Wednesday 31 December 2014

Jelly Belly Lip Balms

I’m not a massive fan of sweets. I'm definitely a chocolate kinda girl. That is, unless the sweets are Jelly Belly beans.

I am addicted to Jelly Belly beans, particularly their red apple and juicy pear ones. Mnnn. Oh, and their cantaloupe melon, and red cherry. Cinnamon and coconut are pretty nice, as are peach and piña colada. Ok so I love LOADS of them!

Imagine my delight then when I opened one of my Christmas gifts to find these.

Two of my greatest loves combines, Jelly Belly and lip balm!

This sweet trio features 3 different flavoured lip balms encased within cute little bean shaped tins!

You've got Berry Blue, Very Cherry and Tutti-Fruiti.

They smell amazing, just like the sweets and taste yummy too!

The lip balm itself is quite hard so requires a bit of warmth to melt it and no, Berry Blue won't turn your lips that shade. You can see from my swatches that you can barely see any colour in the balm when applied.

L-R Berry Blue, Tutti-Frutti & Very Cherry

It offers a lovely sheen and leaves a delicate hint of fruity yumminess on your lips!

This trio were bought at Debenhams but appear to be sold out online, however you can get Jelly Belly lip balms from their website as well as at Sainsburys and various other online retailers. 

Monday 29 December 2014

Wella SP Luxe Oil

I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered Wella SP Luxe Oil!

I pretty much always have to use some form of serum on my hair, thanks to its super long length and inevitable split ends.

The trouble is, some hair oils just make my hair greasy and serums can either be too light, making my hair static or too thick, making it lank, shine-free and heavy.

Its a process of elimination when it comes to finding one that actually works well with my hair and Wells SP Luxe Oil is the one.

Wella SP LUXE OIL uses a reconstructive Transform Technology that benefits hair inside and out, while protecting it from damage and it can be used in LOADS of different ways!

For Wet Hair:

Smooths: reconstructs and transforms hair texture instantly. After shampooing, apply 2–3 drops of Wella SP LUXE OIL through the mid-lengths and ends. Hair quality feels instantly improved after just one application.

Softens: protects Keratin and provides long-lasting smoothness. Use Wella SP LUXE OIL regularly and get up to 6 times smoother hair after 24 hours.

Protects: creates an invisible hair shield. Work a small amount of Wella SP LUXE OIL through damp hair, use a widetoothed comb to gently remove any tangles, and dry hair.

Defines: provides definition for curls and fine hair. Before drying, apply 2–3 drops to the hair and work outwards to define hair as desired, whether for curls or fine hair.

For Dry Hair:

Moisturises: as a pre-shampoo treatment. Divide the hair into sections, and apply 2–3 drops of Wella SP LUXE OIL to the hair and scalp. Massage and leave in for 5–10 minutes. Comb through and then follow with SP Shampoo and Conditioner.

Smooths: provides post-blowdry protection. To control dry, frizzy hair, apply a few drops of Wella SP LUXE OIL after blowdrying. Reapply as needed.

Illuminates: creates beautiful shine. For ultimate shine, blend 2 drops of SP LUXE OIL and apply to damp hair before styling as usual.

Reconditions: treats hair overnight. Apply Wella SP LUXE OIL evenly through the hair before going to bed. In the morning, either leave in or rinse out.

AMAZING right!  8 benefits from  just  1 product!

The oil itself is a sort of combination of an oil and serum in terms of texture. 

It is really lightweight and is easy to distribute through wet hair, which is how I used it, and it smells beautifully soft and sweet.

Ingredients include Argan, Jojoba and Almond Oil ensure that your hair is left feeling silky soft and nourished without weighing it down.

Wella SP Luxe Oil costs £15.90 for 100ml and is available from Look Fantastic as well as various other online retailers.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

I am on a never ending quest for amazing lip balms. I love them, I use them daily and even If I find one I love, It’s not long before I’m back on the look out for one that’s even better.

 Call me lazy, but this time I decided to ask my twitter friends, bloggers and followers what they would recommend.

After all, many of my followers are huge beauty addicts too!

The one product that was recommended time after time was Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm.

I’m familiar with the brand but hadn’t tried their lip balm before, and after so many people spoke about how brilliant it was I thought it was probably worth a look.

In fact, I learnt while researching it that one is sold every 28 seconds throughout the world!

Now, this best selling balm is encased within a heavy, glass jar and screams luxury.

Despite being referred to as a balm, I’d describe the product more as a paste. It is thick and creamy, but without the shine of a balm. 

When applied, the balm melts into your lips but unlike other balms, doesn’t leave a shine, which can lead to it sliding off. It is actually very matte, both in texture and look, which I ADORE.

It means I can wear my matte lippie but keep my lips soft at the same time without transforming my lip into a shiny, slidey mess.

Now, the balm is billed as having a hint of grapefruit to its scent, but It’s flavour and smell actually reminded me of Terrys Chocolate Organge! 

(Anyone else, or just me?!)

Either way, It tastes yummy and thanks to its potent mix of honey, plant oils, shea butter and grapefruit essence, it does a great job of soothing chapped lips and leaving them feeling soft, nourished and beautiful.

So, thanks so much to everyone that recommended Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm to me. 

I’ve found a firm new favourite now!

You can get hold of your Nuxe Reve de Miel for £9.50 on their website, at M&S and on various other online retailers websites.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

I know I know, we’ve not even had Christmas yet but this Feb 2015 launch is so fabulous that you need to hear about it now!

As you will probably know, Clarins face and body treatment oils lay at the heart of the brand thanks to their potent plant extracts which help to rebalance the skin while their aromas create a unique, therapeutic experience.

Retaining these intrinsic brand values is the fabulous new Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.

Yes you read correctly, a lip oil!

This unique, modern product is designed to comfort and moisturise your lips without oiliness or stickiness.

Packed full of rich active plant ingredients such as hazelnut oil, Mirabelle and organic jojoba oils, the formula is preservative free and thanks to the pure plant oils, they possess their own aromatic properties so you won’t find any synthetic fragrances here.

There will be two shades available, 01 Honey, which I tried, and 02 Raspberry, which will be available online only.

Given the name of the product I expected the texture to be light like an oil but in fact it was much thicker, more like a gloss.

When applied, I would say that the oil felt more like a gloss, but to my delight didn’t have any of the gloopy, stickiness you would get with a gloss.

The texture is rich, thick and super nourishing, leaving my lips feeling soft and protected against the elements.

It has a very delicate, pleasant scent of honey and while it appears to be a beautiful shade of gold in the bottle, when applied it’s actually transparent.

I Love this product! It lasts longer than a lip balm, possesses all the shine of a gloss but without the stickiness and leaves my lips looking and feeling soft and beautiful!

It’s the perfect product to add a hint of shine to a coloured lip or to use alone as a luxury treatment.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil will be available from February 2015 and will cost £18.
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