Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Revlon Gloss, Pink to make the boys wink

I am a massive fan of nude lipsticks and gloss’, primarily because I always tend to wear heavy eye makeup and I always try to remember the golden rule- eyes or lips never both. ( The heavy on both look doesn’t look good on me)

That said I couldn’t help but notice Revlon’s glimmering gloss’ when I popped into boots this morning. I was seduced by the pretty Lilac and Pink Ice muted and neutral shade, but then I glanced over at the image of Jessica Alba and noticed her hot pink lips. I really liked them. 
Im not naïve enough to think that just because something looks great on a celebrity means it will look great on me too- ive learnt my lesson many a time with this, often with disastrous consequences, but I decided nevertheless to give it a go.

At £7.99 is a mid-high price range for a gloss, but given its large container im sure it would last a while making it value for money.

The gloss almost has a glittery look to it, though upon application it becomes clear that its not glitter.
It has a lovely long wand with a large rectangular applicator to ensure that it can cover you lips in one smooth sweep- and it does feel smooth going on, lovely and silky, not at all gloopy and sticky.


Im not sure id go as far as to agree with the claim that it gives lips 5X more shine than patent leather ( why would you want to compare the shininess of you lips to leather anyway I have no idea) but it certainly perked up my lips and injected a wonderful hue of  colour, something my lips rarely experience!


  1. Oh the ridiculous claims cosmetics make - this is a pretty pink though.

  2. that is a very strange claim!! loving the colour though, I might have to check it out. xox


  3. hahaha that is a weird claim about the leather, but I like the color on you! xo


  4. nice! :)



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