Thursday 16 January 2014

Time Bomb: Complexion Cocktail & Mission Miracle Mineral Bath

This weekend I treated myself and tried out two new products from the Time Bomb range.

If you’ve not heard of them before, 

Time Bomb is a collection of unique skin-optimizing and beauty enhancing products,
fully-loaded, high-potency formulas and “renegade” new product categories,designed to undo 
the visible effects of skin saboteurs: natural aging, toxic exposures and life-style stresses.

Targeted to very specific, modern-life skin problems, every product is a hero in it’s own right, 
loaded with highest concentrations of professional dermatological grade ingredients 
natural, naturally-derived and technologically-advanced plus breakthrough delivery systems 
to ensure powerful, immediate, transformational results.

First I tried their cutely named Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 (£24).

 This product is designed to counter the effects of fatigue by boosting skins natural energy production and helps to restore your skin leaving it looking plump and healthy.

The product is formulated with high levels of Vitamins B12 and B3 plus Brown Algae, which jolts the skin’s own energy production into high gear.

Centella and Ginseng improves micro-circulation for better skin tone and enlivened color and a blend of 12 Amino Acids and two types of Hyaluronic Acid replenishes the skin’s surface layers and helps to retain moisture for immediate plumping.

I used the shot like a toner, dabbing some onto a cotton wool pad and sweeping it across my face after cleansing.

Slightly pink in colour, It felt fresh and lovely on my skin and certainly helped my skin to feel more awake at 6:30am this morning!

I also tried their Rescue Mission Miracle Mineral Bath (£24), as we all know Im a fan of a nice long soak in the tub!

This formula is designed to help combat stress with its combination of essential oils and extracts of magnesium salts. Infused with extracts including arnica, echinacea, St. John's wort, comfrey and calendula, this is no ordinary bubble bath!

It smells amazing and fresh, you can certainly drink in the essential oils which help to calm your mind and lift your mood, while your aches and pains are washed away with all the relaxing goodness that’s packed into it.

It’s impossible not to step out of the bath feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated!

Both products are available now from Time Bomb and cost £24 each.

Thursday 9 January 2014

Revlon Colorburst Crayon Matte Balms

It’s a brand new year and while the weather may be dank and miserable, your makeup needn’t be.

One of my favourite products at the moment are the Revlon Colorburst Crayon Matte Balms.

These crayons are perfect as they offer just the right amount of colour and moisture.

They offer a balmy, moisturising feeling thanks to a formula of shea, mango and coconut butter, combined with an intense rich colour.

Revlon Colorburst Crayon Matte Balm, Shade Unapologetic

As you can probably see from my photos, despite their moisturising properties, they aren’t super shiny or slippery on your lips, instead, they offer a lovely, sophisticated matte finish.

The crayons, which are available in 10 different shades, are soft and glide gently across your lips, distributing the product evenly and leaving a delicate, peppermint fragrance.

I really like these I have to say!

They are perfect for these cold months when your lips really do need some moisture and TLC and yet you still want to rock a bit of colour!

Revlon Colorburst Crayon Matte Balm, Shade Unapologetic

My Revlon Colorburst Crayon Matte Balm is in shade Unapologetic and offers a fab, vibrant pink hint of colour!

The full range of Crayons are available from January 22nd from Boots and Superdrug and will cost £7.99 each.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Clinique New Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector

You’ve all heard of and no doubt tried BB creams by now, but what about CC creams?

CC creams are marketed as ‘Complexion’ or ‘Colour’ corrector creams and in my opinion, are perhaps more suited to an older audience with skin concerns such as redness, sallowness and dullness.

Designed to be worn alone or under your regular foundation, this oil free, SPF30 CC cream from Clinique is suitable for all skin types and comes in a wide range of shades, 9 to be precise.

Very Light, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep, Deep, Natural Fair, Natural and Fresh Peach in case you were wondering!

Now, the first thing I’ll say is choose your shade carefully. I opted for ‘light’ but as you’ll be able to see from my swatches, even Light is slightly too dark for my very pasty, pale skin tone.

I realise I don’t want to go UBER light and end up looking deathly pale, but at the same time I’m not a big fan of the ‘orange’ look either!

Shade Light, Swatched

You may or may not be able to tell, but the formula is actually fairly thick in consistency when applied to the skin, and a little goes a long way!

I actually swatched far too much and ended up needing to spread it out half way up my arm, so be warned.

Lightly blended

I found it relatively easy to blend into my skin, but would recommend that you moisturise well before hand as it the finish is quite matte, and if you are prone to dry skin you may find a little to dry.

Despite the initial thickness of the cream, it actually blended away really easily, giving a very light coverage, perfect if you just wanted a hint of cover, but is unlikely to be enough if you’re a fan of a fuller look.

Fully Blended

My skin is both sensitive and oily and this CC cream worked well with my skin, leaving it matte and soft without being overly drying, though I did chose to use a foundation over the top for a little more coverage.

Now, I don’t tend to suffer with sallow or redness in my complexion, but like everyone, am not immune to tired, dull looking skin.

I would say that the cream gave my skin somewhat of a ‘lift’ and I loved that it wasn’t oily or greasy, unlike some of the BB creams I’ve tried which proved too heavy for my skin, so for me, Clinique’s new CC cream was a winner.

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