Wednesday 31 October 2012

Beauty News Bulletin! Drew Barrymore To Create Cosmetics Line

Say What!?
Yep!  Hollywood starlet Drew Barrymore is set to create a new cosmetics line for American retailer Wal-Mart.

Drew will team up to create the line with an Italian cosmetics company called Intercos  once her contract as the face of Proctor & Gamble comes to an end in January
 I never had Drew down as much of a cosmetics, girly- girl, but i’ll be excited to see what she creates!

Shame we won’t be able to get over here! Boo!

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Clarins A/W Limited Edition Collection

One of the many things Clarins is fab at, is creating gorgeous, limited edition collections and I’m thrilled to say that this autumn and Christmas is no different.

Clarins Colour Accents Face & Blush Powder (£30) helps to illuminate and enhance your complexion to help hide wrinkles and imperfections while leaving you with a flawless finish. 

The compact comprises of 3 different skin tone shades and a gorgeous pink blush, when used together blends perfectly to leave a soft, ultra fine finish.

If you are after the perfect Christmas Party eyeshadow palette this winter, look no further than another of Clarins’ gorgeous items.

The Clarins Odyssey Eye Quartet Palette (£30) is something extremely special.

The motif on the top of the palette (not pictured) evokes  images of ancient Greek  Godesses, while the rich, golden brown hues of the shadows  inside glint like long lost treasure.

This palette is perfect for creating both a soft day look and a dramatic night-out look.

I defy you to be able to just cast your eyes over this product without finding yourself drawn to one of the shadows in particular.

Yep I’m talking about the really gold shadow. 

This shadow is different in consistency and look from the three others in the palette.

 While the others are relatively soft and matte, this shadow is like molten gold.

Soft to the touch, the shadow comes away as if it were flakes of gold leaf and is so pigmented that you find yourself dazzled by it!

It is absolutely stunning and looks fab all over the lid or just in the top and bottom corners of your eyes to open them up.

Both Palettes are available now from Clarins.

Monday 29 October 2012

A Note from Marilyn's Sister

I know, I know- This is not beauty related at all, BUT...

 In the post today I got something I've been waiting a very long time to receive.
Berneice, Marilyn (center) & their mother Gladys with Mona Rae sat between Marilyn's legs

A handwritten note from Marilyn Monroe's sister Berniece and neice, Mona Rae Miracle.

Berniece Baker Miracle, Marilyn's sister

I wrote to them after I read their book, My Sister Marilyn and they kindly wrote back!

To say I'm thrilled is an understatement!

I can picture Marilyn smliling while reclining on her rainbow as I type.


J'adore Ombre!

When you feel rubbish on the inside, there’s something about making yourself look bright and fresh on the outside that seems to help you feel a bit better.

I’ve been feeling a bit pants of late and decided that it was time to polish the exterior, take control of something that I actually have control over and make myself feel better!

So, I decided to have my hair coloured in a way that I’ve never done so before. 

By going Ombre!

After numerous personal recommendations I decided to trust my hair to Nightingales hair salon in the heart of Soho.

 This cute, intimate salon is run by a team of three- Conor the Salon owner, Owen a stylist and Hollie, a trainee stylist. 

The gorgeous Owen (left) & Conor

It has a friendly, relaxed, fun yet professional atmosphere, unlike many salons which can feel  sparse, cold and intimidating.

I was invited for an initial consultation with Owen who took the time to sit down with me and find out in-depth, what I was after.

Me before & Khloe Kardashian, my hair inspiration

I brought some photos along of the kind of thing I’d like and was reassured by Owen that he could create an extremely similar look and that I would look ‘fierce’.


I booked my appointment for the following Tuesday and spent the next 5 days dreaming of gorgeous hair.

When I arrived Owen sat me down, got out his Wella colour chart and asked me to point out which shade I thought I would be having, to ensure I had a realistic view of the finished look.

When we were both happy that we were on the same page, he began backcombing my hair.

There's no turning back now!

This was necessary to ensure that I wasn’t left with a harsh line where my natural hair colour meets the dye!

The lotion which would strip my hair colour was then applied to the ends and mid way up my hair and left for 45 minutes to get to work.  

  A second coat was then applied to allow the hair to redevelop further and was left for another 25 minutes.

After 45 mins and before the second coat was applied

Owen then rinsed my hair and I was horrified to discover that my hair was now bright ginger.
Think luminous hi-lighting pens orange. 


‘’Don’t worry’’ he reassured me. ’We haven’t put the toner on yet!’’.


Toner was applied through the coloured ends of my damp hair and left to work its magic for 15 minutes before being applied all over my hair and left for a further 5 minutes.

  The toner was then rinsed off and it was time for the blow dry of my life.

Owen was sneaky and decided to blow dry my hair behind me so I couldn’t see the final result, which I was obviously desperate to! 
Then was time for the big reveal.

I was so incredibly pleased! 
I’d never seen my hair look so good- voluminous, bouncy, shiny and so different!

 Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s ‘only hair, but that didn't stop me skipping out of Nightingales with a huge smile on my face and rushing home to admire it!

With hair as long and as dark as mine, without dying it bright blond or having a drastic cut its difficult to make it look any different, but Owen succeeded where most others had failed.
Where as before I’d been pretty lazy and tied my hair back for work every day, I now  find myself getting up earlier to blow dry my hair as it seems a shame to keep it tied back when it looks so cool!

You can follow Owen on Twitter here and Nightingales on Twitter here

Call Nightingales for an appointment on 0207 734 5533

 Owen's Top Tip for getting GHD Gorgeous Curls!

Step 1:  Section the hair into 1 inch thick sections horizontally

Step 2: Take small section of hair and comb through with hands

Step 3: Wrap each section individually around the barrel fully

Step 4: Rotate the iron (closed) once over, clockwise

Step 5: Pull iron downwards slowly et Voila, you have the perfect bouncy curl


Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Body Shop Fruity Glossy Colour

Words simply cannot describe how much I love these lip glosses from The Body Shop.

These are far from being just another lip gloss.

These are the best damn smelling (and tasting!) lip glosses you will find!

Available in 11 delicious flavours and colours, they are high-impact, have glossy and gorgeous colours and are deliciously yummy.

I got my lips around the Lychee, Coconut and Peach flavours.

Each shade delivers a super-shiny, sheer colour, but Lychee was my favourite with its non shimmery, pretty pink colour. 

It looks pretty dark below, but its actually far more natural and just adds a hint of colour.

05, Lychee Lip Gloss

Peach offers a gorgeous, shimmery, pale- coral gloss while Coconut is pinky-pale and has an iridescent quality.

25, Peach Lip Gloss

What I liked about each variety was that they weren’t too sticky or gloopy, a pet hate of mine when it comes to glosses.

10, Coconut Lip Gloss

I wish you could smell them because they smell so real! Lychee especially smells utterly divine!

The Body Shop’s new Lip Glosses are available now in the following flavours and cost £7 each. 

 Peach, Raspberry, Mango, Coconut, Lychee, Plum, Pink Grapefruit, Cocoa , Mint, Peach & Strawberry.

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