Friday 30 October 2020

Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Toy Set

 They say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there’s no better way to start it than with a full English, toast and cup of warm soothing tea.

If like me, your children see you enjoying this little luxury from time to time and wish they could re-create it in their own world of play then you’re in luck.



Say hello to the Casdon Morphy Richards kitchen toy set.

For just £17 you’ll find a fillable coffee maker, coffee pot, kettle, toaster, toast, crockery, cutlery, and play food.



Decked out in very cool red and silver hues, they look like the real deal and kids just love them.

I had to pry the items out of my kids hands to get them photographed as they were so eager to get playing!



They already have a little kitchen set up in their play room and were delighted with these realistic looking goodies.

My two love imaginary play, particularly my little girl and she just loved getting the chance to ‘make’ me some toast and sauasages, even if it was ‘just pretend’.



Easy to use and with exceptional attention to detail, especially noticeable on the kettle which has a level gauge indicator, the set really allows them to immerse themselves in a hyper-realistic play situation.

 Thee set comes with plates and cutlery for two, allowing them to share their imagination with others and encouraging group play.



Perfect for a wide range of ages (even my nearly 7 year old enjoys getting in on the action) it is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking.



For just £17 I think it is a fabulous set to nourish your child’s imagination and you never know, one day they may cook you a fry up for real!

Imagine that!


Nails.INC I Like You A Choco-Lot

 My name is Sarah and I’m self-confessed Chocaholic.

For me, chocolate makes everything better. Feeling sad? Have some chocolate? Feeling chilly? Have a hot chocolate. Feeling tired? Have an injection of sugar to keep you going, in the form of chocolate.

You get the gist- In short, Chocolate is always there for you!



Now, I never thought that I wanted or needed this, but when I saw that Nails.INC had launched a collection of chocolate scented nail polishes, I simply had to ty them.

It was simply non negotiable!



Nails.INC I Like You A Choco-Lot Nail Polish Quad (£22) comprises of four decadent, ultra-rich  chocolate inspired polishes.

Each polish has been created with the impressive Nails.INC longwear formula and features their patented, wide hugging brush for a flawless, precision application.



Simply divine to regard, each shade is scented in sweet, creamy, aromatic chocolate and features an indulgent ganache high shine finish.

‘I’m Dairy In Love’ offers an on trend, creamy soft nude while ‘Bean Around The World’ features a classic 60% milk chocolate shade.



A warm brown, it is  beautifully rich, sweet shade.

By contrast, ‘Don’t Be Bitter’ is a deep, dark 80% cocoa shade. 



More intense like a dark chocolate, it is a cooler, bolder shade.

Finally we have my favourite shade, ‘Everyday I’m Truffling’. 



This dazzling polish offers a liquid gold glint with a salted caramel shimmer.

Soft, delectable and with a rich shimmer it is a really beautiful shade.



Upon application the polishes smell like any regular lacquer, however once they are dry you can definitely notice a soft, subtle and sweet aroma of your favourite treat.

It is a fab extra touch but its not that alone which makes this set so stunning.



The shades are gorgeous and the formula is fantastic for creating long lasting, high shine nails that scream to be noticed.

The sumptuous hues are perfect for reflecting the colours of autumn and for getting you in the mood for warm, cosy days inside.



Nails.INC I like You A Choco-Lot nail polish set is available now and costs £22.


Thursday 29 October 2020

Mad Beauty Friends Collection

 Friends fans rejoice!

Last Christmas there was the Friends Advent Calendar and this year Mad Beauty have exploded with a whole host of fabulous Friends inspired goodies to delight any fan.

Whatever your budget there’s a gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face with their extensive array of Friends memorabilia and beauty products.



Check out this awesome Friends Joey Doesn't Share Food Pizza Bath Salts Set (£14.99) for example.

Any Friends fan will know that Joey doesn’t share food and that his favourite meal is of course, pizza.

Hell, its mine too!

And well, these bath salts! They're starting to effervesce! It's different. It's interesting.....

Housed within a cardboard box reminiscent of a takeaway pizza you’ll find 8 individually wrapped sets of bath salts designed to resemble pizza slices.



Featuring iconic, memorable images from the hit 90’s show you’re in for a real treat with this selection.

