Monday, 18 July 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge

For weeks now I have heard online, whispers of a new, fantastic cosmetics company. Appearing sporadically on blogs and on twitter, the whispers intrigued me. Inspired by Victorian fairytales I heard. Originally from Russia, ooh how exotic. You cant currently buy it in any UK stores, interesting and exclusive eh. Its very expensive, definitely high end stuff, certainly.

 Rouge Bunny Rouge had become my new fascination, not purely because of the seemingly exclusive nature of their products (and their price tags) but more because of the innovative nature of their items.

I awoke from a peaceful slumber one fine morning  and found to have in my possession a variety of different Rouge Bunny Rouge items. How they had got there, I could not say. It were as if by magic. I spotted a light glimmer of what appeared to be fairy dust gleaming in the sunlight which was peaking through my window and realised that the fairies from the enchanted garden had glided silently into my bedroom that evening and left their magical lotions and potions for me to find upon waking.

Ok not really, but this is exactly the imagery Rouge Bunny Rouge evokes, with its fairy tale esq descriptions of products which evoke images of fairies, princesses, enchanted woods and magic. 

Evocative descriptions aside, Rouge Bunny Rouge really does have a fantastic array of products to offer, my favourite being their Decadent Duo range. Ever had the issue of trying to find a blush and lipgloss that actually compliment each other? Search no more ladies, Decadent Duo can solve the problem for you.  
The duo range is basically a 2 in 1 product. 1 Physical product, 2 functions. One end of the wand contains a delicate liquid blush whilst the other contains a lipgloss. Im a massive fan of liquid/cream blush anyway as I feel it gives you a more natural glow as opposed to being too matte.

The blush has a brush wand for application, though I prefer to put it on my fingers before blending it into my cheeks. The Gloss was silky, shiny and moisturising and complimented the blush perfectly. 

What a genius idea eh! Genius if you know what you are using. I must admit, it took me a while to realise it was a blush and gloss- I had thought it was a dual lipgloss to begin with…

Another firm favourite is their Lip Potion in Devilish Nectar. Blended with spicy essential oils (I can definitely smell cinnamon, cardamom and chilli for sure) and jojoba, it increases the blood flow to your lips leaving them flushed, softened and irresistible to any prince!

You can currently only buy Rouge Bunny Rouge on the website, but be warned, you will need to save up your hard earned gold coins before indulging, with the Decadent Duo’s selling for £28,  and The Lip potion £24 they are definitely little luxuries.


OR, You can just enter my competition to win over £100 worth of Rouge Bunny Rouge goodies!
You can win  a Decadent Duo in Rumba Cubana RRP £28, A Lose Glitter Pigment, Fire Drop RRP £24, and The Bronzing Gold Liquid, RRP £64.

All you have to do to enter is follow my blog through Google Friends Connect on the right hand side of the page, follow me on twitter @sarah_berryman1 and leave a comment below with your contact details and tell me what mystical creature you would most like to be!

The competition closes at 12pm on Friday 5th August.


  1. What an amazing competition!

    I would most like to be a Mermaid if I could be a mystical creature.

    I follow via GFC and Twitter @MadameGourmand

  2. Following you via GFC and Twitter

    I'd love to be a unicorn, they look so cute


  3. Fab prize
    Following as asked am @becky0020 on twitter.

    I would love to be a fairy, all sparkly and magical.

  4. What a great prize
    These would make a lovely present

    Following on twitter @ivan47

  5. A wizard I think - imagine what you could do with a wand and a book of magic spells? :D

    Following on GFC and Twitter @pipersky1 :)

  6. great prize, follow with gfc already and on twitter as @ashlallan

    i would def be a fairy!

  7. Followed on GFC already and followed on Twitter already @cazzzie987

  8. Following you on Twitter @biedooness and GFC

    I would like to be an elf, they're so beautiful, noble and eternally youthful.

  9. Thanks for the lovely review and giveaway!

    Following via GFC x

    I would love to be a fairy so I could leave children gold coins under their pillows in exchange for their baby teeth, I could sit on the top of a Christmas tree, I could dance in the garden and fly around spreading fairy dust to all my friends and family xxx

    I am following and tweeting @TracyNixon xxx

  10. Following on twitter @TheKiss1970
    I would like to be a gorgon because then I would have a good excuse for bad hair days!

