Wednesday 30 June 2021

LookFantastic Wanderlust Beauty Box Edit

 This summer LookFantastic have got you covered with the launch of this months Wanderlust Edition Beauty Box.

Whether you are jetting off for a much needed holiday abroad or sticking around to discover more of the gorgeous UK, they’ve packed this month’s box full of a host of summer essentials to keep you glowing long after the sun has gone.


But, that’s not all. Oh no!

This month’s box is super special, in fact, it’s not actually a box at all.

Instead of the regular environmentally friendly cardboard box, this month you’ll be receiving a luxurious, faux leather travel bag!


Created in elegant cream with a clear PVC window to allow you to easily see what is inside, it’s the perfect size for bringing on your days out or using as a toiletry bag.

Thanks LF!

First up is the Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter.

This deliciously decadent butter cleanser effortlessly removes makeup, daily pollutants and daily grime to reveal a healthy-looking complexion.


It features a unique blend of a fermented Pumpkin enzymes and Acerola Cherry, naturally rich in AHAs helps to brighten your skin, while Mango Butter and Chia Seed Oil, rich in omega fatty acids, nourish and hydrate.

This multi-purpose, luxurious cleanser can be used as a daily cleanser, a deep cleansing mask or even as a hydrating makeup remover for both your eyes and face.

Does you skin feel in need of a little extra TLC? Then look no further than the Starskin VIP 7-Second Luxury All Day Mask.

This clever little mask comes in the form of a handy little pad and is essentially a 7-in‐1 beauty innovation that combines the ultimate 7-step skincare routine into one easy-to-use, super-charged mask pad to deliver instantly fresh and dewy-looking skin within seconds.

This innovative beauty tool can be used as a massager, exfoliator, toner, serum, moisturiser, mask AND a makeup primer.



Perfect for fuss free, busy individuals, each mask is infused with Kudzu Root (66%), known as the “Forever Young Plant” that helps visibly combat the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

The formula is enriched with premium ingredients such as Cranberry, loaded with antioxidants to protect cells form environmental stressors, and Grape Seed Extract to soften and smooth the skin.

 This multi-tasking, double-sided cleansing pad hydrates and refreshes your complexion in an instant.

Simply inspired!


Once your skin has been prepped to perfection, its time to get your tan on with the MineTan Cucumber Hydrating Face and Body Tan Mist.

This cool as a cucumber, refreshing mist acts as a gradual tanner to give you a natural looking glow, even if the sun isn’t playing ball!

Infused with the soothing scent of cucumber (no nasty self tan smells here!), it has been formulated with citric acid, jojoba oil and macadamia seed oil to nourish and protect your skin while offering a streak free, never orange glow.

So now you’re looking hot to trot it’s time to turn your attention to your hair.

Grow Gorgeous Defence Anti-pollution Leave-in Spray is an anti-pollution mist designed to protect your hair from heat damage, colour fading and external aggressors.

Perfect for greasy hair and hair prone to product build up, this lightweight spray not only protects but helps you to achieve stronger, more resilient hair that is silky smooth and soft.

Formulated with green tea extract to stimulate the scalp, restore shine and encourage healthy looking hair, it also contains a Polysaccharide Matrix to help protect your hair by acting as a barrier against atmospheric pollution and limiting damage.

Tara Tannins and Organic Sunflower Sprout Extract helps protect against the harmful effects of urban pollution and provitamin B5 offers superior moisturise to improve texture and manageability.

So now lets return to your face and create a serious envy-inducing glow with the Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Highlighter in shade OMG.

This luxurious, beautifully pigmented liquid highlighter can be worn alone or mixed with your foundation of choice to add an iridescent glow to your complexion.


Formulated with Jojoba oil for seamless application, it blends perfectly and its champagne pearl shimmer is suitable for all skin tones.

​Apply to cheekbones and browbones for some serious oomph that lifts your complexion and creates the illusion of incredible bone structure.

Finally, we have the jewel in the crown, Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in shade Rosewine 225.

This iconic lipstick is the perfect combination of high-impact colour in a super-moisturizing formula which features LiquiSilk to seal in both pigment and softness for long lasting, comfortable wear.

Silky, soft and buttery in texture, the lipstick has been infused with Vitamin E and avocado oil for superior conditioning while the microfine pigments offer a bright, bold colour pay off with lightweight feel.

Thanks to its creamy texture I like to use this lipstick as a matching blush, dabbing a little of the product onto my cheeks and blending to create an elegant, matching look.

So there you have it, what a fabulous box (or rather bag!) this month’s edition is!

Oh and did I mention that for those of you lucky so-and-so’s off to warmer climes, everything included is under 100ml in volume so its even airplane safe.

They’ve literally thought of everything!