Enjoy the most perfect bath that even Chandler would be proud of with zesty Lemon & Mandarin, soft Vanilla Tea, fruity Passionfruit, juicy Peach, aromatic Green Tea, exotic Coconut,sweet Honey and Peony & floral Cherry Blossom scents.

As temping as it may be to offer a slice of bathing paradise to a friend, remember, Joey doesn’t share food and these bad boys are all for you!

Next is the unbelievably cute Friends Lip Balm Trio (£12)



You can never have too many lip balms and this collection is simply too cute.

Modeled after the iconic Central Perk cups, you’ll find three delicious and delectable flavours to help you achieve a soft, smooth and kissable pout.

Indulge your sweet tooth with aromatic, creamy chocolate, soft, sweet vanilla or smooth, rich caramel.



Rich and long lasting in texture without any stickiness, they smell good enough to eat and if you gifted these to someone then you’ll be the proud winner of the ‘best giver ever’ award!

This year you can show the world how much of a Friends fan you are with their Friends Hair Slides (£6.99).

This metal trio feature funny quotes from the show including ‘How you doin’, ‘You’re my lobster’ and of course who could ever forget ‘We were on a break’.



A cute, kitsch nostalgic nod, pair with a scrunchie for a truly immersive 90’s throwback!

Could we be more excited.

Last but by no means least is my absolute favourite item, the Friends Turkey Detangler Brush (£9.99).



I just love, love LOVE this hair brush!

Throwing it back to the moment when Chandler first told Monica that he loved her (Though I’m fairly sure that when questioned he said ‘I said you’re great, then I just.stopped.talking!’) is this hilarious turkey, complete with glasses and red hat!

Featuring soft, detangling bristles to effortlessly tame your locks, it cracks me up every time I look at it and is actually the perfect shape for a detangling brush.



I mean come on, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t smile when seeing you using this!

These are but a few of the impressive 100% official Friends inspired collection from Mad Beauty.

You can hold of each and every item online now, so what are you waiting for?

Could you BE any more excited?!


Wednesday 28 October 2020

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Age-Repair Serum

The fight against fine lines and wrinkles is an ongoing battle in my house!

I may only be in my thirties but skincare experts say that the best time to start tackling the signs of ageing is actually in your twenties so with this in mind its time to ramp up my fight! 

Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Age Repair Serum is what I decided to opt for to see if I could help a girl out as it is packed full of a host of potent ingredients designed to help your skin win the ageing war.

This award-winning serum has been formulated with a trio of performance-proven, collagen-stimulating peptides, antioxidant complex and vitamins that target the first signs of ageing and work to plump and firm your skin, correcting uneven texture, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

The science driven, cutting edge formula contains Sarah’s antioxidant complex of coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, L-carnosine and vitamin E along with a peptide cocktail of Syn®-Ake, Matrixyl™, Syn®-Coll and treatment concentrations of Vitamin A, C and DMAE which together help to boost collagen and skin firmness.

These high performance actives work to create a firmer, smoother complexion while ensuring that the long term health and function of your skin are improved.

Sounds good eh?

Everything about this product exudes an air of technological superiority and the bottle it sits within is no different.

Packaged safely inside an airless pump, the precious serum with its light and air-sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants are kept protected, safe, fresh and potent right down to the very last pump.

The serum itself is exceptionally lightweight and silky in texture, more like a lotion than a serum almost.

Rich yet non greasy, it is fragranced with a soft, subtle hint of rose, hyacinth and jasmine essential offers to offer a luxurious and relaxing sensory experience.

Designed to be used on freshly cleansed skin, apply 1-2 pumps to your skin and gently massage in.
Immediately skin is left feeling hydrated and soft and once absorbed you’re good to apply your day or night cream.

Despite its decadent texture it is absorbed really quickly and leaves behind no trace apart from the delicate botanical fragrance.

I’ve been using the serum twice daily for a number of weeks and while I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in my deep wrinkles, I’d certainly say that my fine lines and un-even skin texture has vastly improved.

Whether it’s the subtle plumping effect or the high tech skincare actives that getting to work, I’ve certainly noticed that my skin feels firmer and the overall appearance has noticeable improved.

Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Age Repair Serum is available now and costs £56 for 30ml.

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