  11. Following @jujugaboo
    Love cosmetics!!

  12. I'd most like to be a unicorn... a horse with wings, what more could you want!
    @zeeski (twitter) xx

  13. Great review and giveaway!
    Id love to be a mermaid! Ive always wanted really long hair and to look beautiful! lol.

    Follow via GFC (Leanne Marie) and on twitter (@LeanneMariexo)



  14. I would love to be a dragon! They're gorgeous & scary. Obviously I'd be a nice one :D

    Following you on GFC & am following you on Twitter (@MrsD_Winchester)

    Fab comp x

  15. Following on Twitter (@cheekychicken24) and here :-)

    I'd love to be a Dryad - I think it'd be fab to live in a forest in the trees, plus my colouring really suits woodsy colours like green and brown!

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  17. I would be a forest Elf :)

    Following @girlybags

  18. I'm following your via GFC (feefeegabor at

    I'm also following you on twitter @feefeegabor

    The mythical creature I'd most like to be is Medusa the Gorgon - so I can turn all those evil ex-boyfriends to stone!

  19. Can I say I'd like to be the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland? I'm not sure if he counts as mythical but he certainly had style!

    I follow you on twitter as 30somethingmel and on GFC as 30somethingmel (
    What a fantastic giveaway! keep entering giveaways to do with Rouge Bunny Rouge! They are amazing products!
    Mel xxx

  20. following blog and on twitter @leiajulie

    i would like to be a snake - slippery and sneaky

  21. following blog and on twitter @graciey

    I'd be a fairy ofc...I could fly around, sprinkling my fairy dust. And, I'd get to wear glitter every day!

  22. I would love to be a unicorn prancing around without a care in the world! lol
    Following you @buddybanana (twitter)

  23. Done all of the above. I'm @SarahJLCooper
    I would love to be a fairy - so delicate and beautiful!

  24. I'd definitely go for mermaid - clamshell bras are super flattering (and my boyfriend has a bit of a crush on Ariel from the little mermaid - always good to indulge a fantasy now and again...!) @philosophobia

  25. i would love to be a unicorn there such a beautiful mystical creature,following on twitter(mymilliemoo)

  26. I would be a fairy like Tinkerbell and getup to all sorts of naughty tricks like annoying my hubby in his sleep.

  27. I already follow you on GFC as tiddles12 and on twitter as @tiddles12

  28. The unicorn is the most mystical and majestic creature in fantasy and fiction (who knows, I think they may well exist). Following on twitter and your blog @scrumpy11

  29. Has to be a Phoenix for me - you get to be reborn, plus you can heal wounds with your tears. Supercool.

    Lovely prize - following the blog & twitter @laurajaneseely.

  30. I would love to be a unicorn - so elegant and graceful.


  31. I follow via GFC (hippymeow)
    I would most like to be a unicorn! Me and the boyf have a thing for unicorns haha!
    I follow you on twitter @hippymeow


  32. I would be a fairy myself always fancied being able to fly and have magic :-) Def one with attitude though like Tinkerbell lol. I am following blog and on twitter @torz78


  33. Posted the comp on our blog. Thanks! :)

    Best Free Beauty Samples UK

  34. I am following you via GFC - robertfox24

    I am following you on Twitter - @bloomingfox

    I would most like to be a unicorn, they are so magical and graceful!

  35. I am following you via GFC and on Twitter (@Trish01).

    I would be a naughty Leprechaun - always in trouble but very cute!

  36. I am so in love with RBR products!!

    I followed your blog via GFC as Madiha
    I am folloeing you on twitter as "diya7687"

    I would most like to be a pure white unicorn! :)

  37. after watching Harry Potter yesterday, I would like to be a wizard
    following on twitter

  38. I would be an angel and watch over people. @kooloose and Cate Mse Smethurst

  39. Thanks for the invite! I follow as NailNewbie and @HellBellUk

    I don't know what mystical creature I would like to be, maybe a cheeky imp or naughty pixie teehee

  40. Hi from Spain!!

    thanks for invite me!

    GFC name: bambaki83
    Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I follow u on twitter as @bambaki83

    I´d like to be an elf, a magic elf with wings.