You can get your hands on the Look Fantastic monthly beauty box now where you can pay up front or monthly with 1 box costing £15, 6 monthly is £13.75 and annually is just £13.

PLUS, get your first box for only £5 when you sign up to a 12 month plan using the code ‘FIRSTB5’.


Tuesday 29 June 2021

Iconic London Ultimate Skin Serum & 360 Degree Roller

 Ladies and gents, meet the brand new, first ever skincare launch from Iconic London.

Say hello to their gorgeous new 360˚ Roller and Ultimate Skin Serum.

We know how well Iconic do glowy cosmetics, but how do they fare with their newest addition to their ever expanding line of hero products?

Unlike specific, targeted serums, the new Ultimate Skin Serum has been developed to be suitable for absolutely everyone, irrespective of if you have oily, dry or combination skin.

Captured within the sleek, cylindrical gold vessel you’ll find a serum which has been formulated with specialist peptides that help to boost your skins natural radiance.


A potent blend of plant botanicals including vegan squalene and Vitamin E seek to deeply nourish your skin by locking in moisture, protecting the delicate skin barrier, aiding natural defences and leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and fresh.

The serum itself is milky white in colour, possesses a really delicate scent and is wonderfully silky and lightweight.


It has more of a watery gel like texture than an oily textured serum, meaning the cooling fluid glides across your skin before quickly absorbing without a trace.

Skin is left instantly feeling fresher, softer and hydrated.


This is not it though as Iconic have also launched a nifty little beauty tool in the form of their  360˚ facial roller which is designed to go hand in hand with their serum.

This elegant gold tool perfectly matches the appearance of the serum and has been made out of cooling Zamac.


Remember how I said that the serum offers a beautiful cooling effect, well thanks to this little beauty you can take cooling to a whole new level.

Designed to be use as an at-home facial massager, this nifty little gem helps to loosen muscle tension, sculpt cheekbones, depuff bothersome areas such as under the eyes and visibly lift and firm your skin.


You can use the roller in a couple of different ways, either prior to skincare application to prep your skin, or during application to help evenly distribute the product.

For use prior to skincare, on clean dry skin, gently roll the 360˚ roller along and under your jawline, across your temples and cheekbones and under your eyes using outward strokes then follow with 1-2 pumps of the serum.

By prepping your skin in this way it will leave your skin ready to more efficiently drink in the serum for ultimate absorption.


If you prefer to use the roller with your serum, simply apply a couple of drops of the serum to your skin and use the roller over your neck, chin, cheekbones and forehead.

This is one of my first experiences with a skincare roller and I’m really impressed.

I adore the cooling sensation on my skin which helps me to feel more awake and I have noticed a real difference to my under eye area where it has succeeded in aiding drainage and reducing the appearance of puffiness in the morning.


The process only takes a few minutes yet somehow I find that it really helps set me up for the day and likewise of an evening, I find it ever so therapeutic and relaxing, particularly if I’ve had a stressful day and feel tense.

Both the serum and roller are reasonably priced and given the quality of both the formula and tool, I feel that they are great value for money.

Plus, coated in vibrant gold with black detailing, they look ever-so luxe!

Iconic London’s new Ultimate Skin Serum (£38) and  360˚ Roller (£35) are both available now.


Monday 28 June 2021

Temple Spa Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel

 Discover the secret to skin that glows with health thanks to Temple Spa’s new Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel.

Housed within a vibrant orange, air tight bottle you’ll find an exciting and unusual targeted treatment to exfoliate, re-surface, correct uneven skintone, brighten and deeply purify.

Phew, that’s some list of benefits, but how does it do this?


The secret to this masks potency lies in its key hero ingredients, primarily Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and Sodium Hylauronate.

Antioxidant rich Vitamin C possesses both anti-acne and brightening properties, reducing redness, brightening dark spots and hyper-pigmentation plus stimulating the production of collagen which helps support firmness, tone and strength within the skin.


Meanwhile, a cocktail of glycolic, malic, lactic, citric and hydroxyl acids gently yet effectively exfoliate dead skin cells, resulting in a smoother, healthier looking complexion.

The acids remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, sebum, dirt, sweat, oil, the lot and restores the pH level of your skin while boosting collagen production and cell renewal.

By ridding the skin of dead cells it instantly brightens and rejuvenates a dull, tired looking complexion while simultaneously creating a perfect canvas for your skin to efficiently drink in and absorb the goodness from your skincare.


Plus, glycolic acid helps to plump and moisturise your skin thanks to its water-binding abilities, meaning skin is left feeling plump and nourished and as a consequence, the appearance of fine lines diminishes.

Another key ingredient is sodium hylauronate.

Known for its hydrating properties, Sodium hyaluronate is the salt of hyaluronic acid.


