Thursday 15 July 2010

The Humble and Underrated Vaseline

Heres the history part, listen up folks: The first known reference to the name Vaseline was by the inventor of petroleum jelly, Robert Chesebrough in his U.S. patent for the process of making petroleum jelly in 1872. "I, Robert Chesebrough, have invented a new and useful product from petroleum which I have named Vaseline…".

If only he could have known just how useful this little miracle product really was! This product can be used on dry babies skin, sore chapped lips, to smooth stray hairs, and apparently can be used a form of lube for those who don’t have anything else to hand. Nice.

Now I’d like to take credit for finding yet another use for Vaseline, but i must be honest and hand this one over to my Mum.

As a kid growing up and experimenting with make up and mascara, she always told me not to use eye make up remover. Its widely known that certain types of eye make up remover can strip the lashes of their natural oils, making them brittle, more prone to breaking and therefore not conducive to growing long luscious lashes.

Instead, try using Vaseline with a cotton pad and warm water. This even works with waterproof mascara and not only takes your eye make up off, but conditions your eyes and lashes at the same time. (Yes really)

It is a method that me, my mum and my sister have followed religiously, and all three of us have been complimented on our long lashes. This is the truth!

You can even take this one step further and leave a little blob of it rubbed into your lashes over night for extra conditioning, something I do daily without fail much to the amusement of my fiancé as I go to bed every night with shiny eyes!

It’s a small price to pay. Try it and please let me know if you think it works!

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Exciting for Me!

So, I have FINALLY had my first written piece published!!! (Granted only on the world wide web but a girl's gotta start somewhere right!)

Now i know that this is neither health nor beauty related, but i am rather proud of my small achievement so have decided to post it on here none the less!

The link can be found here and the piece is about wedding favours.

Sometimes its good to indulge ones self!

Friday 25 June 2010

The Surgery free way to luscious lips!

Think of some of the most beautiful women in the world then think about the one thing that they have in common. Angleina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba. They are all beautiful and they all have gorgeous, full lips!

Since forever it has been known that a full pout can drive men crazy- it is a sign of femininity, softness and beauty

Along with a flat stomach, smooth thighs and a tight butt, this isn’t a feature that the majority of the population have been blessed with.

However, worry no more as there is a product out there that actually does work. I have used it for years having discovered it purely by chance when the brand first came to the UK. This miracle product is called Lip Injection by Too Faced

Dont be put off with the name ‘Lip Injection’ or the fact that the packaging includes the image of a needle, this stuff works!!

It has the consistency and smell of a lip gloss, glides on with a brush and has a lovely very subtle pink colour to it.

Almost immediately you will start to feel a tingling on your lips which feels a little like bit like your lips are being pricked by lots of tiny pins. The sensation only lasts a couple of minutes and then voila, take a look at yourself.

Your lips will have turned a deeper colour of red, where I can only assume the product has stimulated them, and you will without a doubt notice a difference to the size and volume of your lips.

I’ve found that the effects last for several hours, but you can always top up if you need to.

You can buy Too Faced Lip Injection from most department stores or Boots.

Note- make sure you do not get this products on any other part of your face as it temporarily turns the skin red!!! A mistake I made at great cost when I liberally slapped it all over my mouth, neglecting to keep it within the lines of my lips. I looked more Ronald Mc Donald than Angie Jolie. Not a good look and not recommended.

Monday 21 June 2010

Tummy Tucker!

Like most women out there who haven’t been blessed with washboard abs and a tight toned mid-drift, i dislike my tummy. Immensely.

Don’t get me wrong there are PLENTY of areas of my body i that i would happily change, but my belly would be a great place to start!

Despite regular trips to the gym and lunches consisting of just cans of tuna, i cant seem to obtain this incredible tummy!

So.... whilst browsing the internet for a quick fix miracle cream, i came across a product by Rodial called Tummy Tuck and decided to give it a go!

4 weeks on i have to be honest, i havent noticed a massive difference. The wesbite says use it daily for 8 weeks for up to 2cm's off your abdominal area, but i havent even lost 1cm.

It goes on beautifully and feels silky smooth. The smell, whilst not unpleasant isnt wonderful and the results dont seem to live up to the hype.

I have however noticed that my skin feels tighter after having used it- taughter and tighter, so perhaps im judging too harsly, my tum was never as smooth and tight as this before, but for £100 i suppose i expected more.

If there is indeed such a lotion or potion out there that can make you lose weight, tone up, reduce cellulite and give you the body of Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston without having to starve yourself or make a fool out of yourself at the gym, i havent found it yet. This doesnt mean that i wont keep searching!

