Tuesday 30 March 2021

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Blossom

Olympéa Blossom is the stunning new fragrance from Paco Rabanne.

A sensual and seductive blend of fruits and florals, it is the embodiment of femininity in all its multi-faceted forms.

Featuring sweet juicy fruits, elegant florals and seductive notes it is a complex, radiant and sexy scent.

Created for all the Goddesses out there, it inspires joy, freedom and confidence from its wearer. 

Bold and bright, the iconic Olympéa bottle has been transformed to reflect and hint at the elegant and surprising notes housed inside while retaining its original elements.

Featuring an ever so sweet rose pink glass bottle, the main body of the bottle has been covered in a bouquet of graphic black flowers.

By contrast, the softly rounded cap features a luminous gold and deep black which creates a vibrant sparkle. 

It is a beautiful, eye catching, intricately designed bottle full of beautiful contrasting features, much like the scent itself. 

Olympéa Blossom opens with notes of traditional, elegant rose paired with pink pepper before transforming into a juicy heart bursting with notes of sweet, crisp pear and sparkling blackcurrant sorbet.

Base notes of creamy vanilla and cashmere wood offers a sensual, musky contrast which together create a stunning long-lasting scent that lingers on your skin like an invisible veil.

Powerful yet soft, sweet yet sensual it is both fresh and yet also intoxicating.

Alluring and addictive, it is a stunning addition to the Paco Rabanne collection of fragrances.

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Blossom is available now and  £60 for 50ml. 


Friday 26 March 2021

Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate

 Supercharge your eye care regime with Clinique's new Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate.

Housed in a sleek, transparent tube with pump action lid, you can actually see the pinky toned serum contained within, flecked with tones of pinks, greens and yellows.

This super lightweight, water-gel helps to instantly replenish and plump the skin around your delicate eye area, boasting a full 96 hours of crease free, plumping hydration.

Suitable for all skin types, the silky gel offers a refreshing, cooling sensation upon application to help wake the eye area.

It drenches your dry, parched skin with its cushony water-gel to create a plumping effect, reducing the appearance of creases and fine lines.

It contains an Auto-Replenishing Lipid-Sphere Technology to deliver intensive moisturise to tighten and brighten the skin.

This is one of those genius multi-purpose creams as it can be used alone of a nighttime, under makeup as a primer or as a 3-minute intensive eye mask.

Due to its rich yet fluid texture, a little goes a long way and you need use only a pea sized amount to treat both your eyes.

Perfect to perk you up first thing in the morning or to soothe dry, tired eyes of an evening it is a fabtastatuccaddition to any skincare regime, regardless of your skin type.

Clinique's Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate is available now and costs £27.50 form Lookfantastic


Thursday 25 March 2021

Dr Lipp CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint

 Say hello to the latest hero product from Dr Lipp.

First came the CBD Calm Balm (which I absolutely love and highly rate) and now they've launched a new tinted version.

CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint has been created to offer superiour nourishment paired with a pop of gorgeous, natural colour.

100% natural, this luxurious, multi-purpose balm has been infused with 50MG of broad-spectrum CBD Oil to offer superior hydration and nourishment while easing inflammation.

There are so many things that make this balm special but most notable is the fact that they can boast a decadent formula comprising of just 7 natural ingredient.

The star of the show is Lanolin & Lanolin Oil.

Made from Australian free roaming sheep's wool, lanolin is almost identical to our skins natural oils.

The wool is rinsed to separate the wool from the pure, raw Lanolin before it is then cleansed again and and again to the highest medical grade standards, making sure the smallest particles from environmental pollutants are also extracted.

Next is the oh-so-trendy CBD element.

Cannabidiol is the oil extracted from the leaves and stems of the Cannabis plant with THC levels below 0.03% as directed by the EU and USA Cosmetic Regulations. 

The CBD oil used within the balm is 100% natural, organically grown and GMO free. 

It's potent, ultra-rich, conditioning formula helps to ease inflammation, calm and soothe all skin types while it's anti-inflammatory and healing benefits can be used to help relieve dryness all over your body, from hands and body to your face and of course, your lips.

The balm contains a natural preservative made from organically grown and GMO free Elderberries.

This element ensures that your balm

Is protected from bacteria.

Due to the tint within the balm, this balm possesses another natural preservative called Distarch Phosphate which is made from organically grown and GMO free Corn Starch.

