Wednesday, 1 February 2012

90210's Jessica Lowndes Talks Beauty

There is little more in life that I enjoy than snuggling down into a big, thick dressing gown with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold, winters evening and catching up on the goings on of the young and beautiful hotties basking in the heat of the Californian sun in 90210 on E4.

Their fresh, gorgeous tanned faces take me away from the reality of the dark afternoon’s and the bitterly cold weather going on around me in the far less glamorous location of Essex.  

One of the most gorgeous stars of the show is Jessica Lowndes.

(I’m not ashamed to admit that I may have a bit of a girl crush on her)

After all, its not hard to see why. With her piercing green eyes, glossy, flowing brunette locks and flawless skin, she is unquestionably, gorgeous.

Not content with just being a pretty face, Jessica is also very talented. Her role as Adriana in 90210 has seen her take on some hugely challenging story lines, and on top of all of that, she’s also a singer!

I caught up with the lady herself during a whistle-stop visit to the UK and got her to dish the dirt on her beauty secrets.

 What do you have in your make up bag today?

What is your favourite beauty brand?

I don’t have a favourite I like to mix up my brands depending on products that I use, if a make-up artists has used a product on me that I like then I’ll often try that when I do my own make-up too.  

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I’m exercising and being active. 

Do you have a beauty Icon?

Elizabeth Taylor, for me she was beautiful. 

As a high profile star, do you feel pressure from the media to look ‘perfect’

No one is perfect so I know that isn’t possible as long as I am happy then that’s all that matters to me, everyone has different opinions on what is perfect anyways.  As an actress you obviously make sure you look your best but I don’t feel pressure from the industry. 

  Can you share with us one of your trade secret beauty tips?

It’s boring but true, drink plenty of water and take your make-up off before bed and get plenty of sleep! 

How do you get your hair so shiny and voluminous?

I tend to let my hair dry naturally so I’m not heating it all the time and drinking water keeps my hair healthy.  

What brand of make up gets used on the set of 90210 as you girls always look so flawless!

I’m always asking the make-up artists on set for tips to use myself. On set they use Armani luminous silk foundation to give everyone’s skin a great glow

Jessica & her co-stars in 90210

What Can we expect from Adrianna in the next season of 90210?

Adrianna is trying to redeem herself this series, I don’t want to spoil it for the UK viewers so I will just say watch this space!

(90210 airs Tuesday at 9pm on E4 from Jan 3rd)

What was the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?

As an actress and performer you pick up tricks of the trade I’m always learning and asking for tips! Just making sure you look after your skin, keep it hydrated and stick to what suits you, don’t wear or use something just because it’s in fashion or popular. 

What does ‘Beauty’ mean to you?

Having confidence and being happy with who you are.

What’s next for Jessica Lowndes?

I am focusing on my music, I have my 4 track EP out on i-tunes now, and my next single ‘Nothing Like this’ is available on i-tunes this month.   

‘I wish I was Gay’ was my first solo music video which was really fun to make. I have released all my music independently. 

For updates and information on Jessica’s projects and music releases check twitter


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