Tuesday 28 April 2020

Too Faced Extended Hangover Collection

There’s some gorgeous new products that have been added to Too Face’s Hangover collection that you really need to check out!

When you’ve over done it, treated yourself and your skin poorly and are in need of some seriously restorative and replenishing products then these are the bad boys for you.

Deeply hydrate, replenish and illuminate your skin with products formulated with ingredients from nature supercharged by science.

Too Faced may be best known for their fabulously cool, quirky and fun make up products however they have an ever expanding and popular collection of skincare items which not only improve your complexion, but aim to make your makeup look better too.

Regardless of your late night antics, Too Faced have a comprehensive range of products to help you nourish, protect, prime and perfect your complexion each and every day so it can radiate with health and never betray your night time actions!

This super nourishing, silky serum contains vitamin B5, yogurt probiotics, coconut water and antioxidant-rich exotic dragon fruit to help improve your skins texture impart much needed moisture to dry, dehydrated skin.

It also boasts two different sizes of hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid helps to attracts and retain moisture levels within your skin, and having two different molecular sizes of the acid means can penetrate the different levels of your skin to ensure deeper, longer lasting hydration.

Lightweight and silky smooth in texture, the serum is gel/water like in texture and is really quickly absorbed into the skin.

Instantly skin feels quenched, soft and nourished, with 93% of participants in a study reporting that the serum left their skin feeling softer while 89% said it gave a luminous glow to their skin.

The serum is wonderfully refreshing, akin to a glass of refreshing coconut water for your skin!

Once your skin has been treated to this super-charged serum it’s time to moisturise with the Hangover Good To Go Skin Perfecting SPF25 Moisturiser (£29).

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, even throughout the winter months.

Lucky for you then that this lush moisturiser comes packed with a broad spectrum SPF25 to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Infused with coconut water, prebiotic and probiotic ingredients this hard working, protective moisturiser features the most decadent, tropical scent to get you in the mood for spring and summer!

Suitable for all skin tones, it is a deeply hydrating yet lightweight formula which leaves behind zero white residue.

Silky and smooth, the moisturiser is white in colour however this quickly disappears once massaged into your skin.

Skin is left feeling soft without any greasiness which you may associate with products containing sunscreen.

I can’t get enough of the gorgeous coconutty scent too, its addictive!

Now your skin has been prepped and nourished it’s time to prime and what better to turn to than Too Faced’s Major Hangover Replenishing Face Primer (£40).

This super-sized version of the iconic Hangover Primer is absolutely what your skin has been crying out for!

This cult quick-face-fix offers a soothing, smoothing and brightening primer to create a dewy, healthy looking complexion in an instant.

Infused with hydrating coconut water and probiotic based ingredients, this refreshing and reviving lightweight primer works to boost your skins natural radiance, promoting elasticity and locking down hydration to create a canvas that ensures fresher, longer lasting makeup looks.

It possesses the texture of a lotion and is wonderfully feather light. 

When massaged into your skin it disappears almost instantly, leaving behind skin that feels refreshed, nourished and deeply hydrated without feeling weighed down or heavy.

Skin feels firmer, appears plumped and radiates a healthy glow. In fact, a staggering 100% of participants tested stated that it helped to make their makeup appear more radiant.

You can’t argue with those stats!

So, whatever you’ve been up to the night before, whether partying out on the town or up all night with kids who just-wont-sleep, your skin need not every betray your 'hangover' thanks to Too Faced!

The products featured within this post are available now along with the full extended Too Faced Hangover collection online now.

Sunday 26 April 2020

Spring Nails from Louella Belle

Step into spring and put your best foot forward with a beautiful bouquet of stunning new nail polish shades from Morgan Taylor and Artistic Nail Design.

From the runway to daily life this seasons shades have been inspired by pretty, feminine, soft, florals that are ever-so-elegant.

From soft nudes to vibrant yet muted pinks, it’s impossible not to fall in love with these collections.
Check out the exquisite line up from Artistic Nail Designs.

These lovelies boast up to 10 days of wear and feature a super high shine finish.

No LED light is required with these delightful polishes and they are dry to touch within 8 minutes.

You really are spoilt for choice with this luxurious line up and thus far I’ve not been able to choose a favourite shade because they are all just so gorgeous!

First up you’ve got Peek-A-Bloom. This whimsical, light iridescent pearl is just the cutest!

The Pink In Her Cheeks is a soft pink crème, think baby pink while Iris You Were Mink is a stunning, vintage-esq light purple creme.

You Grow Girl is the most vibrant shade within the line up thanks to its deep pearly pink hues while by contrast Beauty And The Buds is the palest with its soft, subtle nude.

Last but by no means least is Hold Me On A Petal-Stal. I didn’t expect to like this shade but once applied it transformed into a really chic, light purple grey.

Priced at £5.95 per bottle you’ll want them all!

Fallen in love? 

 Before you head off to buy the lot you need to consider the equally appealing spring 2020 line from Morgan Taylor.

Ideal for fashion followers after an ultra-chic, on-trend look, these nail lacquers feature a long wear reactive formula that provides the best nail colour performance possible.

Ultra-rich, luxurious pigments deliver a vibrant and durable colour experience while its high shine finish instantly catches your eye.

Free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP they feature a brilliant brush with ultra-fine laser cut bristles with a curved, cuticle friendly shape to allow for the easiest, most precise application and pristine coverage.

I just adore this collection which features so many pretty, wearable colours.

Barely Buff is the palest in the line up with its barely there pink hue.

I Speak Chic is a very chic, taupe nude crème which in my opinion looks far more stunning on your nails than it does in the bottle.

Call My Blush is a soft sheer, pale pastel pink while On Cloud Mine is more of a vintage, sheer peachy pink.

Going Vogue is an absolutely gorgeous antique rose crème which has a slightly purple undertone while It's Your Mauve is an exquisite, elegant and enchanting mauve.

This collection is also reasonably priced at £4.95 per bottle and with so many lush shades to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Treat yourself to a beautiful spring manicure by heading to Louella Belle where you can find both the Morgan Taylor and Artistic Nail Design shades.
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