Thursday, 25 March 2021

Dr Lipp CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint

 Say hello to the latest hero product from Dr Lipp.

First came the CBD Calm Balm (which I absolutely love and highly rate) and now they've launched a new tinted version.

CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint has been created to offer superiour nourishment paired with a pop of gorgeous, natural colour.

100% natural, this luxurious, multi-purpose balm has been infused with 50MG of broad-spectrum CBD Oil to offer superior hydration and nourishment while easing inflammation.

There are so many things that make this balm special but most notable is the fact that they can boast a decadent formula comprising of just 7 natural ingredient.

The star of the show is Lanolin & Lanolin Oil.

Made from Australian free roaming sheep's wool, lanolin is almost identical to our skins natural oils.

The wool is rinsed to separate the wool from the pure, raw Lanolin before it is then cleansed again and and again to the highest medical grade standards, making sure the smallest particles from environmental pollutants are also extracted.

Next is the oh-so-trendy CBD element.

Cannabidiol is the oil extracted from the leaves and stems of the Cannabis plant with THC levels below 0.03% as directed by the EU and USA Cosmetic Regulations. 

The CBD oil used within the balm is 100% natural, organically grown and GMO free. 

It's potent, ultra-rich, conditioning formula helps to ease inflammation, calm and soothe all skin types while it's anti-inflammatory and healing benefits can be used to help relieve dryness all over your body, from hands and body to your face and of course, your lips.

The balm contains a natural preservative made from organically grown and GMO free Elderberries.

This element ensures that your balm

Is protected from bacteria.

Due to the tint within the balm, this balm possesses another natural preservative called Distarch Phosphate which is made from organically grown and GMO free Corn Starch.

The purpose of this element is to help the pigments stay evenly suspended within the balm for beautiful, natural looking, even coverage. 

Onto the colour of the balm itself. As you may have guessed, it comes from organically grown and GMO free Beetroots. 

This plant pigment is rich in natural antioxidants which are great for your skin. 

Beetroot is basically a superfood for your skin, so you'll not only be receiving a beautiful deep red tint, but you'll be protecting and pampering your lips while looking gorgeous. 

Finally, the balm contains two types of Vitamin C- Citric Acid which is made from both fruit and plants and Asorbic Acid which is made from only Citrus fruits. 

Powerful antioxidants, they work together to help nourish, renew and calm dry, chapped skin.

They also slow the deterioration of the natural plant pigment suspended within the formula and help to balance the PH value of the balm overall. 

And that's all you'll find inside this beautiful pink tube of joy.

I've genuinely yet to find another lip balm that even comes close to comparing to the nourishing, long lasting effects of Dr Lipp.

The balm is deliciously rich and sleek, offering intense moisturisation with a high shine finish.

Comforting without feeling sticky or heavy, it conditions your lips for hour upon hour, and as a long-term fan of the product, I can notice the difference between the CBD infused balms and the original.

They feel ever-so-slightly lighter and silky without compromising on their richness. 

The gorgeous pigment in this CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint adds an extra special dimension, allowing you to create a natural "no make up" look by breathing life back into and creating the appearance of healthy, rosy looking lips.

I absolutely love this latest addition to Dr Lipps range of balms and I'm convinced you will too.

Dr Lipp's CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint is available now and costs £10.99. 


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