It has a smaller molecular size than hyaluronic acid which means it is able to more easily penetrate your skin, imparting long-lasting hydration to deeper levels of your skin.


By offering superior moisture, this hero element helps to preserve elasticity and tone your skin.

It softens and smoothes, improving the overall texture and appearance of your skin while reducing the appearing of wrinkles.


Meanwhile, botanical extracts of apple, kiwi and chamomile soothe your skin, vitamins A & E offer nourishment and Mediterranean oils of sweet orange and bergamot work together to reveal brighter, more radiant looking skin.

Designed to be used once or twice a week as an intensive treatment, rather like a facial-from-home, the mask begins life with a soft, orange, gel-esq texture before undergoing an impressive transformation.

Apply around two pumps to damp skin and gently massage into your skin.


Then, simply sit back and enjoy as your mask transforms into a mass of fizzing bubbles!

State-of-the-art, this oxygenating bubble peel gets to work right away, resurfacing and perfecting your complexion.

Suitable for sensitive skin, it causes no irritation or discomfort, and I must admit I really enjoyed the process of watching the gel turn into an abundance of soft, frothy bubbles!


Once the bubbles have subsided, simply remove with a warm water and enjoy the fruits of the masks labour!

Your skin instantly feels softer, smoother, firm and yes, even brighter.

I will always opt for a chemical peel in the form of acids over harsh, abrasive exfoliators with grains which can damage your skin and to be quite honest, this mask does a brilliant job.

Temple Spa’s Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel is available now and costs £40.


Friday 25 June 2021

GLAMGLOW Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Gravitymud

 Treat yourself to the most luxurious and decadent anti-ageing treatment with GLAMGLOW’s Marilyn Monroe Gold Gravitymud Mask.

Taking inspiration from my all-time hero and timeless Hollywood Icon Marilyn Monroe, this limited-edition face mask has been transformed into a pot of liquid gold.


Presented in a vintage gold, hexagonal box with Marilyn’s image and autograph in red, you’ll find a vibrant gold pot of Gravitymud along with a very art-deco esq luminous gold and bright red applicator.

Marilyn oozed glamour and sex appeal and as masks go, this is certainly a very sexy mask!

Rich, thick and resembling molton gold, it sits within its pot temping you to indulge in a little self care pampering.

GLAMGLOW’s Gravitymud mask has been developed as the perfect pick-me-up for dull, tired looking skin.


Powered by TEAOXI™ Liquorice and Marshmallow Leaf, this peel-off mask offers instant tightening and firming while Witch Hazel helps to tone.

Vizitight provides instantly firmer feeling skin, Lunarlift helps your skin to feel more toned and tighter and Cosmiplexion encourages your skin to feel younger and more resilient.

The cool, refreshing, gel-like texture of the mask is sheer pleasure to apply to your skin.

Using the soft silicon applicator, apply a generous layer of the liquid goodness to your skin avoiding your eyebrows and hairline.


Once on, simply sit back and relax for 20-30 minutes while it works its magic.

Unlike some masks, your skin won’t be left feeling tight or uncomfortable as it dries, just revived and refreshed.


Once completely dry, start to remove by peeling off from around the edges before rinsing any excess off with warm water.

Skin instantly feels softer, more toned and looks brighter.


Is this mask going to transform you into Marilyn Monroe?

No, it’s not a magic facemask.


However, if you enjoy the glamour and glitz that she embodies and are looking to improve the texture and appearance of your ageing skin, then I can highly recommend giving this luxurious mask a go a couple of times a week.

GLAMGLOW’s Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Gravitymud Firming Treatment is available now from LookFantastic and costs £45.


Wednesday 23 June 2021

Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation

 Summer is usually the time where we find ourselves turning to lighter makeup to see us through the warm, sunny days of the season.

Heavy, full coverage foundations can weigh our skin down and paired with heat and prolonged sun exposure, they can leave your skin not looking or feeling its best.


But, what do you do if you aren’t quite ready to ditch your medium/full coverage foundations but still want to experience the joy of a light and breezy look that allows your inner glow to radiant out?

Well, you head straight for Clinique’s new Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20.


This fabulous foundation has been formulated with 3 serum technologies and offers a satin matte, oil free formula that provides even, natural-looking coverage to plump, smooth and even out your skintone.

This luxurious little pot of joy boasts medium to full coverage but with a weightless, silky texture.

Available in an impressive 42 different shades, you certainly won’t struggle to find the right shade for you!


Bridging the gap between makeup and skincare, the foundation has been formulated with Salicylic acid to re-texturize your skin and help restore radiance, Hyaluronic acid to plump and retain moisture and UP302 and Vitamin C to reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven tone while breathing life back into dull, tired looking skin for a brighter complexion.

