Friday 30 April 2021

BIOEFFECT 30 Day Challenge

Are you up for the BIOEFFECT #30DayChallenge this May?

Start as you mean to go on by giving your skin a serious boost! 

BIOEFFECT'S most potent formula to date combines the best of science and nature featuring a unique, powerful formula to drastically improve your skin.

The unique treatment features three different growth factors natural to human skin that dramatically minimise wrinkles, pore size, and redness while maximising hydration, radiance and skin tone. 

Containing only 9 ingredients and free from fragrance, alcohol and oil the set comes beautifully presented in a teal and white striped box containing three diddy 15ml treatment bottles, enough to last you an entire month.

Designed to be used on cleansed skin twice daily, apply 3-4 drops of the silky serum to your skin and allow time for it to be absorbed as your skin drinks in the goodness. 

As the treatment is specifically formulated as a highly concentrated boost to compliment regular anti-aging skincare, you'll find you only need to use it 1-4 times a year, depending on your skin’s condition.

That's how powerful this stuff is. 

Packed into this silky, lightweight serum you'll find a combination of three different growth factors.

Growth Factor EGF - A protein in human skin which signals cells to boost collagen and elastin production to maintain healthy, dense and youthful skin.

Growth Factor KGF - A protein in human skin that increases density and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

Growth Factor (IL-1A) - A protein in human skin that increases skins elasticity. 

Combined, these hard working ingredients get to work to rejuvenate and restore your complexion. 

It works to maximises hydration while helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin tone feels and looks more even, increasing both the thickness and smoothness of your conplexion. 

Suitable for all skin tones, it's perfect for breathing fresh, vibrant life back into a dull, sallow complexion.

So, What do you have to loose?

Give the BIOEFFECT 30 Day Challenge a try now!

You can purchase your set from BIOEFFECT where it costs £225.


Tuesday 27 April 2021


 I’ve been aware of the brand Olaplex for some time now but had always held back on purchasing due to the hefty price tags of the products.

Olaplex is a haircare brand that features an array of innovative treatments to repair, smooth and transform your hair.

Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds and it is these bonds that give hair its structure, strength and stability. When disulfide bonds are broken, it results in damage. 

 Olaplex restores damaged hair by repairing it from the inside out with their patented single ingredient, bis-amino diglycol dimaleate.



Hair damage can be caused in a multitude of different ways, from chemical treatments to thermal and mechanical.

Thankfully Olaplex has got you covered against all of these aggressors.

I finally bit the bullet and placed an order during the LookFantastic Black Friday sales and boy was that the best investment I’ve ever made.

I’m literally astounded by the results.

I opted for three of their hero products, the No 3 Hair Perfector, No 6 Bond Smoother and No 7 Bonding Oil.



I’ll admit I was slightly aghast when the bottles arrived as they are really rather tiny, however I was assured that a little goes a long way and not to be alarmed!

The No 3 Hair Perfector (£26) is their best-selling, award winning once-a-week at home treatment that is designed to be used prior to shampooing.

Silky soft in texture like a body lotion, you apply a generous amount to damp, towel dried hair and leave it in for as long as possible.

The deeply conditioning formula dramatically reduces breakage and visibly strengthens your hair, improving both its look and feel. 



You can now wash it off and shampoo and condition your hair as normal.

Continue your hair transformation with the No 6 Bond Smoother (£26).

Unlike No 3 this IS a leave in treatment.

Rich and silky but not at all greasy, you only need a little of this concentrated miracle fluid to see amazing results.

Apply to towel dried hair and marvel as it helps to protect your hair against heat damage while offering superior hydration, speeding up drying time and controlling flyaway hair.



Finally its time to introduce the No 7 Bonding Oil (£26).

This luxurious bottle of liquid gold restores and rejuvenates your hair without coating it in a greasy film.

 Deeply nourishing yet totally weightless, it offers unparalleled shine and softens your hair beyond belief.

