Monday, 14 June 2021

M.A.C Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour

 Discover a new way to enjoy a flawless matte lip look with M.A.C’s Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour.

Housed in sleek, curvaceous, frosted tubes the vibrant colour captured inside radiates out, tempting you into indulgence.


Unlike many matte lip products, as you may have guessed this product is a liquid lipstick.

Unlike other liquid lipsticks, these gems feature a decadent, whipped, mousse-like texture to comfort and nourish your lips while imparting serious long-lasting colour.

Due to its whipped composure the fluid is almost weightless in texture and feels wonderfully soft and smooth on your lips.

The applicator enhances this experience thanks to its soft, hourglass shaped tip which hugs your lips, allowing for precise application.

The formula features a soft-focus, high impact matte look with colours that stay true throughout the day.


Matte lips can be tricky to pull off as they can sometimes leave your lips feeling like all the moisture has been sucked out of them, leaving them looking flat, dry and feeling uncomfortable.

Not so here. Firstly, its feather-light texture doesn’t feel heavy on your lips and secondly the formula has been enriched with Vitamin E to condition and hydrate your lips.


They feature a blend of powders and emollient properties which together result in a cushiony, flexible wear.

Thanks to the highly pigmented nature of the product, one gentle sweep across your lips is all you need to leave you with a beautiful look.

It doesn’t crease, flake or fade, much like a stain, but unlike a stain it provides a really powerful pop of colour.

I was thrilled to try out three of the shades from the collection of over 22, spanning berries, nudes, oranges, pinks and of course, reds.

I absolute adore Burning Love.


This intense, deep berry shade is just ever-so-flattering and perfect for making a statement.

Escandalo is equally stunning and perfect for long, sunny, warm days thanks to it coral-esq look.

Moderately warm-toned with a satin finish, it is fun, vibrant and bold.

Meanwhile, A Little Tamed is the most perfect every day wear colour, boasting a mid –tone pink with yellow undertones.

Soft, warm and understated it is ever-so pretty.

These liquid colours are genuinely so comfortable to wear and their blurring effect helps to perfect lips.

The liquid doesn’t settle in the creases of your lips and the precision applicator allows you to create a really bold, exquisite finish.

Matte has never looked or felt so good.

M.A.C’s Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour’s are available now and cost £19 each.


Friday, 11 June 2021

Pantene Hair Biology Defrizz & Illuminate Collection

 Give your hair a radiant, healthy makeover this summer with Pantene’s new Hair Biology Defrizzand Illuminate collection.

Created especially for those of us who suffer with dry, dehydrated hair and stubborn frizz, it deeply protects and conditions your locks leaving your hair feeling silky soft, smooth and luminous.

Everyday life take its toll on your hair, from colouring, brushing and styling which can result in lank, dull looking locks.

Pantene’s Hair Biology Defrizz & Illuminate range features a tailored blend of nutrients for your hair’s biology needs. 


Presented in bottles featuring natural, neutral tones with the words ‘hair biology’ scribed in luminous, rainbow font, you should begin your transformation with the Shampoo (£5.99).

Thick, creamy and wonderfully rich, this restorative shampoo is free from parabens, colourants and mineral oils.



Featuring a blend of hyaluronic acid, Omega 9 and active Pro-V nutrients, the shampoo works into a soft, frothy lather to gently cleanse without stripping your hair of its essential moisture to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Follow with a generous dollop of the conditioner (£5.99).

It is thick, silky and smells wonderful; think fruity but fresh and light.


Apply to damp hair and leave for a couple of minutes to let it work its magic before rinsing off.

If your hair is need of some serious TLC Pantene also have a matching Mask (£6.99) from the same line.

The mask deeply hydrates strands right down to their core to repair damage caused by styling and colour while helping to build your hair’s defence against frizz-causing humidity and stressors.

As you may expect, the mask is thicker than the conditioner and the longer you leave it on damp hair before rinsing off, the better.

Then, simply dry and style as usual and enjoy hair that has been revived and restored to its former glory.


Even my super dry, coloured hair felt softer and smoother plus it had a gorgeous, fresh dazzling shine to it which to be honest, I hadn’t seen in a while!

Pantene’s Hair Biology Defrizz and Illuminate trio of products are available now from Boots.


Thursday, 10 June 2021

Mavala Pastel Fiesta Collection

 Burst into summer with the exquisite new Pastel Fiesta Collection from Mavala.

This beautiful and elegant six piece collection is a sweet celebration of beauty and lightness, which let’s face it, is pretty much what summer is all about.

Whimsical, delicate shades sit side by side with vivid, bright colours, creating a sophisticated, muted rainbow of dreams.

Joyful and hopeful, this is a collection where I can honestly say that I love and would wear each and every shade.

Fans of understated nudes will fall in love with Biarritz (393).

Elegant and timeless, Biarritz is a soft, grey-beige.

Richly pigmented and silky in texture, you’ll need two coats to get truly even coverage but once applied, this bad boy isn’t budging.

Formulated with long-lasting hold and dazzling shine, it is a truly classic shade to compliment pretty much any look.


In contrast, the brightest shade within the line-up is Taormina (394).

A sweet, soft, luminous raspberry pink with a cream finish, it manages to be both vibrant and bold, yet not at all brash or offensive.


Perfect for showing off a tanned complexion, it is bright and radiant, capturing people’s attention with its sweet, almost bubble-gum pink hue.

On the other end of the pink spectrum we have Hamptons (322).



