Sunday, 3 July 2011

Chewie & The Beauty Factory

So i read the other day about a new beauty product, one which sounded like something straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. A chewing gum has been launched in Sweden that claims to enhance your appearance. Yes really.

Vigo Beauty, manufactured by a company called Antula Healthcare contains vitamins to strengthen your hair, nails and give you healthy, elastic skin.

Containing a mix of vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, C, carotene and selenium, the gum is available along with 2 other flavours called vigo Active and vigo Focus.

While Antula Healthcare have stated that the products will not make you look better, they have said that they can help you to maintain a healthy complexion. You can chow down on up to 4 pieces a day for 10 minutes per piece.

Surely eating a balanced diet rich in fruit and veg will give you the same results? Taking multivitamins to supplement your diet is one thing, but chewing a gum laden with vitamins is a whole other thing, and are we even sure that they work? Sounds like a massive fad to me, that said i would be very curious to try it for myself.


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