Thursday, 21 July 2011

Go Organic - Not just for your fruit!

I love the idea of using natural, organic beauty, skincare and hair care products. The only thing is, I often wonder is  if they will be as effective as other brands, without all the ‘nasty stuff’ which more often that not, is the stuff that makes the products work. 

Take SLS and paraben  free shampoo for example. Whilst I love the idea of it, the results whilst often good, never quite match those of products which contain them.

That said, when you think about the amount of chemicals you are most likely putting on your skin and body, it really does make you think twice about what you use. You can buy organic food to eat and put in your body, why wouldn’t you make the same choice with what you put on your body?
Organic Colour Systems is a hair care company that manufactures their products as naturally as possible whilst allowing them to maintain their effectiveness and they don't test their products on animals. (Seems like they’ve read my mind and made these products for me!)

Ive tried out a few items from their Control Systems Range, of which all items are completely plastic free. Plastic! Your telling me there is plastic in other products I’ve been using? It seems that it’s the plastic in other products that gives your hair the ‘crispy’ feeling as it coats your hair. Grim.

I tried their Volume Mousse, Gloss Serum and Leave in Conditioner which is from another of their ranges, the Care System.

I was actually incredibly impressed! The mousse is more like the foam you get from a foam cleanser than traditional mousse which is more like shaving foam in texture- I liked this, it allowed me to massage it into my roots easier and it didn’t leave that sticky feeling on my hands.

When I use mousse in my hair it usually has to be the XXX Strong hold mousse to retain volume as my hair drops pretty quickly.  I wasn’t expecting this mousse to do much, but I was very impressed by the way it held my style, added volume and gave me bigger hair! 

The Leave in conditioner was also divine- it has a delicate, sweet scent and a with small spritz through my damp locks, my hair was protected from the damaging heat of the hairdryer and pollutants in the air. It also felt really soft, which was nice.

The serum was equally as effective- my hair felt glassy smooth, soft and shiny and I had the satisfaction of knowing that I was treating my hair with quality, organic products.
I think I may find myself converting to organic not just for my bananas!
You can find out more about Organic Systems here. Products are available at salons nationwide and you can call 01590 613 490 for info on your nearest stockist.


  1. I didnt realise some hair products had such harmful stuff in them. Who'd have thought they had plastic in it! Makes my hair shudder just thinking about it!

  2. Always be careful when purchasing organic care products, though. Unless the product has a government seal for being certified organic, or has a stamp that says it's 100 percent organic, it probably contains chemicals.


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