Tuesday 30 November 2021

Sanctuary Spa Favourites Gift Set

 Sanctuary Spa fans rejoice as I’ve picked up possibly my favourite gift from their fabulous collection this year.

Just look at this gorgeous Sanctuary Spa Favourites Gift Set.

Beautifully presented in a bumper gift box, complete with its own carry handle you’ll find ten incredible products to allow you to pamper yourself quite literally from top to toe!

I’m a huge fan of sanctuary spa. Its unforgettable, iconic, decadent and aromatically fragranced products are simply to die for.

Injecting a little luxury into the everyday, their comprehensive collection of goodies are affordable yet opulent, a perfect combination, particularly when you’re looking for the perfect gift for a beauty lover.

This jumbo box of treats contains some of the brands star products which will allow you to immerse yourself completely in the Sanctuary Spa experience, ensuring that your body is left pampered and soothed and your mind is calm and relaxed.


After all, taking time out from your busy life to focus on you is important and with this gift, its never been easier.

Lift the lid to reveal the plethora of gorgeous gems and let the pampering commence!

 Step into an ulta-luxurious showering experience with the deliciously rich Shower Oil.

This decadent and silky oil features a deeply nourishing combination of gold of pleasure oil  and a blend of omega’s 3, 6 & 9 to revive and rejuvenate dry skin while bathing.


This transformative oil starts life as a honey-like oil, until it mixes with warm water and develops into an elegantly fragranced soft foam.

It cocoons your skin in a comforting froth, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean but also super soft and moisturised.

 Fancy something a little simpler? No worries, the statuesque Body Wash is an equally appealing option.

Infused with essential oils and jojoba beads, this microbead free wash froths up wonderfully, creating a plethora of frothy, silky bubbles to effortlessly cleanse and pamper your skin.

There’s even a shower puff included within this set to help you achieve all your bubbly dreams too, they’ve literally thought of everything.

Next is one of my all time favourite products ever, the Salt Scrub.

Buff your way to body beautiful with this absolutely stunning salt scrub.

Featuring a sumptuous blend of dead sea salts suspended in nourishing oils, this scrub offers the best of both worlds; superior exfoliation and long lasting moisturisation to leave your limbs feeling incredibly soft and silky smooth.


 Infused with notes of sensual Patchouli, Sandalwood and Jasmine, you’ll leave your bath or shower feeling like you’ve just left a treatment at a spa- no joke, seriously!

Your fragrant experience need not end once you’ve stepped out of the bathroom thanks to the inclusion of some seriously fab post-bathing goodies.

First up is the unique Wet Skin Moisture Miracle.

Capitalising on your skin’s peak hydration moment (when it’s wet), this innovative moisturiser is designed to be used while you’re still soaking wet.


Simply apply the product like you would any regular body moisturiser and don’t rinse off, simply towel dry and get ready as normal.

Quickly absorbed and faster to use than a regular body lotion, this silky, lightweight moisture miracle infused with apricot and avocado oil will leave your skin feel wonderfully soft all day long.

That said, why have just one lotion when you could have two?

Also within this gorgeous gift you’ll find Sanctuary Spa’s iconic body lotion.

This luxurious, light yet velvety lotion features a blend of aloe vera and argan oil to deeply hydrate and soothe dry skin, leaving your body feeling comfortable and soft.

Now lets not forget your feet and fingers!

Lets face it, your feet work hard carrying you around all day so show them a little tlc with the Heel Balm.


Enriched with deeply nourishing shea butter and wheatgerm oil, this thick balm delivers and intense moisture boost to soften and smooth even the roughest and driest of feet.

 Similarly, the cute Hand Cream, infused with shea butter and sweet almond oil offers a lightweight yet intensive boost to dry, cracked hands without leaving them feeling greasy or heavy.

Now you’ve been treated top to toe you’re probably feeling ready for a decent night sleep, well luckily for you, you’ll also find a wonderfully relaxing Sleep Mist within this set.

Created to help poor sleepers, this mist is unlike other sprays that I’ve come across.

Yes, you are supposed to spritz the mist over your pillow, but unlike others it is also designed to be used on your face and body.

Scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster and for longer, it features a mood enhancing blend of jasmine, patchouli and frankincense to help quieten a busy mind and allow you to fall into a peaceful slumber.


That’s not all though, it also contains a host of skin loving ingredients to help restore your natural glow while you sleep.

Hyaluronic acid plumps and restores moisture levels within your skin and queen of the night extract helps with cell renewal, resulting in a healthier looking complexion come morning.