  41. GFC: Ashley Tiernan
    Twitter: TiernanAshley
    I would like to be a mermaid :)


  42. GFC: emilyannfry
    Twitter @meme_1985

    My magical creature i would love to be is a Pegasus, they are beautiful creatures and i would also be able to fly across the magical kingdoms :D

    Thank you


  43. GFC- A Pinch of Sparkle
    Email -
    Twitter - @Pink_Pixie92
    I would be a fairy like Tinkerbell :D


  44. I am following on GFC as Bex Smith, and I would love to be a unicorn :)
    Great giveaway!


  45. I'm Nathalie Smilovici and I reckon I'd quite enjoy being a dragon....I'm already a bit of a fiery character

  46. hi great comp,
    GFC name: deefu
    twitter@ deefur77

    i like mermaids i would love to be one

  47. hello :)
    gfc ony_stanciu
    I want to be...if there exist life after death...a white flying unicorn :)

  48. Hi!
    GFC: Adriana
    Twitter: Adriana4884

    I would like to be a Fairy :D

  49. thanks for the email...
    following on gfc and on twitter (lauren or lozzii bailey, i forget what i signed up under)
    such a obvious answer but id like to be a fairy, maybe more like true blood fairys than the little ones, as im quite short as it is, i dont need to be littler :') xx

  50. heyy!
    gfc: Ayesha x
    twitter: ayeshawoo
    email: eesh(dot)kalsi@gmail(dot)com

    i would like to be a leprechaun :)

  51. hey, thank you for messaging me, this looks great!

    I would definitely LOVE to be a mermaid - I have red hair like ariel and I used to wish when I was younger that I was her every time I went in the sea! haha!

    GFC: brogantatexo
    Twitter: brogantate



  52. hi pretty.. thanks for the heads up.. i wanna participate on your giveaway.. your prizes were tempting.. and i havent tried any of this product yet.. thanks for the chance..

    i followed via GFC: rhaindropz
    Twitter: @rhaindropz
    Twit about it:!/rhaindropz/status/93649478111858689
    i wanted to be a fairy god mother ^_^

    Email id:

    good luck on your giveaway and keep on posting!!!

  53. Hi! Thanks for the email.Great looking blog Xx
    GFC xeminoz
    Now following on twitter too.
    I think I'd like to be a Genie.. Wouldn't it be fun to grant wishes

  54. Hi,
    I would most like to be a pixie!! ^.^
    GFC: Jae Tan
    Twitter: dream_makeup

  55. Follow blog via gfc=Lyudmila
    Follow on twitter = @Ludmilochka
    I would like to be the Snow Maiden
    lusizova at

  56. I would most like to be a dragon
    Already following on twitter @cattish1

  57. Follow blog via gfc - Philiboy
    Fllow on twitter @philibaldi

    I would like to be a Troll - I'm almost there already, wrinkled and bald.

  58. GFC: Janinay

    Twitter: @janinegenious

    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    I wanna be a Pegasus or a fairy princess! :D

  59. Great giveaway!

    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  60. Nice giveaway!
    GFC- Savannah
    Twitter- glamgirl2014
    I would want to be a glitter fairy princess, yes the glitter just takes it one step above fairy princess! (:


  61. Hy! Lovely competition:D:D:D
    I follow you GFC - by Kriszta, and on twitter by @kriszta133.
    I think I would like to be a mermaid:)

  62. Just got your email. Following on twitter.

    I would be a pixie. (or a unicorn)


  63. gfc: Burcin
    twitter: Burcidi
    email: burcin.cevik.bir at gmail dot com

    I don't know about mystical creatures, but it would be fun to be a Kawaii character!

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  64. I've always wanted to be a mermaid as I loved the little mermaid when I was little - the long wavy red hair, wow! Always wanted to be her :-)

    Twitter: @LouiseLFC

    Thanks! Good luck everyone!

  65. Hi!
    I would like to be a fairy^^
    GFC: Emma
    Twitter: @emmagavaldik
    Thanks :)

  66. Hi thnx for the mail:)
    Following via GFC Hadia Salahuddin
    Following on twitter via HadyaS
    I would love to be a phoenix
    Email: hadia_salahuddin[at]hotmail[dot]com.

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  68. im a new follower :)
    enter me please.
    i would love to be a mermaid. ive always loved the disney movie the little mermaid. looks so magical, lol.