Dispense a few drops onto your fingers and massage into lengths of your hair, concentrating on the ends particularly.

Then, simply blowdry and style as normal and prepare to be amazed.

After just one treatment using these three products my hair looked and felt insane.

Despite suffering from dry, damaged hair which hasn’t been cut in well over a year, my hair felt sleek, silky and wonderfully soft.

It suddenly took on a life of its own and its literally been years since I’ve seen it shine the way it does now.

My hair is quite glassy in texture and many hair oils, primers or lotions can be too heavy, weighing it down and leaving it feeling lank.



This is absolutely not the case with Olaplex, even when I have a tendency to over-do it with the oil.

I am absolutely blown away by the immediate, hyper-noticeable results of these products.

My one regret is I didn’t try them sooner because boy are they a game changer.

Sleek, glossy, shiny, soft, healthy hair can once again be yours thanks to Olaplex.

Olaplex and their array of products are available to buy online now from LookFantastic who have some fab offers and discounts available to save you a few quid so keep your eyes open for a bargain.


Friday 23 April 2021

Natural Beauty with Bobbi Brown

 Get your natural, beautiful glow in this spring with my Bobbi Brown April top picks.

It's time to ditch your heavy makeup and let your natural radiance shine through with this beautiful trio of products designed to enhance your natural beauty.

As the weather changes and warmer, sunny days descend, it's time to step away from your full coverage foundation and let your skin breathe.

My favourite product to help you achieve the ultimate nude look is Bobbi Brown's Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser (£32).

This luxurious, featherlight fluid helps to effortlessly conceal redness and imperfection while lifting a dull, tired looking complexion. 

Packed full of long lasting hydration and containing SPF15, it protects your skin against the harmful effects of the suns rays while imparting moisture to plump and perfect your skin leaving it feeling comfortable and soft all day long.

Available in 9 different shades for all skin tones, I opted for "Light" as my skin hasn't seen sun in a very long time!

It offers a really gorgeous, sheer, natural looking coverage which perfects your complexion while allowing your natural beauty (such as freckles) to shine through.

Now If like me you like the idea of ditching heavy cosmetics for something lighter but still aren't quite ready to unleash your completely natural face to society then this next hero product is for you.

The Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector (£20) is a rich, full-coverage under eye perfector.

If eyes are the windows to the soul then mine are looking like a pair of old, tired, shabby shutters!

This fabulous concealer is designed to lift tired looking eyes by brightening and covering discolouration and dark circles by using a pink or peach based formula to neutralise undereye darkness. 

Housed in a cute, compact little orb of joy, 

the long-lasting formula is waterproof, sweat and humidity resistant.

Infused with an array of skin conditioners it not only conceals but protects the delicate undereye area with its decadent, rich, creamy formula. 

Available in an impressive range of 16 skin-tone-correct correcting shades, it banishes dark circles with ease. 

It's silky smooth, creamy texture melts into your skin, blending effortlessly.

It is soothing and comfortable to wear, doesn't crack or crease, is non drying and stays put all day long. 


Finally we have the product that I'm never without, the Extra Lip Tint (£25) in shade Bare Pink.

This lightweight, silky balm offers serious hydration while imparting a subtle hint of colour to your lips in the form of a long-lasting stain. 

This elegant, sheer, colour-enhancing lip balm contains a nourishing blend of botanical oils to comfort, protect and plump your pout.

Sumptuous olive,avocado and jojoba oils are blended with cocoa butter seed oil and  babassu seed oil to offer a rich yet lightweight treatment to deeply moisturiser and comfort your lips while the subtle stain blends in with your natural lip colour instantly creating your perfect, natural looking shade.

It offers all the benefits of a balm paired with the subtle, long lasting benefits of a lip colour.

Just gorgeous.

You can treat yourself to each of these products online at Bobbi Brown now.


Thursday 22 April 2021

Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum

 My name is Sarah and im a self confessed fragrance addict.