Priced at just £40, you are getting a hell-of-a-lot of product for your buck, plus you can keep and reuse the beautiful gift box to store all your goodies going forward.

Sanctuary Spa’s Favourites Gift Set is available now from Boots and costs £40 though it is currently on sale for ½ price for a limited time so bag yours while you can!


Monday 29 November 2021

The Body Shop Christmas Gift Shop

 Step into a festive wonderland of gifting with The Body Shop this Christmas.

Featuring a fabulous collection of gifts across all of their scents and ranges, there is quite literally a gift for every budget and taste.


I’ve handpicked three of my favourite gifts from their expansive gifting collection to introduce to you today.

Up first is the cuter-than-cute Feels & Festivity Hand Cream Trio (£15).

Presented in a vibrant, bold and beautiful gift box you’ll find a trio of the brands iconic hand creams.

Each cream features a different but equally gorgeous scent in some truly festive notes to pamper and perfect this Christmas.

You’ll find Kindness & Pears, a sweet, soft smelling scent which has been enriched with pear extract from Italy.

Juicy Love & Plums is a bolder, sparkling scent and features extract of plum from Turkey while Joy & Jasmine, with jasmine extract from India offers a radiant, floral fragrant experience.


Silky and rich, the creams sink into your skin, instantly quenching dry hands without leaving them feeling claggy or sticky.

Boasting 24hr moisture, your hands are left feeling soft and comfortable, hour after hour AND will smell simply divine.

Looking for an all encompassing fragrant experience from top to toe?

Look no further than the Kindness & Pears Essentials Gift (£22).

Presented in a reusable hessian bag complete with button to close, you’ll find 4 products that will allow you to immerse yourself in the addictive special edition scent to pamper your body and soothe your soul.

Sweet, fruity and comforting, Kindness & Pears features notes of juicy pear, sweet strawberry and warm sensual tonka bean to wrap you in a comforting cocoon of delicious scent.

Inside you’ll find a bottle of shower gel to begin your routine.

Rich and soft, the gel quickly transforms into plentiful frothy bubbles to gently cleanse your skin while leaving behind its invisible veil of decadent scent.

Step out of the shower and you’ll find you have two options available when it comes to moisturising your body.

If you’re looking for just a touch of nourishment, dive head first into the silky, lightweight body yogurt.

Formulated with pear extract, this body-loving delight is also enriched with handcrafted Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain.

Frothy and cooling, it offers long lasting, light hydration to your body.

Almost gel-like in texture, it soothes as it glides across your skin before being quickly absorbed, leaving your body feeling wonderfully soft and pampered.

In need of a little something extra? Worry not as you’ll also find a devilishly rich body butter.

Velvety in texture and far denser than the yoghurt, this luxurious body butter is perfect for quenching very dry skin without leaving it feeling oily.

Boasting a non-sticky, non-greasy formula  made with at least 96% ingredients of natural origin, it has been enriched with cocoa butter, handcrafted Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana and Community Fair Trade sesame seed oil from Nicaragua.

Sumptuous and scrummy, your skin is left feeling incredibly soft and comfortable.

Complete your skin loving routine with a little tlc for your hands in the form of their hand cream.

Squeeze a small dollop of the light, gel-cream formula onto your hands and massage in to reveal softer, more hydrated hands.

It is an absolutely fabulous gift set and I only hope they decide to keep the scent as a permanent member of The Body Shop family as I can’t get enough of it!

Stepping away from bodycare, we have a gorgeous little gift perfect for any makeup lover, the Flutter & Flick Eye Makeup Gift.

Perfect for the cosmetics connoisseur in your life, this compact, elegant gift set features three must-have items to ensure that your eyes are looking their most radiant, dazzling best this festive season.

I am absolutely obsessed by the Happy Go Lash Mascara.

Presented in a baby pink tube with tropical green palm leaves, this lash loving mascara is made with 93% ingredients of natural origin including organic beeswax and Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil.

Designed to thicken and define, its luxurious formula ensures that your lashes are treated gently thanks to its deeply conditioning ingredients.

Silky, light and easy to apply, you’ll have no problems with flaking or fading and will have gorgeous fluttery lashes from morning to night.

Now you’ve lashes to die for, complete your look with the help of the Smoky Eye Definer Pencil in black also included within this gift.

Rich and creamy, this chic eye pencil is perfect for creating definition and blending for a truly spectacular smoky look.

Featuring a handy sponge for effortless smudging, it’s never been easier to create a dramatic, seductive look in the sweep of a pencil!