The purpose of this element is to help the pigments stay evenly suspended within the balm for beautiful, natural looking, even coverage. 

Onto the colour of the balm itself. As you may have guessed, it comes from organically grown and GMO free Beetroots. 

This plant pigment is rich in natural antioxidants which are great for your skin. 

Beetroot is basically a superfood for your skin, so you'll not only be receiving a beautiful deep red tint, but you'll be protecting and pampering your lips while looking gorgeous. 

Finally, the balm contains two types of Vitamin C- Citric Acid which is made from both fruit and plants and Asorbic Acid which is made from only Citrus fruits. 

Powerful antioxidants, they work together to help nourish, renew and calm dry, chapped skin.

They also slow the deterioration of the natural plant pigment suspended within the formula and help to balance the PH value of the balm overall. 

And that's all you'll find inside this beautiful pink tube of joy.

I've genuinely yet to find another lip balm that even comes close to comparing to the nourishing, long lasting effects of Dr Lipp.

The balm is deliciously rich and sleek, offering intense moisturisation with a high shine finish.

Comforting without feeling sticky or heavy, it conditions your lips for hour upon hour, and as a long-term fan of the product, I can notice the difference between the CBD infused balms and the original.

They feel ever-so-slightly lighter and silky without compromising on their richness. 

The gorgeous pigment in this CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint adds an extra special dimension, allowing you to create a natural "no make up" look by breathing life back into and creating the appearance of healthy, rosy looking lips.

I absolutely love this latest addition to Dr Lipps range of balms and I'm convinced you will too.

Dr Lipp's CBD Superfood Beetroot Tint is available now and costs £10.99. 


Wednesday 24 March 2021

BYRE Body Washes

 I recently discovered a brand called BYRE and I'm so in love!

BYRE are creators of luxury body washes containing 96% naturally derived ingredients.

One hero ingredient that runs through their line is sweet whey powder.

Sourced from British cows, whey is a highly efficacious and nutritious ingredient.

A by-product of milk and cheese production, whey usually goes to waste.

In fact, the dairy industry annually wastes 870,000 tonnes of the stuff!

BYRE are here to support our British farmers by not only using this traditionally discarded ingredient, but by donating a percentage of their annual net sales to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, rabi.org.uk, to help support farming families facing adversity.

Isn't that simply wonderful! 

BYRE's trio of Body Washes are enriched with aloe vera, sustainable poppy seed oil, vitamins and natural extracts gently cleanse your skin leaving it feeling beautifully soft and silky smooth.

Created with a nod to the dairy industry, there are three different washes; Full Cream which is packaged blue to reflect while milk, green which is Semi Skimmed and red which is Skimmed.

As you might imagine, BYRE's Full Cream body wash is a decadent, thick, rich and creamy product.

Lightly fragranced with sweet vanilla, it is enriched with aloe vera, moisture boosting oatmeal extract and sustainable poppy seed oil to effortlessly cleanse and condition your skin.

Poured under warm, running water it creates plentiful soft, frothy bubbles in the bath and glides across your skin, leaving it feeling soft and pampered.

The semi skimmed version possesses a beautiful, light, fruity-floral scent to uplift your senses.

Equally rich in texture as Full Cream, Semi Skimmed is formulated with aloe vera, vitamins E, C, B5 and B6 plus sustainable poppy seed oil.

Gentle and comforting, it makes bathing or showering pure pleasure.

Finally we have the Skimmed Body Wash.

Light and airy yet creamy and smooth, it has a woody floral scent which is simply beautiful!

The most radiant scented of the three, it's the perfect bath or shower companion to help you get ready for the day ahead.

Enriched with aloe vera and sustainable poppy seed oil, it cleanses and conditions your skin.

Free from parabens, silicones, synthetic colours and mineral oils, both the caps and bottles are widely recycled. 

Oh and did I mention that the Full Cream wash is actually an award winner?

Oh yes, it came Silver at the prestigious Global Makeup Award 2020 in the Best Bath & Shower Product category.

I simply love what this brand stands for. I love how it supports our British farmers, I love that it's sustainable and I love that it utilises recycling in more than one way.

I also love the rich, creamy, gentle formulas that are gentle enough for even my sensitive skin.

Priced at £3.75 a bottle BYRE's collection of whey body washes are available to buy now online from BYRE or online and in store from Sainsbury's


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love Lip and Cheek Tint

 Darlings! Check out the stunning new Tinted Love Lip and Cheek Tint from Charlotte Tilbury.

