Wednesday 26 February 2014

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream

As a 28 year old, anti ageing products are definitely something I am beginning to pay more and more attention to, though thankfully premature skin ageing isn’t a massive issue for me just yet.

She says now!

That said, prevention is always better than a cure, so on my hunt for a product that would suit a person of my age and with my concerns, I headed to a trusted and much loved brand, L’Occitane.

After speaking to the lovely people at L’Occitane, based on my concerns, it was recommended that I try their Immortelle Precious Cream, one of the brands best selling products, so naturally, I had to try it out!

This rich, smooth face cream is ideal for normal to dry skin types and is designed to visibly correct deep wrinkles and improve skins firmness.

After reading lots of positive reviews I had been tempted to try their other anti ageing range, Divine, however was advised that currently, my skin wasn’t in need of such a potent, thick or strong product and that the Precious cream would be far better suited to my skin.

Both sets of creams contain the amazing anti ageing properties of the same Immortelle flower found in Corsica.

Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower due to the fact that it never fades, even after its been picked. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules which have unique anti ageing properties
The Immortelle Precious cream offers smoother, firmer and ultimately, younger looking skin thanks to the Immortelle stimulating collagen production, boosting skin renewal and protecting it from free radicals.

The cream itself is fairly thick in texture, but thankfully for my oily skin, is non greasy.

It has a really beautiful, delicate, floral scent reminiscent of Provence on a summers day.

A little goes a long way, and I noticed that after using it sparingly, twice a day for several weeks, that my skin was left feeling amazingly fresh, soft and bright.

Now admittedly, I don’t (yet) have a huge amount of wrinkles, but I do have crows feet and laughter lines, and I’d say that this cream definitely helped to smooth over the fine lines, especially around my eyes.

Indeed, 87% of women tested said skin was smoother , 78% said skin appeared younger instantly and with continued use, 70% said wrinkles became less pronounced.

I don’t actually have a bad thing to say about this product, I found it lovely to use and it despite the relatively hefty price tag, I’ll definitely be re-purchasing.

L’Occitane’s Immortelle Precious Cream is available from L’Occitane and costs £43 for 50ml.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

My Baby Has Arrived!

As most of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will know, I gave birth to my baby on January 10th at 21:58, a whole 3 weeks early!

Hence the sudden and lengthy absence from my blog!

After 36 weeks and 6 days of speculating over Baby B’s gender, I was thrilled to discover that we had made a 6lb 7oz baby boy who we named Franky Michael Frederick Berryman.

As this is my beauty blog I won’t go into the details of my birth story here, rather, you can find all of that on my pregnancy and baby blog I Am Mumalicious, HERE.

For now, here are a few piccies of my little man that we like to call Giggle Bear.

I am so proud to be his mummy x

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