After partying the night away, return to your gift and melt away your makeup with the beautifully kind and gentle Camomile Cleansing Butter.

Capable of melting away even the most stubborn of makeup in seconds, this buttery pot of goodness is super gentle on your skin, yet really packs a punch!

Enriched with Camomile extract from Norfolk, it effortlessly cleanses your skin, removing even waterproof mascara to reveal a soft, clean complexion without a hint of tightness.


Whoever you are shopping for and whatever you budget, The Body Shop have well and truly got you covered this year so spread a little love and joy this year and see what gifts you’ll discover!


Thursday 25 November 2021

Charlotte Tilbury Christmas Gifts

 One of the brands I get most excited over at Christmas is Charlotte Tilbury.

The sheer variety and combination of different gift sets is astounding and as you would expect, they are always exquisitely presented, to the point where I find myself popping almost every one on my Christmas ‘wish list’!

Two of my favourites this year are the Pillow Talk Push Up & Recovery Eye Kit and the Mini Collagen Lip Bath Icons.

Both sets look so stunning, drenched in rich rose gold and crisp, elegant white boxes, you just know that they are going to dazzle and delight when they are unwrapped on Christmas day.

Lets delve into the Pillow Talk Push Up & Recover Eye Kit (£55).

This limited edition duo are a pairing made in heaven.

Beautiful, fresh and glossy eyes have never been easier to achieve thanks to the combination of Charlotte’s iconic Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara and Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum.

Prep your skin before applying your makeup with this luxurious eye serum which works like an energising alarm clock for your eyes.

Banish the look of tired, puffy eyes with this chic tube of magic featuring a cooling metal applicator.

Infused with an anti-ageing, caffeine and crystal complex along with Charlotte’s 'magic 8' matrix of oils, this innovative serum refreshes, brightens, depuffs and awakens your eyes.

Inspired by the benefits of cryotherapy,  this tube features an expertly moulded cooling metal applicator which fits into the contours of your eyes, offering a refreshing, cooling sensation while you massage and depuff the entire eye area.

The serum is absolutely jam packed with a host of impressive skincare ingredients ready to supercharge your eye area, turn back the clock and erase the effects of fatigue in minutes.

It contains 2% of something called IceAwake, a bio-tech extract from Swiss glacial soil which helps to refresh tired looking skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sticking along with Swiss line, it also features Swiss Ice Wine Essence which comes from grapes which have been frozen on the vine and contains unique sugars which help to create an invisble tightening and blurring effect.

2% Replexium, a plumping-effect peptide complex also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling firmer while caffeine gives your skin a real boost, irradiating puffiness and dark circles.

This is bolstered by a caffeine complex combining alage extract with horse chestnut extract to boost elasticity and hydration while smoothing the skin while the Magic 8 Matrix containing BioNymph peptide, frangipani and vitamins A,C and E empart a gorgeous natural glow.

You’ll also find a Magic Crystal Complex within this formula, comprising of moonstone, ruby, rose quartz and amethyst which are known for their calming, protective, empowering, uplifting and soothing benefits.

Who knew!

Lightweight, silky and luxurious in texture, simply squeeze the tube to dispense a little of the product onto the cooling applicator tip.

Glide the applicator across your eye contour, using the flat side to apply the serum to the undereye area then twisting to use the ball side for a refreshing massage effect.

On and top tip- store in the fridge for an even more effective soothing and reviving experience.

Once your eyes have been awaken, its time to turn to the iconic Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes mascara.

Housed in a soft pale peach tube with rose gold detailing, you’ll find the crown jewels of mascaras.

This fabulous formula allows you to create glossy, defined, lifted, voluminous lashes in a few strokes of a wand.

Boasting not just an impressive formula but an innovative delivery system in the form of its paddle brush, you’ll never need another mascara ever again.

The silky, ultra black mascara contains a lifting polymer derived from the Larch tree which contains a natural gummy stretch and flex film former to help create a push up vertical lift and hold effect.

Enriched with lightweight natural waxes including carnauba and microcrystalline, they add body and texture to create a dramatic, weightless false lash effect.

Keratin, frequently found in haircare products creates a super strong conditioning effect on your individual hair fibres creating both a thicker look and feel to your lashes while its jet black, glossy hue instantly intensifies and defines the look of your eye colour and lashes.

Smudge proof, flake proof and humidity proof, you can throw away your lash curlers forever with this bad boy!

The brush itself is a micro precision paddle brush, featuring a load, comb and lift technology which lifts your lashes, capturing and vertically painting each individual lash.

