Wednesday 25 January 2017

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc

Fleur Musc is a passionate, feminine and sensual new scent from Narciso Rodriguez.

This latest addition to the iconic fragrance collection continues to surprise and captivate and is in my opinion, one of the prettiest floral scents I’ve encountered. 

Rodriguez says of the scent;

“Fleur musc was born from my desire to create a fragrance with the heart of musc surrounded by warm rich pink flowers which creates a unique rose. It represents a bold, passionate femininity”.

I think he’s certainly managed to capture that perfectly.

Fleur Musc is a charming and graceful fragrance, both inside and out.

I absolutely adore the dusky pink shade of the bottle and I think it’s a great visual representation of the nectar within.

Top notes of pink pepper give way to a floral bouquet of rose, peony and rare musk, while base notes of patchouli and amber offer a warmth and sensuality, creating a radiant and sublime scent.

It is a wonderfully contemporary yet classic floral scent which despite my usual dislike of floral fragrances, may just have converted me!

Fleur Musc by Narciso Rodriguez will be available exclusively from Selfridges on February 5th before launching nationwide on March 13th and will cost £80 for 90ml.

Angel Schlesser’s Pour Elle Eau de Toilette

Angel Schlesser’s Pour Elle Eau de Toilette is a seductive, mysterious and sophisticated fragrance.

Everything about this perfume screams elegance, from the beautiful bottle to the unique and bewitching scent.

The bottle is chic, timeless and for want of a better word, simple. There’s nothing gimmicky about it, it is just charming and rather plain.

I find this clean and simplistic bottle quite a contrast to the beguiling and addictive scent within, odd as often fragrance bottles are a physical representation of the perfume itself.

Not so with this lovely.

Seductive would be the best word I could use to describe Angel Schlesser’s Pour Elle.

It is a delicious and mysterious blend of intense notes that together create a truly magnificent scent.

Top notes of marigold, red berries and bergamot draw you in with fresh, citrusy tones before mid notes of jasmine, peony, orange tree blossom and apple soften the scent with a sweetness while base notes of tonka beans, benzoin, patchouli and vetiver create an intense and spicy experience.

It is a complicated and complex blend of aromas which seduce your senses.

Every single time I have worn this perfume I have been complimented on it. Seriously.

I had never heard of Angel Schlesser before but it is now a firm favourite of mine.

Angel Schlesser’s Pour Elle eau de toilette 50ml is available now exclusively from Harvey Nichols and costs £64.

Accessorize Lovelily

Lovelily is the very gorgeous new fragrance from Accessorize.

This vibrant and fresh scent is packaged most beautifully within a modern, hexagonal bottle with a very special stopper.

Within the clear lid you’ll find a super cute, blooming pastel pink lily.

It is such an eye catching design and for me is like spring bottled!

The scent is a true reflection of this too thanks to its light, refreshing and soft floral tones.

Lovelily opens with top notes of juicy raspberry and orange, combined with a zesty hit of bergamot.

Heart notes of lily of the valley and Jasmine create a fresh, floral bouquet and base notes of aromatic musks and sweet vanilla round off the fragrance creating a delightful scent.

It is in my view the perfect spring scent thanks to its undeniably floral yet sweet notes and light and playful tone.

The bottle, in all its sweet, whimsical glory is really cute and would definitely appeal to both a younger audience and also to women like me who just cant resist pretty little things!

Accessorize Lovelily is priced brilliantly at just £19 for 75ml and is available now from Accessorize and The Fragrance Shop.
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