  69. I don't have twitter :(

    GFC: Life as A Southern Girl (blogspot)

  70. hi thanks for the mail. I followed you via GFC - Anne. Also followed you on twitter @heart74. I would love to be a fairy

  71. followed and tweeted on twitter @lynn2206

    I think i too would love to be a mermaid, they are so beautiful and magical and can enjoy the freedom of the ocean

  72. Enter me plz!

    GFC: Pooja_G


    Following on twitter:!/pooja_g

  73. hi. thanks for inviting me..
    followed you via GFC: Che Acosta
    followed you on twitter: @che2acosta

    If i will become a mystical creature, i would love to be a MERMAID,the most beautiful creature of the sea.=)

  74. oh n i would like to be a FAIRY!!

  75. Hello lovely. Obviously following you on twitter @hollyarabella , if i was a mythical creature i would obviously be a fairy! My contact email is , good luck to everyone! xx

  76. tweeted about it of course! xx

  77. I really love make-up!
    followed and tweeted on twitter @swtlen79_dok77
    GFC: swtlen

    Given a chance to be a mystical creature,I would like to be a fairy.

  78. I'd like to be a wish-granting fairy-genie!

    This is a FABULOUS competition - thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

    I have a comp running too at the moment, if you wanted to check it out!

    Thanks x

  79. GFC: Baby Rodrigues

    I would like to be a fairy..

  80. I'd love to be a mischievous fairy!

    Ta for the email about this. I'm following through gfc :)

  81. awesome! I'd love to be a Unicorn :)

    gfc follower xyoulovekarlene

    thanks for the email :]

  82. I follow on gfc, would love to win this as i loveeeeeeee trying out new stuff

    Email is


  83. WOW, these looks awesomeeeeeee!! thanks for letting me know about ur giveaway^^ super excited to try these items, the packaging looks sooo pretty too!! btw is this international?.. I will still enter just incase =] i really want to try these products!

    Following thru GFC as Thisisalx
    following your twitter @thisisalx

    and I would loveee to be a mermaidddd!! I love water (i'm an aquarius ;) hehe)


  84. Thanks for the email
    I'd like to be fairy so I can fly around :)


    awesome competition :)

  85. Hello, I'm following you on twitter and google connect. My name is Melanie Thornton

    My email is

    I'd most like to be a fairy. I'm a bare foot gal (grew up in Australia). Love the whimsy and delicateness of fairies and I'm short so would suit me well!

  86. A tree nymph with a free spirit living in the woods

  87. Got ur email so here I am :)

    GFC: Arianne Cruz
    Twitter: @ariannecruz07

    Do vampires count as mystical creatures? :)

  88. GFC PrettyLittleDaisies
    Twitter LittleDaisyL
    I think i would like to be a pretty little fairy (a nice one :))

    xx Lauren

  89. GFC: MagalufLady
    Twitter: MagalufLady
    Bit of a pattern there :)

    I would love to be an Apsara, also known as a nymph. They are young and beautiful, and love to sing and dance. They will never die of old age, sounds good to me :D

  90. Enter me please! :)

    GFC .x. Sarah .x.
    Twitter sarahlou88xoxo

    I'd love to be a fairy x

  91. GFC = Gemmie
    Twitter = GemmieWho

    I'd like to be a Unicorn because, well, Unicorn's are freaking amazing that's why!

  92. Fab competition!
    (I follow you on twitter as well)

  93. already following u on twitter @kellyroxanne82 thanks
    i would love to be a unicorn, they r elegant and fab x

  94. Already following in GFC and Twitter.

    I would like to be a unicorn - they always seem to have great adventures and are very mystical.

    I am @beachramber on Twitter.

  95. following through GFC sunnieLUVS and twitter @sunnieLUVSalo
    i would like to be an elf...i love their cute!!!=)

  96. i think id like to be a fairy or a witch lol

    this is a great competition its so handy finding these comps as you get to find great products like these following your blog and on twitter , my twitter is @witchblade_uk

  97. Following on GFC

    I would want to be a fairy godmother to grant people wishes :D



  98. Hi, thanks for invited me!
    I follow you on gfc : noniek
    twitter : noniek99
    I would choose to be fairy like in Robin Hood :)

  99. Enter me, please! Thank you! :)

    I'd be a pixie fairy with ethereal & eternal beauty & youth! :)

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    Twitter: followed you as outdoor_kitty

  100. Thanks for the competition!
    Following: twitter @puszmatag
    gfc @kicsinecsko
    I wanna be a fairy! :):)

  101. Hi!
    I would like to be a mermaid, but I think every girl would like this!

  102. great giveaway! :)
    following you on twitter: @bannerlauren
    oo, mystical creature.. i'd be a feminine dragon :)

  103. hi sarah! thanks for informing me about this. the Decadent Duo sure sounds lovely!

    followed via GFC as aldelei89
    followed on Twitter as @aldelei89

    i'd love to be a unicoron. unicorns are known to be graceful and they symbolize purity. their horns are thought to have healing powers too.

    thanks for this giveaway! :)

    aldelei89 at yahoo dot com

  104. followed :) @cachexia1

    i want to be a dragon, a really big fire breathing 1 lol

  105. Gfc; louweevil
    twitter; randomweevil

    Unicorn, doesn't every girl wanna be a unicorn?