The diamond shaped bristles on each side of the brush follow the natural architecture of your lashes, reading the fan of your lashes to magnify and amplify for an eye opening effect.

Another absolutely favourite of mine from Charlotte’s chest of treats is the Mini Collagen Lip Bath Icons (£20).

This gorgeous gift set comprises of mini plump effect, hydrating lip glosses in three of Charlotte’s most popular shades.

Inside you’ll find the cutest minis in the following shades;

Walk of No Shame: A high-shine sheer berry lip gloss, perfect for creating that just bitten, full bodied look.

Pillow Talk: A dreamy, mini sheer nude-pink lip gloss.

Refresh Rose: The original, iconic clear high-shine lip gloss for beautifully kissable lips.

Infused with some seriously impressive lip loving ingredients, these glosses don’t just make you lips look gorgeous but they help to protect and perfect them too.

 ‘Super lip’ Peptides moisturise and enhance the look of the volume of the lip while lip plumping Mustard Sprout Extract hydrates and defines the contours of your lips, creating a fuller appearance.

Marine Collagen offers a fantastic boost of hydration while Vitamin A improves the appearance of dry, cracked skin for smoother, fresher lips.

Nourishing skincare hero coconut oil softens and comforts while fatty acid rich Marula oil and antioxidant rich Vitamin C and E deeply repair and protect your lips.

Peppermint Oil  offers a refreshing flavour and organic menthol crystals create a cool, crisp sensation on your lips.

Silky, lightweight and non sticky, the glosses glide across your lips, hugging and hydrating as they go.

The super soft, heart-shaped applicator tip ensures precise and even coverage and the luxurious, sumptuously rich texture ensures your lips are left and feeling full, comfortable and wonderfully soft.

Offering a gorgeous sheen, your lips appear fuller, healthier and ever-so kissable!

You can get your hands on these two sets along with an expansive selection of other gifts at Charlotte Tilbury now.


Wednesday 24 November 2021

Lancôme Limited Edition Glimmering Star

 Treat yourself or a loved one (if you can bare to part with them!) to not one, but two truly stunning palettes this festive season from Lancôme

These absolutely stunning limited edition palettes have been given a truly eyecatching, dazzling makeover courtesy of French designer Eli Grita.


Sat against a back drop of sumptuous, rich gold and bold, vibrant hot pink you’ll find a glittering, gorgeous gold shooting star.

Aside from looking absolutely stunning, you may have realised that this star is a subtle nod towards the treasure you’re waiting to find inside, which too will help you shine just as brightly and with just as much beauty as the celestial gem adorning the compact.

The larger of the two compacts is the quite frankly, fabulous Glimmering Star Eyeshadow Palette.

Lift the mirrored lid and prepare to be blown away by a palette of eight splendid eyeshadows to help you create the most dazzling of holiday looks.


Featuring a selection of mattes, metallic and ultra-sparkling shades, the possibility of makeup looks are (almost) endless.

Inside, you’ll find the following shades;

Comet Pink: A matte, soft dusty rose

Cosmic Brown: A warm, soft matte brown

Black Star: A deep, dark matte black

Celestial Caramel: A metallic, warm caramel

Glimmering Gold: A dazzling, vivid gold

Cosmic Pink: A vivid, sparkling purple-pink

Galatic Taupe: A beautiful metallic taupe

Dusty Pink Gold: A shimmering, soft iridescent gold-pink

Soft to touch, finely milled and beautifully pigmented, these shadows are pure pleasure to apply.

The shadows glide across your skin weightlessly, imparting their long lasting pigments as they go.

Easy to both blend and build, the combination of different shades and finishes are simply stunning and allow you to create depth and dazzling finishes each and every time.

Fallen in love with the eyeshadow palette? Wait until you see the Glimmering Star Highlighter!

Presented in a more compact square palette you’ll find the most gorgeous highlighting powder.

Baked into the powder itself and sitting proud of the base is a glorious, iridescent star.


Featuring a universally flattering nude golden hue, this luxurious powder has been developed to create the final finishing touches to your festive look.


Finely milled and featuring a shimmer rather than a sparkling finish, this soft creamy powder is perfect for sweeping along your cheekbones and brow bones to create some serious highlighting power.


The pigment catches and reflects the light, creating the illusion of razor sharp cheekbones and a luminous complexion.

The only issue is that the palette is so beautiful to behold that you’ll find yourself trying not to ruin its ethereal presence!