Officially available now, I managed to nab one in an exclusive one week pre-sale in November.

Presented in the most beautiful pink and rose gold packaging (I mean, would you expect any less from Tilbury), the collection comprises of 5 stunning wearable shades to offer long lasting colour to both your lips and cheeks.



Petal Pink offers a dreamy, soft rosebud pink hue while Santa Euphoria creates a soft, nude brown.

Bohemian Kiss creates a warm, berry brown, Tripping on Love is a vibrant cherry red and Love Chain offers a pretty poppy red.

I reigned it in and opted for just one tint (for now!) so choose Petal Pink.



I feel that soft pinks work well on my super pale complexion, creating a subtle colour that brightens and creates the illusion of naturally flushed cheeks and lips.

I love tints too because they are long lasting and perfect for creating quick, versatile looks when you’re short of time- such as the school run.

I also enjoy matching my lips and cheeks, I feel it brings the overall look together really well and keeps you looking natural for a no-makeup look.



There’s no caking, flaking or transferring with stains, so I was thrilled when I saw this latest launch.

The formula itself is wonderfully silky, feather-light and possesses the texture of what I would describe as a lightweight serum.

In fact, it almost feels like water you are applying to your skin, however unlike water, you’ll experience no drying from this tint.


Enriched with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, the tint actually helps to boost hydration, locking in moisture and leaving your lips and skin feeling plump and comfortable.

Despite Petal Pink’s soft hue, it offers a great colour payoff thanks to its high-pigment formulation and is completely buildable, meaning you can create as subtle or bold as look as you desire.

As expected, the tint goes on wet offering an instant hit of moisture before drying to leave behind its gorgeous colour.



Unlike many stains which can feel like as soon as they dry that they’ve zapped all moisture from your lips, Tinted Love offers long lasting comfort to ensure your pout stays nourished and full all day long.

The silky soft doe foot shaped applicator offers precise, easy application and feels wonderfully soft on your lips and cheeks.

The result is long lasting colour that won’t budge.



Is there nothing that Charlotte Tilbury can’t do?

Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love Lip and Cheek Tint are soon and cost £25 each.

Leave your email address on the website to be notified when they are on sale!


Friday 19 March 2021

Benefit They're Real Magnet Mascara

 They're Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara is the latest mega launch from Benefit.

I can't remember being so excited to try a product since the launch of the now iconic, original They're Real mascara.

Based on the original and featuring a similar shaped and coloured wand, They're Real Magnet differs in that it claims that magnetic forces within the brush and formula itself allow you to create incredible, long lasting lift, volume and curl. 

The brush itself features a magnetically charged core pulls which pulls the the magnetic mineral enriched formula up and out beyond the tips of your lashes, offering unparalleled length and lift. 

The brush itself features custom-designed zigzag bristles which are strategically positioned to help fan out, separate and define each and every lash.

Boasting an impressive 36 hours of immaculate wear, test subject claimed that the mascara helped them to achieve lashes that looked up to 40% longer.

So, the question is, is it really that good?

So first things first, I love the new packaging!

The bottle is a brushed silver and the top of the wand itself has cleverly been designed to resemble a traditional, old school horseshoe red magnet.

When removing the wand from the bottle you'll find just the right amount of product on the brush- you won't need to scrape anything off or mess around with product distribution at all.

The brush itself is relatively soft and its array of fine, zigzag bristles really do allow you to work the brush through your lashes, capturing each and every one as you go. 

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and handle, the wand allows you to grab hold of your lashes, gently lifting and curling them up and away from your eyes to create a fluttery, feminine look.

This is a no-clump zone for sure; each of your lashes become individually defined, lengthened and thickened as you work your brush through them.

Offering really great length with just one coat, you'll find that subsequent coats won't cause clumping either. 

You simply get a more dramatic look.

I whole heartedly agree with those  93% of people tested who said that it offered extreme lengthening, the 95% who said it lifts and lengthens lashes up and out and the 93% who said it gives lashes both fullness and length.

I can also report that after a full days wear it neither flakes, smudges or transfers and my lashes didn't flatten or lose any of their impact throughout the day.

In short, Benefit have done it again and created a really, really good mascara.


Benefit's They're Real Magnet Mascara is available now and costs £24.50.

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