Monday, 4 July 2011

Back to Blonde

Last week saw Cheryl Cole emerge from hiding with a brand new look- a short asymmetric cut and blonde hair. Granted it is not platinum, rather a more honey hue, but its blonde none the less.
Then there’s Katy Perry who revealed to the world her strawberry blonde locks at a press conference for the launch of her perfume in Toronto, Canada. The colour is a world away from her traditional raven locks and Perry confided that this is just the first step in the quest to go back to her native blonde colour. Katy Perry a Blondie, who’d have thought!
So whats with these starts ditching the brunette look in favour for a lighter shade? Perhaps its because summer is bringing out the lighter side of them, perhaps they think blondes have more fun?
What do you think? Do the change suits them, or would they have been better off leaving their hair as it was? Lets take a look at some other celebs who have gone from brunette to blonde- but which colour looks better on them? Ive offered my opinion, but what’s yours?
Lindsey Lohan

Brunette 100%. It brings out the colour of her eyes and warms her complexion

Cameron Diaz

Verdict: Cam can clearly pull off both looks, but theres something about her as a blonde that just works better!

Renee Zellweger

Verdict: For me, I’d say blonde. I find the darkness of her hair in the first photo too severe for her skin tone and face.

Britney Spears

Verdict: Britney spears was born to be blonde, its how we know her and when shes looking her best.

Scarlett Johansson

Verdict: Both. She looks like a 1940’s screen siren as a brunette and a hot California girl as a blonde.

Keira Knightly

Verdict: The jurys out on this one, I don’t especially like the colour shades of either- the honey blonde warms her skin tone but the brunette colour brings out her eyes.

Nicole Richie

Verdict: Beautiful as both a blonde and brunette, I think the blonde brings out her fun side.



  1. Love this post! thanks so much for following :)


  2. I wish i could pull off both looks- i think i would look ill as a blonde! x

  3. I like both looks but prefer natural shade to fake or colors. That is just me! Great blog.

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  5. I recently went from brunette to blonde and i love it! my stylist said i can pull of both. when i was darker my eyes stood out and when im blonde, more of a golden blonde, i look totally different. my skin tone looks warmer. i had to change my make up to suit the blonde hair


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