Lancôme’s Glimmering Star Eyeshadow Palette and Star Highlighter are both available now and cost £45 and £34 respectively.


Tuesday 23 November 2021

Merry Clinique Candyland Giftshop: Must-Have Makeup

 Step into a world of sweet beauty with Clinique’s Merry Clinique Candyland Giftshop.

Featuring an expansive collection of skincare, make up and fragrance gift sets at various price points, whether you’re looking for a secret Santa type gift or a bumper hamper style present, there’s a gift for you and your loved one.


The gifting collection is exquisitely presented with playful, sweet candy coloured hues and bon bon inspired stripes, reminiscent of sweet treats of Christmases past.

I got my hands on the gorgeous Must-Have Makeup Set and boy is this a real treat!

Neatly nestled within the cutest pink and silver tin covered in candy striped lips you’ll find four effortless essentials from Clinique to help you achieve your most stunning yet natural beauty look yet.

Carefully curated to allow you to create a glowing look In minimal time, each item has been selected due to its universally flattering appeal and gentle formulas, making them suitable for all skin types.


The first item that will catch your eye upon revealing the lid is the stunning Cheek Pop™ Highlighter in Celebration Pop.

This absolutely fabulous highlighter captures the radiance and beauty of nature thanks to its daisy shaped presentation.


Featuring a warm toned, light gold hue it is the perfect shade for injecting some luminosity into a dull, flat looking complexion.

Silky soft and rich in texture, it offers flawless, even coverage in just a sweep of a brush, imparting some serious illumination to cheekbones, brow bones or indeed anywhere else that you wish to highlight.

Easy to blend and build, it creates a soft, metallic sheen without a hint of sparkle or shimmer, making it perfect for everyday wear.


That said, should you be looking for a more powerful glow then it delivers on this too, simply add a little more and build to your hearts content.

Soft, feather-light and silky, it won’t even feel like you’re wearing it.

 Sticking with the effortless beauty look, you’ll also find the cutest mini of Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.


As its name may suggest, this little bullet of joy is almost a lipstick, but yet not quite.

Featuring a glossy, sheer, non staining lip colour in a warm almost-burgandy hue, it is what I would describe as a lipbalm-lipstick hybrid.

Not quite lipstick, not quite gloss, it has become a firm brand favourite thanks to its decadent, softening texture which is more like a balm.

Combining the benefits of both a lipstick and a gloss, it offers a subtle yet noticeable pop of colour to brighten and lift your lips with the light diffusing shine of a gloss.

Its universally flattering, transparent pigment glides across your lips offering a slip of lightweight colour while its emollient rich formula deeply nourishes and moisturises dry, parched lips for a supremely comfortable wear.

Whether you wear this alone to give your lips a boost or layer over lipstick, it should be a handbag staple for everyone.

After all, its not a bestseller for nothing!

No makeup look would be complete without a slick of mascara, so of course you’ll find a mini of Clinique’s iconic High Impact™ Mascara in Black inside this set.

This gentle mascara is suitable for all skin types and offers both volume and length to your lashes for instant drama.

Its silky, luxurious texture glides across each and every lash with ease while the soft  bristles of the wand grab and lift your lashes to noticeable thicken and lengthen.


Its glossy formula creates lushes, plusher bolder lashes while its smooth, deep colour creates serious impact.

Its non-clumping, non-flaking formula will see you through from evening to night and its delicate formula ensures a comfortable, non irritating wear.

Finally we have a mini Pretty Easy™ Liquid Eyelining Pen in Black.

I get that eyeliner isn’t an every-day essential for many, however there is nothing more striking than a sleek slick of eyeliner to complete your look and truly define your eyes.

This eyeliner pen is one of my personal favourite for two reasons; firstly, it doesn’t aggravate the delicate skin around my eyes, secondly it is an absolute breeze to apply thanks to it tapered, precision brush nib.

Boasting 24-hour smudge and budge-resistant wear, this elegant pen paints on pure, deep colour from thick to thin, allowing you to create a flawless, clean line in one steady sweep.

Silky and rich in colour, the pigments hug your skin without creasing, cracking or flaking and the felt tip pen design allows you to create the perfect curved line without making mistakes.

The result? A beautifully radiant complexion with maximum effect for minimal effort.

Just brilliant!


Plus, you also have a gorgeous little tin keep all your Clinique makeup essentials in going forward!

Clinique’s Must-Have Makeup gift set is available now and usually costs £37, however you can currently bag it for the bargain price of £29.60 as part of Clinique’s Black Friday sale!

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