Tuesday 25 August 2020

Pound Puppies are Back!

 As a kid one of my all-time favourite toys were my collection of Pound Puppies.

I’ve always loved (and owned) dogs and I loved the concept of ‘adopting’ and caring for my very own little pup!

Soft, huggable and undeniably cute they were massive in the 80’s and early 90’s, and while I grew up they disappeared from sight.

Until now that is.



My favourite, loveable, huggable dog brand is back with a bang with a gorgeous collection of plush toys which are exact replicas of the iconic 80’s originals.

Available in either a Classic plush (£19.99) or a Newborn (£7.99) you can begin your collection *sorry I mean your CHILDREN* can begin their very own collection and experience all over again!



I’ve always loved the concept of Pound Puppies in that the way in which they help teach children about adoption and rescuing animals.

Both the Classic and Newborn pups come with their very own adoption certificates for you to fill in and name tags for you to name your new furry best friend.



They come in their own carrier kennel (which bought back SO many vintage memories for me!) which you can choose to keep as a cosy home for them and this August Pound Puppies have created an inspired partnership with The Dogs Trust.

You might notice that the ‘Dogs Trust logo’ features on the front of the carrier for your pup and this is for an amazing reason.



From August 1st, for every Dogs Trust Pound Puppy sold, Basic Fun will make a donation to the Dogs Trust.

The Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity which sees around 14,300 dogs happily rehomed each year so collaborating with such an iconic brand is simply inspired.




For every Classic toy sold Basic Fun will donate 27p and for every Newborn they’ll donate 11p.

My children just love these toys. From their cute, loveable ‘please love me’ longing eyes, to their super soft, cuddly bodies, they are both well and truly hooked.




They loving playing mummy and baby pup with the newborns which are far smaller in size to the classic and I love seeing the caring way in which their interact together, mimicking the way we look after our own dog, Rosie.



They play feeding, cuddles and training and they are the perfect toy to help explain the process of rehoming dogs and how important it is to look after your own dogs properly with love, affection and care. 



You can relive your childhood and bring the joy of Pound Puppies into your own children’s lives now  from Smyths Toys, Amazon or in store at Tesco where you can collect 4 different Classic pups and 8 different puppies.


Tuesday 18 August 2020

Alpha-H Absolute Lip Perfector Nude Blush

 A great lip balm should be the staple of every handbag and they don’t get much better than Alpha-H‘s new Absolute Lip Perfector in a beautiful new shade, Nude Blush.

This deeply nourishing, plumping, tinted lip balm offers long lasting, silky soft, full lips while the universally flattering nude tone adds a fresh and flirty element.

Housed within a sleek, chic and compact nude coloured tube, its simplistic form betrays the complex combination of caring ingredients within.
This beautiful tube of lip-loving joy is actually more of a serum/balm, meaning it is silky soft in texture like a serum but with all the superior nourishing qualities of a thick balm.

Infused with anti-inflammatory peppermint and wild mint, the balm offers a deliciously refreshing and cooling effect when applied to your lips.

Honeycomb extract locks in moisture to nourish and condition, while its emollient qualities create a barrier to keep external aggressors (such as bracing cold weather or central heating) at bay.

The balm contains a blend of super micronized hyaluronic acid which allows the tiny microns to penetrate deeper into your skin where they swell to increase lip volume while adding longer lasting hydration.

Collagen boosting Tripeptide-1 seeks to plump and redefine your lips while also minimising the appearance of fine vertical lines to reduce the signs of ageing and keep your lip contours firmer and more supple.

 Zinc Oxide aids in repairing dry, damaged lips by reducing irritation and inflammation plus it is SLS, Silicon and Paraben free.

This is so much more than just your run-of-the-mill lip balm, this is skincare for your lips.

Alpha-H Absolute Lip Perfector Nude Blush is available now and costs £19.99.

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Disney Classic Plush Toys by Simba Smoby Toys


A brand that is synonymous with childhood, magic and happiness- at least it always has been for me.

I am a massive Disney fan ever since I remember going to the cinema to watch the Little Mermaid at least 30 years ago!

I loved it and I was hooked. I was particularly hooked on collecting their soft toys, snuggling down into bed every night with my favourite character was the best!

Now, thanks to Simba Smoby Toys UK I can re-live my childhood and introduce my kids to a whole host of wonderful classic characters.

Everyone's got their favourite classic Disney film and I have to say that choosing just 1 is really hard but I simply Adore The Lion King.

Just don’t talk to me about the whole stampede and Mufasa dying part.

My kids have the same taste and absolutely adore this sizeable Simba!

Sitting proud at 35cm tall and costing just £19.99, it is super soft, snuggly and extremely true to the characters appearance!

Their nostalgic range of Classic Disney soft toys features collections from a huge array of amazing films such as Bambi, 101 Dalmations, The Aristocats, Lady & The Tramp and many more.

PLUS they also include a host of new Disney pieces from movies such as Frozen 2, Toy Story, Princess & Mickey & Minnie.

My daughter was most taken with her 17cm tall 101 Dalmation puppy (RRP £9.99) I mean come on, HOW cute is he!

Given their accurate likeness and high quality craftsmanship I was seriously impressed by their really reasonable price point, make them accessible to all Disney fans!

If your kids are huge Disney fans like mine then I highly recommend you take a look at their extensive range available now instore at Tesco.

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