Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Simple Goodness

Simple are one of my favourite all time brands as their products are perfect for my troublesome, sensitive skin and I have been a fan of their face wipes over all other brands for as long as they have been available. Unlike some wipes which are barely even moist and you feel like your rubbing a dry piece of toilet paper over your face, Simples cleansing wipes are refreshing and contain vitamin goodness to help cleanse and tone your skin. You can even use them to take your eye make off without them irritating your eyes. 

Im never without mine and always have a pack in my back ‘just in case’, and at the moment for every limited edition pack you buy Simple will donate 10p to Macmillian Cancer Support, so look out for the bright pink splash to signal the fund-raising partnership.  Go and stock up from Boots now!

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