Thursday 25 August 2022

REN ClearCalm Non-Drying Spot Treatment

I had hoped that as I approached my mid thirties (sob) that bad skin would become a thing of the past.
After all, spots and blemishes are just something that teens have to deal with right?


Every single month, without fail, I’ll develop a small amount of pimples on my chin and it matter not what I do, how I cleanse, what products I use or even what I eat, as sure as the sun rises they’ll appear and do you know what, I still don’t know how to get rid of them quickly.

For years and years I’ve been mistreating my skin, thinking that applying harsh, stinging treatments and strong astringents will somehow manage to make them disappear in an instant.

The reality is that I was left with sore, burnt, flaky skin around the spot. And the spot was still there but now it looked twice as angry and twice as noticeable.


If only REN Skincare’s ClearCalm Non-Drying Spot Treatment  had been invented back in the day.

This gentle, targeted and as the name may suggest, non drying treatment works to reduce and clear blemishes without drying out your skin.


Formulated with willow bark, this naturally derived precursor to salicylic acid helps to clear your spots without irritating your skin. 

A Maritime Pine and Thyme Complex soothes your skin, aiding recovery and reducing the risks of scarring , Xylitol from corn and wheat helps to keep the surrounding skin healthy and hydrated and a Prebiotic Chlorella Extract supports your skins natural microbiome and rebalances healthy bacteria.

Impressive I’m sure you’ll agree.

The product itself is almost a gel-serum in texture and has a very faint, botanical scent.

Lightweight and soft in texture it is designed to be applied directly to your spots.

Unlike many traditional spot treatments which can sting on application you’ll be pleased to hear that no such reaction occurred here. In fact, my red angry skin actually felt soothed, cool and more calm after it had been applied.

Unlike some treatments which sit on top of the skin making make up application impossible, this gel-serum sinks into the skin and once dried it disappears entirely, allowing you to conceal the area should you desire.

After using the product twice daily, even after just 24 hours I could see a reduction in size, swelling and redness.

Better still, the skin around the spot hadn’t been aggravated at all so my skin was able to repair and heal without any additional irritation.

I’m so impressed by this little wonder tube and urge all of you to invest in it. 

Perfect for the occasional breakout, sensitive skin or regular breakouts it is super gentle, calming and soothing- just what your skin needs when it is angry and irritated.

REN’s Clear Calm Non-Drying Spot Treatment is available now and costs £20.
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