Friday 25 April 2014

Clarins Limited Edition Colours Of Brazil Collection

This May sees the launch of Clarins’ new Summer make up collection, and it’s a stunning one let me tell you!

Be whisked away on an exotic journey to colourful Brazil, a region known for its playful colour and prints. 

The stunning range features sensual embellishments, where rich gold’s and bronze’s are designed to reflect the sandy beaches of Brazil and bright blues and coral mirror the beautiful sea. 

 One of my favourite items from the collection is the Limited Edition Summer Bronzing Compact (£30).

I am a sucker for pretty products and this is certainly pretty!

This utterly gorgeous palette is perfect for all skin tones thanks to the array of multi tonal shades within.

It is a gorgeously warm, matte bronzer that gives your skin the perfect amount of luminosity and bronzed glow without appearing too orange!

It is silky soft on your skin and applies evenly, leaving your skin look healthy, luminous and sun kissed.

It is beautifully embossed with a South American inspired motif and when applied to your skin, reveals a hint of a delicate fragrance which smells like summer!

 The new Limited Edition Colours of Brazil Quartet and Eye Liner Palette (£32) is my other favourite item from the collection.

Like the bronzer, this palette also features similar South American inspired embossing across the four wet and dry eyeshadows and eyeliner.
The palette features two matte and two satin shadows, in warming browns, golds and a stunning coral! The combination of matte and satin shadows allows you to create a really dynamic look with depth and richness.

As for the eyeliner, WOW! It is a rich royal blue which reminds me of a colour you’d find Cleopatra wearing! It’s gorgeous!

 Each shade is fabulously pigmented and really easy to blend and build, allowing you to create a subtle summer time look or a more bold and bright one, depending on your mood.

Clarins new Colours of Brazil collection will be available from May, just in time for you stock up before summer!

Monday 14 April 2014

Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle

Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle is the newest fragrance launch from cult brand Lacoste.

Following on from the launch last year of their signature fragrance for women, Eau de Lacoste,Lacoste, Sensuelle is as you would expect from the name, a far more sensual  and seductive smelling fragrance.

Lacoste Sensuelle was designed to draw out your sensual side, recreating the feeling of the evolution from a sunny day to a cool and refreshing evening.

It makes a lovely evening fragrance, but a summer night time fragrance rather than a winter one in that it is warm and feminine, without being heady, overpowering or too dark and deep.

It is delicate, seductive and musky but it’s also very light, which makes for a really beautifully mix.

It’s one of those fragrances that smells even better the longer it’s worn on your skin.

The fragrance opens with pink pepper, fig and tart blackcurrrent before notes of Turkish rose, sweet pea and Gladiolus Inflexus follow and blend deliciously with patchouli, Nougatine accord and rich, warm amber to create a comforting and unique fragrance.

Even the bottle continues to reflects the idea of the fragrance taking you from day to night, with its simple and chic design and dusky sky colour.

It is the perfect spring and summertime evening fragrance, and I’m now a big fan!


Friday 11 April 2014

Kiko Life In Rio Exotic Shine Lipstick

I’ve been looking for a gorgeous, dusky pink lippie for AGES, ever since my limited edition M&S lippie ran out this time last year, and It’s taken me until now to find one!

My new favourite lipstick comes in the form of Kiko’s Life In Rio Exotic Shine Lipstick in shade 01.

This stunning, moisturising lippie is a bargainous £8.50 and is the exact shade I’ve been looking for!

It glides on easily, like a gloss but doesn’t slip off your lips and is highly pigmented, making for a brilliant combination.

The product is described as;

Combining the intensity and the ease of application of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss with the comfort of a balm. 

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

The creamy formula and pretty dusky pink hue gives my lips a lovely splash of colour without leaving them with that dry feeling so often associated with lipsticks and I find that it suits my skin tone perfectly.

Kiko’s Life In Rio Exotic Shine Lipstick is available this month for £8.50 and comes in 5 other stunning shades.

Monday 7 April 2014

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucree

Angel Eau Sucree is the new, scrummy, limited edition fragrance from Thierry Mugler.

This fragrance retains all of the unmistakeably addictive, sweet and edible notes of Angel the original, but with a slightly lighter and fruitier all round smell.

The best way to describe this fragrance would be to imagine a red berry pavlova.

Fresh, ripe red berries, sweet meringue and thick, luscious cream. 

Straight away you can smell fruity, red berries, but rather than being tarte or sharp, they are muted by sweet, caramel and vanilla meringue.

A swirl of creaminess combines the sweet and fruity together perfectly to create a beautiful, well rounded and delicious fragrance.

The fragrance is a stunning, fruity variation of Angel which would be perfect for people who have perhaps shied away from Angel due to its very sweet, chocolately, distinctive scent.

Angel Eau Sucree offers a lighter, less heady fragrance, perfect for spring and is practically edible!


The bottle is gorgeous too; The Iconic star has been transformed into a pearlescent baby blue shade, sparkling with gems reminiscent of sugar grains!
I’ve got a lot of love for Angel Eau Sucree and really hope it becomes a permanent fragrance in the Angel range. 

I literally have nothing bad to say about it at all!

 Angel Eau Sucree 50ml Non Refillable bottle costs £42 and will be available on May 1st.
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