  106. Following on twitter


    I want to be a phoenix, a beautiful phoenix

  107. GFC: Ruth
    Twitter: RuthGBCN

    I'd love to be a fairy too ;-)

  108. gfc- tina:)
    twitter: tinapanda
    i would love to be a mermaid:D xx

  109. gfc: Analy Rodriguez
    twitter follower as analy_r

    i would like to be a unicorn! <3

  110. AWESOME giveaway prizes.

    GFC: kar326
    Twitter: kar326

    I guess I would want to be a witch, though that may be because of the unnatural amount of Charmed I've been watching.

  111. I'd be big foot, very mysterious


  112. wow! this is an amazing giveaway, Thanks for telling me about this giveaway;

    Enter me:

    Following you:

    A mystical creature I would like to be, an amazing beautiful vampire or a mermaid :)

    GFC: Meg

    Twitter: @MegMehP


    email: megmehtab(at)gmail(dot)com

  113. I already follow your blog with GFC (Alison Sperry), and I already follow you on Twitter (@googoodoll83).

    I'd love to be a witch, and I'd help people.

  114. I am following your blog and twitter (cf225)
    and I would be a mermaid - :-)

  115. Thank you for such a great chance to win with y :)
    I wish to be a Phoenix...
    I follow through GFC ( aboor amoor)
    on twitter: @abeeramoor
    Thank you so much ...good luck to all ;)

  116. I think I would be a wizard like harry potter hehe it would be amazing fun

  117. lovely prize! goodluck everyone! followed on twitter @gemsy1984

  118. Amazing giveaway! (I'm following your blog too as Helen Greenwood but it won't lt me post for some reason)

    I'd be a Mermaid for no other reason that they're AMAZING!

    Following on twitter @HellsBells_80

    :) :) :)

  119. followed you thru GFC and twitter.
    Twitter: heart74
    I'd love to be a fairy like the fairy from Sleeping beauty :)

  120. id love to be a fairy
    twitter @princesstinks

  121. I would like to be a fairy, maybe Tinkerbell :)

    gfc: broken.wings
    twitter: AlexandraCirciu
    mail: alexandra_circiu[at]

  122. I would most like to be a fairy of course~ =D
    GFC - Irene
    Email -
    Twitter - Hana_To_Akuma

    ~~~~~~~~~THANK YOU FOR THIS GIVEAWAY~~~~~~~~~

  123. Followed on here & on twitter; itsKatiex
    My email:
    Like the most of girls on here I would also like to be a mermaid. They have long flowing hair and able to swim with such ease, both of which I don't have or can't do :(

  124. hello,first of all thank you for giving us some a wonderful giveaways. Good luck to everyone and myself too,lol.

    Well,I always wanna be a Phoenix,they are so magical and amazing creature.

    I had join your blog as Sweet kawaii Boutique.
    I do not have twitter,hope I still qualify for this competition.
    my email is:

  125. I'd love to be a unicorn! :D

  126. i would love to be a fairy! like Tinkerbell ;)

    thanks for the giveaway dear..
    GFC: Sarah Mar'atul Azizah
    twitter: @azhezha
    sarahazhezha at gmail dot com

  127. What a fab competition- thanks for sharing! I already follow you on Twitter & friend connect. I used to adore the Magic Faraway Tree books as a child so I'd probably wish to be one of the mythical characters from that, although I don't like bugs so I'm not sure I'd like to live in the woods!

  128. I would like to be a white unicorn with pink hair that has silver flecks in. Oh how Id love to gallop about looking like that :)

  129. I follow on twitter (@kiki_725), GFC and I would love to be a witch, just like sabrina!

  130. Mystical creature? I'd love to be a fairy. You're cute, can fly, and are tiny!

    GFC: jenn staz
    twitter: @jennstaz
    email: jlstaz at gmail dot com

  131. i would love to be Tinkerbell, have you seen those boy fairies?????

