Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Indola Smart Street Style Challenge- Minimalist Chic

Hair care gurus Indola have launched a new range of products called INNOVA and to celebrate the launch they have created a Smart Street Style Collection. The collection has been created by bloggers in order to achieve a real street vibe- and Immediate PR have set fellow bloggers a challenge!

Who can replicate one of the looks the best?

There were 5 looks to choose from and i went for Minimalist Chic;

Mr Newton blogger Eddie Newton in New York created Minimalist Chic where the look is all about graphic shapes. Hair extends the low-maintenance attitude with clean lines that highlight the great cutting. Styling with more volume and movement turns tomboy into sophisticate in a flash while rich colours reign supreme.

This sounded like my kinda style  and as im never one to turn down a challenge, i took my Indola products and began trying to replicate the look.

The four Key products i used were the Hair Thickening Elixier, Volume & Restructuring Spray, Polishing Pomade and Shine Spray.

I squeezed several drops of the Elixier out onto my hand and ran it through my towel dried hair- It had a similar consistency to serum but without being quite so smooth.

Then when i parted my hair to blow dry i spritzed the volume and restructure spray all over my roots and using a wide brush, dried from underneath to create volume.

Once my hair was dried i ran the straighteners through it to tame and smooth the cuticles to help with shine and finished by smoothing some of the pomade through my hair to tame any fly away hairs and to add texture and shine.

To complete the look i liberally covered my hair with the shine spray which gave it a wonderful, healthy shine. And here was the result!

Other elements used to create the look were masculine styling ( hence the tie!) make-up and hair colour.
Make- up was to be a flawless, pale base with matt lips allowing the focus to be on the eyes and strong brows. Cheeks were to be defined in light browns with no hint of girly pink in sight.

 The colour for Minamilist chic was to be a deep, sophisticated colour. They suggested a rich base of chocolate to flatter most skin types and add warmth to the skin making wearing minimal make up possible. 
And so i went forth and photographed my interpretation. Who knew minamilist could look so striking. I loved the look- brilliant shine, soft movement, strong colour and a great look.


  1. your hair looks gorgeous!

  2. gosh you have such lovely hair!

  3. Wow your hair looks amazing! Well done with the challenge! x
    I picked the oriental vintage for my look which was a huge challenge as I have very curly hair!

  4. Your hair is amazzzzing.

    Helen, X

  5. oh my god. i love your hair colour! what did you use? please tell me you did it at home so I can buy a box or something!

  6. wish i have hair like your =)

  7. I love your hair! It is to die for!:D And i love your tattoo. I have one too... An angel. In the same place as you.


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