Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Chocoholics Dream Come True

Imagine relaxing  in the bath, the sweet aroma of chocolate enveloping your senses and surrounding you in frothy bubbles as if you were sat in a giant mug of hot chocolate. Picture reaching over and opening a pot of exfoliating  scrub, the scent of warm, nutty chocolate surrounds you.  Imagine slathering your skin in a rich, chcolately toffee body butter which smells good enough to eat.

Sounds like a chocololics dream come true doesn’t it?

Well dream no more! The genuis’ at  Cadburys  and Anatomicals have combined their expertise and created a set of three exclusive bathing beauty products to celebrate the launch on their new Bliss Bars!

Inspired by the flavours of the new Bliss bars, there is the Chocolate Truffle Bath Creme, the Hazelnut smoothing body scrub and the Toffee body butter.

I was unable to contain my excitement when i finally got my grubby little paws on these products- I jumped into my chocolate scented  bath and satisfied my cravings by munching away on my Dreamy chocolate truffle Bliss bar as i let myself soak into a chocolate dream! I was extremely excited to cover myself in the creamy body butter which i really had to try not to eat! It smelt divine, made my skin feel smooth and moistured and my house was filled with the delicate fragrance of chocolate all evening! Wonderful!

The Products are available from Mid June exclusively from ASOS & Selected John Lewis stores with the Bath Creme retailing at £3 and the Scrub and Body Butter at £4. Dairy Milk Bliss Bars available nationwide from £1.39.



  1. I've got the bubble bath in my cupboard, I was going to use it for a giveaway but think i'll keep it for myself now!

  2. Its literally amazing!!! Don't give it away, keep it for sure!

  3. I love these good!


  4. Oh my goodness, I'd love some of these - with a box of choccies so I don't eat the products themselves, LOL! Erika Price Jewelry

  5. I Know!! Utter chocolate indulgence!

  6. This is too danger, it would incite constant chocolate cravings!

  7. Not at all, it would diminish them surely? lol x

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