  132. I would love to be a mermaid!

  133. I would like to be some forest fairy :D!
    GFC: Victoria
    twitter: @nva_victoria
    email: bielka2010 at gmail dot com

  134. This is SUCH a gorgeous giveaway! I've been wanting to try Rouge Bunny Rouge for a while now!

    I'd absolutely LOVE to be entered please my lovely?

    I'd most like to be a Mermaid. I know, I know - it's probably the most common choice. But I choose this simply because when I'm not in the water, I'm miserable. I'm such a water baby that it's almost ridiculous! :P

    I am a follower of your blog: Brittany Love
    I am a follower of your Twitter: @brittanylovexx
    My email address is:
    Thank you! :)

    Love Britt xxx

  135. Following with GFC as M. and on twitter as @maisietoo. I'd love to be a fairy.

  136. A fantastic giveaway - the packaging of these products is beautiful, I´d love to have them adorn my dressing table!

    I´m following on GFC and on twitter (@heylinguine). If I were a mythical creature I´d be a Selkie (I´ve just watched the film Ondine).


  137. Enter me please sweetie :) great giveaway!
    If i were a mythical creature, i would be a fairy, like tinkerbell!

    I follow you via gfc and on twitter as @schnella09


  138. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    If I were a mythical creature, I would like to be a phoenix.

    I followed you on twitter @michellayye
    I am a follower of your blog

    Name: Michelle S.

  139. Hi thanks for the invite :)

    I would like to be half girl, half unicorn with magical powers.


  140. Please enter me :D
    Followed your blog via GFC name: Rhea Liza
    Followed you on Twitter -- username: @rheajaverne
    Side bar post:

    I wanna be a fairy ^^.

  141. Thanks for the invite, I have never heard of this brand before, but it has definitely intriged me!
    I would probably like to be a unicorn (although a dragon would be pretty awesome too!)
    I'm following via GFC (Pretty Wonderful)
    I followed you on twitter (PWMakeup)
    My email is
    Alice x

  142. lovely giveaway !! following u by GFC- nitika bhatia
    Twitter- nitika_princess

    nd I would love to be a cute fairy we all have grown up listening about : ) !!

  143. How great! Wonderful review, and these products sound amazing!

    I follow via GFC - Danielle Villano
    I follow via Twitter - @daniellevillano

    If I had to be a mythical creature, I'd choose to be a siren! Mischievous with a great voice ;-)


  144. I am new to your blog. I follow you on twitter and my twitter name is @DianeLori.
    I follow you on GFC and my username is Dlori
    I follow you via email (kleimanlaw at aol dot com)
    I shared this contest on my twitter page, @DianeLori, and the link is as follows:

    I follow you on my facebook page (kleimanlaw) and the link is as follows:

    I posted this contest on my blog,, and my blogroll and the link is as follows:

    If I could be any mystical creature, I'd choose to be a Guardian Angel. Guardian angels are the ones that many people think are dead loved ones who try to protect the living friends or family they have on Earth. They usually have a flawless appearance and sweet disposition. They're cheerful, hopefull, selfless, loving, and kind.

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win these fabulous treasures. Good luck to all and I'm looking forward to being part of your blogging family.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  145. Fabulous contest! Rouge Bunny Rouge has quickly become on of my favourite brands.

    So glad I found your blog.

    I follow on GFC and Twitter as Perilously Pale
    PerilouslyPale (at) gmail (dot) com

    I would love to be a beautiful fairly flitting around doing mischievousness yet wonderful things for people ;-)

  146. Great giveaway. I follow on GFC as Jude and follow on twitter as @jadlgw.

    I have never tried any of the Rouge Bunny Rouge products before.

    I would love to be the fairy that is in the header on my blog. I would sprinkle fairy dust and make wishes come true xx


  147. Amazing giveaway :) I follow through GFC

    Ive never tried any of the Rouge bunny Rouge products but they look amazing!

    I would love to be a cute little fairy! sprinkiling magic dust and making wishes come true :) Thank you xx

  148. I have done all you asked. >I would be a mermaid as they're so beautiful!

    my emails

  149. Great giveaway!
    I would love to be a fairy so I can fly around and sprinkle fairy dust. :)
    GFC Name: Bronzed Doll
    I follow you on twitter: @Bronzed_Doll

  150. GFC: Staci
    Twitter: Makeupchicblog

    I'd be a pegasus!