Friday 16 April 2010

My Beauty Idol

My Beauty Idol is the Magnificent Marilyn Monroe. For me, she was the epitome of beauty, gorgeousness personified as a busty blonde American film star.

Today i feel like sharing some of my favourite quotes from her, so please enjoy.

A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left.

If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.

Well behaved women rarely make history.

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.

All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.

I just want to be wonderful.

And my all time favourite.

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.

Magic Wands

Mascara. The absolute staple of most women’s make up bags. The one cosmetic that most women would want to go without the least. The item of make up that if you were totally bare faced and about to meet Gerard Butler but didn’t have time to put your face on, that you would choose to slap on first (don’t lie I know it is! And when I met him it was the first thing I re-applied!!)

Mascara can make a look. You can go from flat to fab in a few strokes of a mascara brush wand! Its no wonder they call it a ‘wand’ as what good mascara can do for your look and your eyes is nothing short of magic!

For years and years I’ve been totally loyal and faithful to Max Factor More Lashes. I loved this product and never used any other mascara. It didn’t have too much product on the brush, it didn’t make my eyelashes clumpy and I was forever being asked what mascara I used. For some reason Max Factor discontinued this in 2008 and I was devastated!

My eyelashes have never been the same * sob * until I bought Diors DiorShow, Backstage Make up Mascara.

‘’Inspired by the runway and behind-the-scenes tricks, DiorShow Mascara gives lashes a triple-shot of glamour, leaving them luxuriously thick, lengthened and curved to the max. Its easy-to-use XXL brush is generously curved for maximum coverage, while its logo-stamped silver packaging makes it a fashion must-have for every handbag!’’

Dior does not lie! I was slightly daunted by the massive brush that was revealed when I took it out of the mascara, but this product is amazing! It provides just the right amount of product and the long fat brush means that even your tiny eyelashes in the corner of your eyes get reached, leaving long, thick eyelashes with not a clump in sight.

Its not cheap, retailing at around £25- but if your lashes are less Va Va Voom and more Blah Blah Blah then it really is worth the investment.

Phloof! And as if by magic!

Let me make something clear, I LOVE MAC. I love the way their cosmetics look, the way they are packaged and the way they make me feel when they are on my skin!

Given my love for their products, it surprised me that it was only very recently that i came across one of my now FAVOURITE Mac eye shadows called Phloof.

I'm getting married in August and after a disastrous make up trial have decided to do my own make up on the big day. I’ve been looking for a gorgeous yet subtle colour that will give my eyes a bit of a shimmer and will work well with other shades to allow me to blend the colours together to create my perfect look. Phloof is amazing for this!

Using an ordinary eye shadow brush i dusted it across my eyelids and up and under my eyebrow. It creates a beautiful and subtle pinky colour which I’ve found works really well as a highlighter too when dusted above your cheek bones and under your eyebrow. This makes this product even more of a gem as it works as a two in one and id say it is just as good as Benefit's High Beam

I've been blending it with dark coffee and toffee colours to try and create my Wedding Day look, but it could be used alone or wioth a multitude of different colours as it is so versitile!

The colour lasts all day and didnt need to be topped up. I love love love it and couldn't recommend it more highly!

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Bright Eyes, Burning like fire ( I hope not! )

I’ve been umming and aahing for weeks about whether or not to actually try this product out. I’m not a massive fan of eye creams, serums or products- namely because most of them don’t work and are hugely over priced!

When i saw the New Garnier Eye Roll-On for offer in the shops over the weekend i gave in and bought it. Like a lot of people im a sucker for fancy advertising campaigns and 'revolutionary' new beauty products, and despite my reservations was actually quite excited to try this product out!

It is pretty much fragrance free and just the right amount of liquid is dispensed with the rolling action. It is a pleasant, cooling sensation and the liquid is neither too gunky nor too runny that it drips down your face!

It soaked into my skin within about a minute and although I still had my big old bags which only industrial strength concealer can hide, the puffiness I get of a morning was actually much better!

Ive got to be honest, I thought caffeine acted as a stimulant when ingested, I didn’t realise that by putting it on your face it would be able to appear more awake too, but it seems those guys at Garnier have produced another fab product!

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Breathable chocolate??!!

Yes really. Breathable chocolate. AND coffee.

Now i know this is not strictly beauty related- however as this new company Le Whif markets this product as 'Chocolate without the calories' i figured it really did deserved a mention!

The actual chocolate 'container' looks a lot like a lipstick and is about the same size. You simply grab the base of it, lift the top part of the container upwards until it clicks, place the top of it in your mouth and inhale GENTLY. I made the mistake of taking a full on lug and almost chocked as what felt like cocoa powder rushed into my mouth and stuck to my throat leaving me spluttering like a fool.