I simply adore perfumes. I love the way they are presented, the vast array of different notes and elements but most importantly the way they make me feel.

For me, fragrances can literally lift my mood and just smelling a scent can transport me back to a particular moment in time, evoking memories and feelings of times past.

I just love them and every now and again I'm blown away by a launch that I simply just have to try; be it because of the way it has been presented and marketed, or because of the blend of notes that appeals to me.

Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum is a launch that I simply could not resist.

I was already familiar with the cuter than cute Moschino Toy2 fragrance which I loved- housed in a vessel resembling a teddy bear, it was just so unique, kitsch and wonderful.

It is however, nothing compared to Toy2 Bubblegum.

The iconic teddy bottle has been reimagined in a vibrant, fun bubblegum pink hue with elegant silver accents.

Featuring frosted glass paws and a square, transparent glass body, the teddy head is a bright, shiny plastic sat on top of a silver banded neck.

And yes, as you may have deduced, this EDP features notes of real bubblegum!!

Intriguing? Certainly! But what on earth will this smell like?!

Categorised as a fruity floral scent, I was desperate to discover what this scent smelt like!

I love sweet, gourmand fragrances so was fairly sure I'd enjoy it, but how on earth can a bubblegum scented fragrance be anything other than a gimmick?

Well, unsurprisingly Toy2 Bubblegum is a fun, radiant, playful fragrance with a complex and expansive set of elements which together create the most fabulous scent.

Invigorating, fresh and bursting with joy, the fragrance explodes into life with top notes of sweet, candied citrus fruits, zesty Italian lemon and orange essence and the unmistakeable jewel in the crown, Bubblegum accord. 

This gives way to mid notes of spicy cinnamon and ginger, soft fruits of black currant, vine peach, peach flowers and elegant Bulgarian rose which creates a soft, smooth, sweet experience.

Finally, Toy2 Bubblegum ends with base notes of seductive, grounded cedarwood essence, Ambrofix and powdery, musk cocktail which together create a bountiful, well rounded scent which is so much more than just a quirky bubblegum  gimmick.

It is a complex, delightful and deeply enjoyable scent which exudes both feminine elegance and youthful joy. 

Moschino manage to blend the Bubblegum accord so perfectly with the rest of the supporting chorus line that it has succeeded in creating a truly unique olfactory experience.

Intriguing and spirited, Toy2 Bubblegum is a surprisingly brilliant fragrance that will delight anyone looking for a fun, fruity, unique scent.

Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum is available now exclusively from The Perfume Shop and costs £56 for 50ml.


Wednesday 21 April 2021

Rodial Peach Lowlighter

 Peach lowlighter is the new must-have complexion corrector and brightening fluid from Rodial.

Hot on the heels from their ever-so-popular Banana Lowlighter, Peach offers a  warmer more low-key glow.

With its soft warmth it is ideal for medium to darker skin tones which may find Banana a little too bright.

Created to brighten and colour correct undereye dark circles and any unwanted blue/purple tones, it offers a light coverage that can be used under a fuller coverage concealer to add extra luminosity and radiance.

As a lowlighter it differs from highlighters in that it lifts your complexion without any hint of shimmer or sparkle.

It effortlessly helps to create a fresh, dewey, natural looking appearance that makes your skin glow.

Housed within a sleek, glass tube, the lightweight, silky fluid is designed to be applied using the precise, soft cushion tip of the wand.

A little goes a long way so use sparingly under your eyes, around your nose, mouth or any other areas of darkness and blend with your fingers or a buffing brush.  

The fluid sits wonderfully on your face like an almost undetectable second skin that lifts and brightens as it goes.

Because it is so featherlight it doesn't feel heavy to wear alongside concealer and then foundation but it does provide a noticeable lift, particularly around the eye area.

I love these lowlighters- they're great for every-day wear when you don't want full-on glam but you do still want to look bright, awake and healthy.

Rodial's new Peach Lowlighter is available now and costs £38.

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