  151. GFC: Yami
    Twitter: YamiReviews
    I would want to be a Siren~

  152. Oh wow! RBR are so incredible beautiful (and hard to find...) thanks so much for drawing attention to this giveaway!

    Following you on GFC as Suzanne, and twitter as @HogSandwich :)

    I'd be a selkie. They're beautiful women who turn into seals in the water but step up on land with their sealskin tucked under one arm. They're also VERY welsh - as am I :p

  153. Contact:
    I would be a siren, which is the complete opposite of me.

  154. Followed you on
    GFC: Mimi
    Twitter: @camilefloresss

    I'd want to be a mermaid! :D

  155. Hi,

    I received your email, just followed you through GFC. I hope you follow me back @littleflowerofyeshua

    My email is

    I would like to be a very sexy mermaid who turns into a woman whenever she wants to. :)

  156. GFC: Alina-Alexandra
    Twitter: @ialaalexa
    I will like to be a fairy.

  157. What a great giveaway, thank you! I'd like to be a fairy. :)

    GFC name: Steph
    Twitter: @inhermakeupbag

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  159. Hola, menudo sorteo!!!

    GFC & TWITTER: ObeBlog


  160. gfc: irish
    twitter: irishibanez

    i would want to be a fairy!

  161. GFC: Hannah
    twitter: @hans_ell
    I'd be a Nymph because they are peaceful and they hate evil and ugliness
    Thanks for contacting me! xxx

  162. GFC: asoftblackstar
    Twitter: asoftblackstar

    What mystical creature would I like to be. Perhaps a Greek siren.

  163. Hello there :)

    My twitter is MaryLopes.

    I would MOST DEFINITELY like to be a mermaid! THey're so gorgeous ;)

  164. I think i would love to be a sexy siren.

    GFC: Lovejosie
    twitter: @_lovejosie

  165. GFC: faheema hasan
    twitter: @faheemahasan
    thanks for informing me of this great competition
    my favourite mythical character would be Aphrodite- the Greek goddess of love because she is beautiful and loving and is ofcourse sed to be the most attractive women known!

  166. GFC- Shopping Bag Full Of Dreams

    Thanks for your email, what a great competition!!
    And the mythical character i would like to be is an elf- cute but with an air of mischief!! xx

  167. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway!
    GFC: dinamo
    twitter: @_dinamano_
    I would be an elf, because they always beautiful, tall and skinny, with cute ears. *.*

    Thanks for the contact! :)

  168. Ohhh these look so very cute! :)
    Twitter: @DonnaMK
    And I'd so be a dragon! I am welsh so kinda has to be. Plus I could fly and breathe fire! Got to be pretty cool...

  169. I follow your blog publicly via Google Friend Connect (GeorgiaMist)

    I follow @sarah_berryman1 on Twitter @GeorgiaMist

    I'd love to be a Luck Dragon! :)

    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

  170. thx for the giveaway,
    my gfc and twitter names are same luzumsuzislerUZ
    and i'd like to be a cute fairy:)

  171. :D thanks!
    google: Amber Nichols (with a brown shadow/blue eye)
    I don't have a twitter
    you can contact me at

  172. I would most like to be a phoenix so I could make a dramatic entrance!


  173. GFC - Sidney
    Twitter - @SavvySidd
    Email -

    I would have to say...a Pheonix - You wouldn't have to be afraid of dying, plus they're beautiful!

    *Thanks for the email :)

  174. Lip gloss & blush duo? That sounds awesome, what a great review!
    I'm following on GFC & on twitter (@HannnahhhBanana)
    Thanks for the great giveawy!
    Oh! And I would be a fairy because I love glitter(:

  175. Siren i guess 8D

    twitter: sochii_andelia

  176. I would love to be a unicorn lol :)
    or a fairy :D

    my email:
    twitter: marlaandmakeup
    gfc: Marla

  177. I would love to be an Angel of God...
    my email
    follwing thru gfc same above id n name classy
    follwing thru twitter is sweet_shakira.
    Thank u so much for such a wonderful competition.

  178. I'd want to be a warrior maiden. Very kickass. :)

    Awesome giveaway! :)
    Following you now on GFC (Lei) and Twitter (@leahgonz)! :)

    White Sky Project

  179. GFC: jessnghc

    i would like to be the stitch in the Lilo & Stitch. he is so cute~~love it...


