stuff’ which more often that not, is the stuff that makes the products work. 

Take SLS and paraben  free shampoo for example. Whilst I love the idea of it, the results whilst often good, never quite match those of products which contain them.

That said, when you think about the amount of chemicals you are most likely putting on your skin and body, it really does make you think twice about what you use. You can buy organic food to eat and put in your body, why wouldn’t you make the same choice with what you put on your body?
Organic Colour Systems is a hair care company that manufactures their products as naturally as possible whilst allowing them to maintain their effectiveness and they don't test their products on animals. (Seems like they’ve read my mind and made these products for me!)

Ive tried out a few items from their Control Systems Range, of which all items are completely plastic free. Plastic! Your telling me there is plastic in other products I’ve been using? It seems that it’s the plastic in other products that gives your hair the ‘crispy’ feeling as it coats your hair. Grim.

I tried their Volume Mousse, Gloss Serum and Leave in Conditioner which is from another of their ranges, the Care System.

I was actually incredibly impressed! The mousse is more like the foam you get from a foam cleanser than traditional mousse which is more like shaving foam in texture- I liked this, it allowed me to massage it into my roots easier and it didn’t leave that sticky feeling on my hands.

When I use mousse in my hair it usually has to be the XXX Strong hold mousse to retain volume as my hair drops pretty quickly.  I wasn’t expecting this mousse to do much, but I was very impressed by the way it held my style, added volume and gave me bigger hair! 

The Leave in conditioner was also divine- it has a delicate, sweet scent and a with small spritz through my damp locks, my hair was protected from the damaging heat of the hairdryer and pollutants in the air. It also felt really soft, which was nice.

The serum was equally as effective- my hair felt glassy smooth, soft and shiny and I had the satisfaction of knowing that I was treating my hair with quality, organic products.
I think I may find myself converting to organic not just for my bananas!
You can find out more about Organic Systems here. Products are available at salons nationwide and you can call 01590 613 490 for info on your nearest stockist.
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