It also contains SPF20 which is vital for protecting your skin against the suns harmful rays which can damage and prematurely age your skin.


Despite this plethora of rich ingredients, the fluid itself is wonderfully light, silky and soft.

Free from oil and fragrance it is perfect for those of us with oily, sensitive skin plus it is waterproof and sweat resistant, so no matter how hot it gets, you can get on with your day safe in the knowledge that your foundation can rise to the occasion.

Its nourishing, moisture boosting properties offer defence against caking, settling, creasing and streaking while the long-lasting, 24 hour colour true wear element ensures that you won’t experience oxidation or orange patches throughout the day.


To use, simply remove the elegantly curved lid to reveal a pump dispenser.

Apply to freshly cleansed, moisturised skin and begin with just half a pump full because as the formula is so concentrated, a little will go a long way.

Apply the foundation your skin, concentrating on the areas where you feel you need coverage most.

Thanks to its fluid, lightweight, buildable texture you can easily add more foundation seamlessly to trouble areas without it looking heavy or un-natural.


It possesses a beautiful, natural looking finish thanks to its satin matte finish.

If you have oily skin like me, you’ll be pleased to hear that the foundation doesn’t feel heavy or become super-shiny when applied.

It has a satin matte finish which is perfect as it creates the illusion of healthy, radiant skin without looking shiny but likewise it offers a degree of mattifying without making your complexion look flat.

This is a truly brilliant foundation for oily skinned peeps who want the reassurance of full coverage without the heavy feel or look.

This foundation bolsters and perfects your skin while letting its natural beauty shine.

Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation is available now and costs £34.


Monday 21 June 2021

Fillerina Lip Volume Grade 3

 A full pout and big, volumised lips have never been so desired as now.

Thanks (in part) to the influence of social media along with the readily available means to inflate ones lips, lip fillers are becoming ever more popular.

I’ve even given lip fillers a go and while I enjoyed the results, they are not permanent, the fillers can be very expensive and as with all cosmetic procedures, it doesn’t come without risks.

So, how can one enjoy plump, full lips without going down the route of cosmetic procedures?

Well, lip plumpers are certainly one option but often they contain ingredients that irritate the delicate skin on your lips which causes a reaction, resulting in a fuller pout.

Not ideal right.

Well, thanks to Fillerina there is now another way. A way which wont cause any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

Say hello to Fillerina’s Lip Volume Grade 3.

This slightly medical looking but entirely non-scary volumising lip treatment helps to plump and hydrate using an innovative blend of 6 hyaluronic acid molecules of varying molecular weights.

As you may know, hyaluronic acid is a key component in many skincare products thanks to its capacity to retain large quantities of water to leave your skin moisturised and plump for hour after hour.

In terms of its effects as a lip treatment in works in the same way, promoting  volumised, firm, toned and plumped lips.

Hyaluronic acid come in an array of molecular weights, with certain weights able to penetrate more deeply into your skin, and this treatment contains six, ensuring your lips are plumped from the surface, way down to the deeper levels of your lip tissue.

Suitable for all skin types, the Grade 3 range has been specifically created as an anti-ageing collection for moderate signs of ageing.

The targeted products within this collection tackle wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of density to prevent and reduce the signs of ageing and each Grade 3 formula has been inspired by aesthetic medicine and harnesses Fillerina’s dermatological expertise to enhance skin’s vitality and glow.

In terms of the treatment itself, it is clear in colour and possesses an almost lightweight gel consistency.

Housed within a compact, fuss-free cooling rollerball applicator, simply push down on the opposite end of the applicator until the product is released.

Glide the rollerball across your lips to apply an even layer to clean, dry lips and ensure that the product has been fully absorbed before applying your lipstick/gloss etc.

Unlike traditional plumpers, you won’t feel anything when you apply this treatment.

The gel is silky, smooth and water-like in its density.

Quickly absorbed, you may be left feeling slightly underwhelmed.

Don’t be.


If you use the product correctly, around 5 times per day for a month you’ll certainly notice the difference.

Over time, my lips have both looked and felt fuller and even fine lines around my mouth appear to have improved.

It is important to note that you should ensure that you’re drinking your daily quota of water throughout the course of the treatment to ensure best results, but it really is as simple as that.

Priced at £60 it may sound like an expensive product, however if you compare this to the price of lip fillers its actually a bargain.

Plus, you will not have to experience the pain of having a needle inserted into the delicate skin of your lips or the worry of any potential reactions because hyaluronic acid is a substance that is actually naturally present within your own body.

If you’re committed to achieving a fuller, more volumised pout then I highly suggest you try this product.

Fillerina Lip Volume Grade 3 is available now from escentual and costs £60.

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