Choking aside it actually tasted reasonably nice. Im not a massive fan of dark chocolate, and it definitely had a slight bitterness about it, but all in all it was rather pleasant! There was no nasty after taste, just that satisfying taste you get after having a mouthful of chocolate. The raspberry chocolate Le Whif was far more pleasant, as you breath in the particles you could almost imagine you are savoring the taste of a yummy truffle!

The incredible part is that one Le whif contains enough chocolate for up to 8 puffs, and one container has only 1 calorie in it!

Granted it is clearly NOT the same as eating a big bar of Galaxy or Dairy Milk, but then it was never going to be. However, for those of you trying to diet but unable to rid yourselves of your chocolate cravings, i could actually see this working.

The only catch? £1.99 per Whif.

It currently comes in 4 flavors; coffee, chocolate, mint chocolate and raspberry chocolate. It is due to be launched in stores in the UK within the next couple of months but until then is available to buy here.

Banish Blemishes!

This product is one of the most under rated anti-blemish products on the market. I have been using it for around 4 years religiously because of its fantastic results, but you will rarely see it gracing the review & recommendation sections of glossy magazines.

Why? I have literally no idea! I couldn't live without this product, i use it daily and panic immensely when i begin to run out and my local Boots doesn't have any in stock!

It is a night time gel that you cover your blemish with and as if my magic it works overnight as you sleep to to clear your skin. It is in a nifty, slim pen so you can squeeze out just the amount you need ( not a lot) and it goes on incredibly smoothly. It becomes slightly tacky as it dries, but this means it wont rub off on your pillow during a night of tossing and turning.

I have very sensitive skin and many blemish products i've used have caused redness and my skin to peel, but this has never happened to me with this product. Depending on the severity of the blemish you can see results after one night time application, with a reduction of redness and size decreasing.

Monday 29 March 2010

Fake Lashes- which are the best?

One of my friends has asked me today for advice on her eye make up for a wedding this weekend where she will be a bridesmaid and also which falsies are best!

The two brands i swear by are Eylure Naturalites and Ardell- Eylure use synthetic hair, but Ardell use real hair and there is next to no price difference in the two brands.

For a big glamorous night out i would use Eylure 'Glamour' lashes- they are big, thick and make a massive impact on your eyes. If you wanted a more subtle look for say a wedding i would suggest the 'Volume Plus' lash.

For a much more natural 'day' look i would suggest Ardell. I also think that the glue that they use is slightly stronger than Eylure, and therefore there would be less chance of the lashes becoming unstuck which not only looks naff but feels really uncomfortable!

With regards to what to do with the rest of your eye make up- for a wedding day as a bridesmaid you dont want to upstage the bride and you also dont want your make up to look too heavy. Warm browns, golds, silvers or colours that will compliment your dress are always a winner. Alternatively what about sticking to lining your top lashes in a simple yet gorgeous 1950's esq way? I recommend Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer!

I have very kindly been sent Benefits new Primer today which i cant wait to try later! I adore Benefit, they make some of the best cosmetics in my opinion and the packaging is gorgeous!

Benefit claims that 'This dual-action power primer works 360° around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don't crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant and'll wonder how you ever lived without it!'

Its a big promise and i will be testing it out tomorrow with shots at the start of the day and at the end to see is my make up has stayed put, so stay tuned!

Revlon Nail Varnish in Tropical

I am into the whole spring/summer Coral colour thing in a MAJOR way! Only last week i bought a gorgeous Coral bag and top, and naturally had to finish the look with some gorgeous nail polish!

Ive bought and tried several, and Revlon Nail Enamel in Tropical Temptation is by FAR the best product!

It provides amazing coverage with a strong, thick colour. A second coat is not needed unless desired unlike many other ive tried where without a second coat it looks streaky. i painted my nails 4 days ago and finished with a Sally Hansen hard as nails top coat, and they havent chipped or lost any of their colour or shine!

I would most definitely recommend this product as it provides a gorgeous on trend colour that will last through spring and summer.

Hello & Welcome

Hello and Welcome to the very first I Am Fabulicious Blog!

I decided to create this blog for a number of different reasons;

1. I own more make up and beauty products than EVERYONE i know. Combined. No joke.
2. Without sounding arrogant I often get complimented by friends and strangers alike about my make up and beauty regime
3. Because of said massive compilation of beauty products and compliments i felt that i should put my wealth of knowledge about what to use, what works and what doesn't to good use!

I will review various products as and when i get them ( daily or weekly, its like an addiction i cant help it!)

Any questions or queries please feel free to post!

Sarah x
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