Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nourish me the VO5 Way

I have to be honest, the last time I used any VO5 products was when I was about 15 and was addicted to their hot oil treatment. It was one of the products that  I considered as a luxury- yes it was reasonably priced, but it was far more exotic than just your run of the mill shampoo and conditioner, and I could picture myself in a spa being treated to this expensive, hot oil treatment which left my hair feeling nourished and repaired.

Fast forward 10 years and I've been reacquainted with the brand and have fallen for it again. I tried their new Nourish me truly Shampoo and conditioner for damaged and heat styled hair- both of which mine sadly is. Firstly I must say that I adore the packaging- a hot pink bottle for shampoo with a white for the conditioner, which for me is fab as there have been many occasions when blearey eyed in the shower I have reached for a bottle, massaged the contents into my scalp only to find out that ive picked up the conditioner. Massive Fail.

The product itself has a pleasant scent, not over powering or possessing a particularly chemically enhanced aroma. The shampoo lathered up well and rinsed to leave my hair squeaky clean. The conditioner was lovely- I must have only had it on for 30 seconds or less, and yet as I rinsed it my hair it felt like it has been subject to a deep conditioning treatment.

Once blow dried my hair was light, shiny and  swishy. VO5 you’ve done it again. I feel like that 15 year old girl experiencing a little piece of luxury on a very reasonable budget!



  1. i love this! my hair was so shiny after using it! xxx

  2. I also did the hot oil treatments. Ah, what it is to reminisce! I saw the ad for these on the tv and they look really good (I like the pink, too!)

    I'm running out of shampoo and conditioner so I think I'll try the Gloss Me Smoothly duo.

  3. They are really nice products, makes me look forward to washing me hair!

  4. thanks for this review. im going to give this a go.


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