  180. GFC: ZatZ
    Twitter: @ZathyM

    I would like to be a pretty mermaid :-D

    Thanks alot for this giveaway!!!

  181. Hello! Thank you for having this wonderful giveaway, I've been reading some amazing things about this brand, it sounds really lovely! :-)

    If I could be a mythical creature I think it would be nice to be a fairy, because they bring people hope and joy, they are fun, and they sparkle! (and I really love things that sparkle!) :-)

    I follow you through google friends as "Bonnie C."

    I follow you on twitter as "missbonniebelle"

    missbonniebelle (at) gmail (dot) com

    Have a great day! :-)


  182. hye...i,m your 389th follower,..

    f I could be a mythical creature I think it would be cool to be a cute and owesome girl like the character of babydoll in sucker punch ;p

    follow as kaseh suchi
    follow your twitter as @suriamarlborro

  183. I would love to be a dragon

    follow you : fairiesdiary

    mail :

    Xoxo and thanks :D


    Follow as swirrruska
    Follow your twitter as swirrruska


    mythical creature.... i would love to be a pegasus...

  185. I follow you through google friends as monis1900

    I follow you on twitter as @Gypsygirll92


    I´d like to be an elf

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  187. hi, thanks for letting me know about this competition. it sure does interesting.

    if i can, i would like to be a fairy :)

    i have follow both your twitter account and blog.
    twitter: @ChelseaJN
    gfc: Chelsea

  188. What a wonderful giveaway! Im joining from Philippines.

    If I could be a mythical creature I will be a fairy for they are known to be kind and good, they help people and they symbolize beauty.

    Followed you via gfc: shermaine
    followed on twitter: @Sherfriends

    email is sherfriends(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Shermaine Capuli

  189. Just Joined:

    Followed you on GFC: helen ramos
    Follwed you on Twitter:

    Email add:

    Given a chance to be a mystical creature i would most like to be a toothfairy!!! :)

  190. Ooh, I think my mythical creature would be a unicorn, purely because I have a bit of love for them!
    I follow on twitter under 'katylouiseg', my email is:
    Sirens and Bells xx

  191. thanks for awesome giveaway

    following you via GFC as Gintare
    on twitter as @Ginni_007

    email: gintare[dot]amber[at]

    and i would like to be fairy :) you know there is a story that when the angels revolted, god ordered the gates shut; those still in heaven remained angels, those in hell became devils, and those caught in between became fairies. they had been thrown out of heaven, not being good enough, but they were not evil enough for hell. so yeah, i am kinda a fairy already :)

  192. GFC: MamzelleSteph
    Twitter: MamzelleStephDC

    If I were a mystical creature, I would DEFINITELY be a phoenix!!! First of all, because a phoenix rises from his ashes, which reminds me of the sentence "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". Also, because some say that a phoenix tear cures wounds. For me, this ability of the phoenix personifies the fact that each tear makes you stronger. The fire represents strength and power, so a fire bird personifies the fact that you have the power and the strength in you to do almost anything.

  193. Name: Sudhaa Gopinath
    Following through GFC - sudhaa
    Following on twitter - sudhaag17
    I would love to be werewolf.

  194. Gorgeous giveaway!
    I follow you on both places as doroffee :).

    Some kind of a mystical/mythical bird... like a phoenix some wicked owl (I love love love owls) or crow :).

  195. GFC: Michelle G
    twitter: @destaneemom

    If I could chose one mystical creature to be, I would be a Phoenix. They are said to be able to rise above all things, I feel like I am very similar to this already. Their plummage is beautiful array of colors, which is another thing I love. It is said Phoenixes heal themselves when they are hurt, much like myself. At the end of their lives Phoenixes build their nest and start on fire burning till they become ashes, from these ashes a new Phoenix rises. I would like to think that through all I have been through my children will rise.

  196. Hello! Thanks for inviting me !
    GFC: Valentina Bucur

    If I could be a mystical creature, I want to be a vampire. I love vampires, I love the books, movies and serials about vampires. Now I watch in every week True Blood season 4. It's so wonderful, so interesting. If you watch this serial, you will understand why I want to be a vampire:)

  197. CGC: Monique Pontes

    Id love to be a sexy mermaid with beautiful long hair :)


  198. Following via GFC
    I'd love to be a fairy, sprinkling lots of magical fairy dust everywhere I fly!
    Following on Twitter too @ellielucky


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