A soft, pale, cotton candy pink, Hamptons offers an understated elegance with its timeless feminine shade.

Offering even coverage, it is one of those must-have, staple shades in anyone’s nail polish collection.


Sticking with the theme of soft, candy shades we have Brighton (319).

A beautiful soft mauve, it reminds me of the colour of the purple mini eggs.


Creamy and rich in pigment, it easily offers an equally refined and graceful look as the pinks, but with the cutest purple twist.

Speaking of twists, I’m not normally one for blue nail polish, however Gotland (321) has kinda won me over.

Gotland is a soft blue lilac, which is almost more soft lavender in shade than blue.

Light, airy and reflective of the purity of a spring/summer sky, it sits perfectly within the collection, offering a unique, captivating shade.

Its softness and warm undertones are actually rather enchanting.

Finally we move onto Rimini (395), the only polish in the collection with an iridescent pearl finish.

Rimini is the shade that I could imagine fairy wings being.

It is a delightful pale mauve shade with just a subtle hint of luminous sparkle and sheen.


Dreamy and quaint, it is a universally flattering shade that would look stunning on pretty much anyone.

The Mavala Pastel Fiesta Collection is available now and each polish costs £5.50 from LookFantastic.


Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo

 I Want Choo is the intoxicating new scent from fragrance powerhouse Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo do fragrances really, REALLY well. In fact, I’ve yet to ever meet a Jimmy Choo scent that I didn’t love.


I want Choo is absolutely no different.

Categorised as an Oriental fragrance, it is both playful and sparkily and seductive and sensual.

In a move away from the orb inspired bottles of previous scents, I Want Choo exudes glamour and femininity with its elegant, curvaceous glass bottle.


Created as an object of desire, the soft curves of the transparent glass vessel reveal the elegant peach tint of the nectar captured inside.

The front of the bottle features the initials JC entwined together in gold, while the cap is a circular gold globe sat atop a hammered, jewel effect neck piece,

Elegant, voluptuous and enticing, I was so excited to try this new scent.

I Want Choo explodes with pure joy with top notes of velvety peach and sparkling mandarin juice.

Light, sweet and juicy, it is an exciting opening sequence which feels light, bright and radiant.

Heart notes of creamy, sumptuous Red Spider Lily combine with alluring Jamine Sambac to create an entirely more sensual fragrant experience.


Finally, base notes of addictive, sweet, soft vanilla and Benzoin sweep forward, enveloping the scent in a rich, captivating veil of seduction.

It is one of those scents which is perfect for both day wear thanks to its lighter facets yet is also perfect for evening wear thanks to its seductive undertones.


Classic, beautiful and pure elegance, I’ve fallen head over heels for I Want Choo and I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna love it too.

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo is out now and costs £45 for 40ml.


Tuesday, 8 June 2021

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream and Eye Balm

 If you are looking to invest in some seriously hardworking, anti-ageing skincare products then you should take a look at L’Occitane’s Immortelle Divne collection.

The Immortelle Divine collection has been created from the Immortelle flower which grows in the lash landscape of Corsica.

The flower boasts an exceptionally long life and the flowers organic essential oil is rich in active molecules with unique anti-ageing properties.



The entire collection is infused with this precious oil, resulting in a skincare line that offers suppleness, comfort and anti-ageing results to your skin.

Treat your skin to a luxurious, decadent moisturising experience with the Immortelle Divine Cream (£79).

This opulent cream is designed to help fight against visible signs of ageing to restore skins radiance, elasticity, volume and firmness.



It is formulated with 4 Immortelle extracts which have been expertly blended to create a sumptuous, rich cream that deeply nourishes and rejuvenates your skin.

It contains Immortelle Super Extract, a gentle natural alternative to Retinol which boosts collagen production and increases skins density

Immortelle Essential Oil protects against external aggressors thanks to its powerful antioxidant qualities while Aqueous and Oily Immortelle Extracts which are enriched with Omegas 9 and 6 and polyphenols offer further antioxidant protection and deep nourishment.



Delicately fragranced with a fresh, soft, green floral scent, it possesses a silky texture that literally melts into your skin.

Despite its rich texture it is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling instantly refreshed, soft and nourished.

Used twice daily after cleansing, over time your skin begins to look more radiant, healthier even.



My skin felt more toned and refined, soft and deeply hydrated without feeling heavy.

I’m not alone in my experience, with 89% of people tested reporting that their skin felt firmer and plump, 87% saying their skin looked more even and 79% noticing that their wrinkles looked smoother.

The perfect companion for this daily cream is the Immortelle Divine Eye Balm (£59).



The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face so requires a little extra TLC.

This super rich balm helps to correct the signs of ageing and provides intense comfort and hydration.

Enriched with Immortelle Essential Oil, hyaluronic acid and shea butter, the balm helps to reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles while smoothing and soothing your skin to leave it feeling toned and looking radiant.



The dual-use formula can be applied daily as a balm or used twice a week as a mask.

 Despite being marketed as a balm, it has the texture of a rich cream.

Thick and creamy but surprisingly lightweight it instantly quenches dull, tired, dry eyes leaving them feeling soft and more awake.



Results show that of those tested, 100% agreed that their skin felt comforted, 97% felt that their eye area looked soothed and 97% felt that signs of tiredness were visibly softened.

This duo are a pair of skincare heroes that will help you to achieve a glowing, healthy looking complexion in no time.

L’Occitane’s Immortelle Divine Cream and Eye Balm are available now and cost £79 and £59 respectively.

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