Wednesday 30 October 2013

Blake Lively Annouced as Spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively has been announced as the new spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris.

Brand Global President of L’Oréal Paris Cyril Chapuy says of the star;

Blake embodies all the modern codes of Hollywood glamour. She is flashing a substantial swath of upper elegance and sensuality. She has become a beauty icon for a whole generation with her gorgeous gold-dipped hair, luminous gaze and drop-dead smile. 

Today, this strong, charismatic and definitely glowing actress is joining the L’Oréal Paris family. And we’re so proud to welcome her

Photo Credit; Txema Yestel / Trunk Archive for L’Oréal Paris

 The lady herself says;

 I am thrilled and honored to join the incredible women who represent L’Oréal Paris. From the versatile and motivational Brand Ambassadors, to all the women who proudly wear L’Oréal Paris each day. I grew up with the inspiration of their message, “We’re worth it”. 

What an important value to instill in women. That beauty is rooted in confidence. That is key. That is why I’m so proud to be a L’Oréal Paris woman

What do you think? Does Blake embody the values of L’Oreal Paris in your opinion?

DKNY’s Be Delicious & Fresh Blossom Skin EDT, Fragrance with Benefits

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE perfume and fragrance. It can help define your mood, compliment how you feel or even reflect the changing seasons.

A great perfume can become the ever present, underlying fragrance to your life, a little like a soundtrack to a song, but I digress!

As much as I love my fragrances, with my super-sensitive skin, occasionally, I will experience a small reaction to a fragrance I love, namely due to the alcohol content which dries and irritates my skin. 

This makes me sad, but as far as I was concerned, was just one of those things that can happen with perfume, and I accepted that.

Or rather, I DID accept that, until now. 

The genius’ at DKNY have only gone and updated their gorgeous, best selling apple scents and created a new EDT that not only still smells amazing, but helps to give you smoother , more radiant and moisturised skin!

Be Delicious Skin 100%
It sounds like a dream come true!

Available in two fragrances, the original Be Delicious and also Fresh Blossom, their special ‘Apple fusion complex’ is designed to provide a daily dose of skin boosting ingredients!

Well, as a fan of the original fragrance I simply cannot complain about the fragrance, it is still deliciously fruity and fresh, perhaps slightly lighter than the original.

Fresh Blossom

I can spritz this EDT  onto my skin liberally, without being worried that it may bring me out in a rash- and indeed it didn’t.

Obviously I didn’t spray this all over my body, so it’s hard to say exactly how moisturising it is, but on the areas that did get some, yes they felt fresh and soft and not at all tight or dry.

I think this is one of those beauty items you really need to try for yourself, and DKNY’s Be Delicious Skin EDT, Fragrance with Benefits is definitely worth a try. 

The two EDT’s are available now and retail at £38 for 50ml.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Origins Smarty Plants CC Cream

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of CC creams- Complexion corrector creams, but have you hear of or tried this one?

Pollution, UV and Ozone can lead to a range of skin concerns, including dehydration and loss of elasticity, which speeds up skin’s aging process, something I’m sure we can all agree, is never good!

After ten years of extensive research, Origins is addressing the growing skincare concern with a product that helps turn environmental stressors into skin protection using S.M.A.R.T. technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). This amazing formula recognizes stimuli, such as pollution, UV and ozone, and intuitively responds to them with time-released protection from age-accelerating skin damage!


It is this very technology which is at the heart of Origins new Smarty Plants™ CC SPF 20 Skin complexion corrector which is designed to correct colour, brighten skin tone and hydrate skin while reducing the appearance of fine, dry lines, creating a radiant complexion 
The best way for me to describe the way this product feels is to liken it to a BB cream, in texture and tone.
Lightly blended

It is deliciously light on your skin, offering just a hint of colour for coverage, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and revived. It also smells gorgeous, like fresh plants! 

It’s perfect for my combination/oily skin but would also work well on dry skin and I love knowing that it’s not just helping me to look flawless but that it’s working hard for me too!

Fully blended in

 Now, it is a little expensive at £28 a tube, but think about the amount of money you may have spent and wasted while trying to find the right BB or CC cream for you.

I cannot fault this formulation and love wearing it every day in the knowledge that I’m helping my skin fight against pollution and skin damage!

Origins Smarty Plants CC cream is available now in two shades, Light/Medium or Medium/Deep and costs £28 for 40ml.

Thursday 24 October 2013

HOW Cool Are These!

So I just caught a glimpse of these amazing works of art over on the Daily Mail and thought I'd share them here!

Created by a blogger and make up artist called Tal Peleg, these are simply AMAZING!

I wish I was able to create such gorgeous pieces!

So unique and intricate, it must have taken ages!

Totes-amaze-balls if you ask me!


My Maternity Style Q&A Over on the Kate Thomas Maternity Blog!

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to take a min to let you know that yours truly has been interviewed by the Maternity brand Kate Thomas, and you can find my little Maternity Style Q&A over on their blog HERE!

Check out their maternity collection over at ASOS now too!

Sarah x
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