Monday, 25 July 2011

Katy Perry's Smurf Inspired Nail Art

So, I like Katy Perry, I like The Smurfs and I like Nail Varnish.  Put the three together and you get last nights premier of the Smurfs movie in New York.  Katy who provides the voice of Smurfette revealed her newly blonde locks in an impossibly tiny white dress with her character emblazoned on the front ,twinkling away under the flashes of the cameras.

As fab as her hair and frock was it was something out I was far more interested in, her nails! On the way to the premier she tweeted a photo of her nail along with the caption ‘Smurf Nails, Duh’. And they were amazing!! Who created these incredible talons?

Well, a company called Kiss did. The USA brand has adorned the fingers of many a celeb, Ms Perry, Rihanna, Leighton Meester and Serena Williams but to name a few. 

Kiss create and sell a massive range of false nails for use at home, but with salon quality results. You can actually buy them at Boots and Superdrug
where you have a wide range of different nails to choose from, though it hard to feel inspired when you see the nail in its original, non coloured, un-customised form.

Fear not- I headed over to their website where I found a vast array of different nail art styles to inspire me . I even found a section on nail art where you can purchase stickers and paint and stencil kits to create your own nail art! If you head to Superdrug you can grab their Nail Artist Manicure Design Kit and try to create your own unique nail art.

While I cant guarantee that your results will match that of Katy's nails ( especially if you are doing  them yourself which i think it's unlikely that Katy did) I think that if they’re good enough her, they’re good enough for me- im off to go and treat my nails to a make over!


  1. I love it but dont think i could ever do them myself- my left hand would look great but my right would be a total mess! I like the idea of stickers though- much easier!

  2. ahhh wow these nails are so cute :D I love katy perrys dress and hair :) it makes her look so different. i didnt recognise her at first :D

  3. Love Katys style so much, that dress is amazing. Not feeling the blonde/orange hair tho, bring back the black!!! x x x

  4. Not my style but those nails are cute. I love her dress, HATE the hair. She looks so much cuter with darker hair. This is just a brassy disaster.

  5. I really dislike this whole look if I'm honest...its a bit too much!

  6. I really wish she had left her hair dark- it was sooooooo much more stunning


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