Tuesday 30 April 2019

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream

Just when I thought I’d found the crème de la crème of body creams, the mother of all luxurious AND delicious smelling treats Sol de Janeiro release their Coco Cabana Cream.

I now live in a world that is not like the one I used to. Nothing is certain anymore. 

I’m no longer convinced that my decisions are the right ones. I no longer know if Bum Bum (Reviewed HERE) is my favourite body moisturiser or if its Coco Cabana. It’s a tough place to be let me tell you.

Bum Bum was what I thought to be the best smelling and feeling moisturiser EVER. Then I opened this little green pot of joy and everything changed.

With top notes of Coconut and Caramel can you begin to imagine how decadent and delicious this cream is PLUS this luscious formulation promises 72 hours of moisture from just one application.

This all-over cream (and trust me I smother myself in this stuff!) is enriched with a  CocoSugar blend of nourishing coconut oil and fermented sugar which together form a skin-transforming Moisture Magnet that draws, holds and hugs moisture close to your skin. 

Because the sugar is fermented, this natural humectant becomes even more concentrated and more powerful as it draws moisture from the air leaving your skin nourished for hours to come.

OMG it doesn’t just smell INCREDIBLE its scientifically clever too ARGH!

Enriched with a Brazilian Beauty Blend of antioxidant-rich açaí and nourishing cupuaçu butter this rich, nourishing but never greasy moisturiser sinks into your skin leaving it feeling wonderfully smooth and soft smelling better than you can ever imagine possible and the scent lasts for HOURS.

I am absolutely 100% in love with my Coco Cabana Cream and if you loved their Bum Bum cream then man you NEED to smell and try this cream. It is pure decadence in a jar.

Sol de Janeiro’s Coco Cabana Cream is available now from Feelunique and costs £44 for the 240ml tub pictured.

Monday 29 April 2019

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

 Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is the exquisite new scent from Guerlain. 

A tribute to today's femininity, strong, free and sensual it’s been unsurprisingly  inspired by Angelina Jolie. 

The newest addition to the Mon Guerlain range continues to explore the different facets of femininity with a composition that celebrates the joy of individuality and being yourself.

Bloom of Rose (In case the name didn’t give it away)  is a floral Eau de Toilette which has been created like a bouquet.

Sambac jasmine,Carla lavender, vanilla tahitensis and Australian sandalwood (all signature notes of Mon Guerlain) are combined with neroli and bulgarian rose to form a radiant and lively fragrance the exudes elegance and femininity.

Housed within the now iconic bottle the juice within posesses a soft pike hue while the hot pink necklace around the stopper hints and the feminine and floral notes within.

Considering I dislike floral scents, I’ve rather fallen in love with Bloom of Rose.

Top notes of Carla lavender blend with sensual sambac jasmine, radiant neroli and happy and fresh rose to create an abundant and fragrant bouquet before base notes of  familiar sweet vanilla and warming sandalwood wrap the scent in sensuality.

It is a beautiful combination of notes and actually despite its name, Rose does not over power or stand out above the other elements within the scent. 

It is a luminous and respendent white floral bouqet which is ruled by the Rose.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is available now and costs £65 for 50ml.

Sunday 28 April 2019

Juicy Couture OUI

 Lets be honest, Juicy Couture is all about making a statement, specially when it comes to it fragrances and its newest launch has the be the funkiest and most brilliant to date.

OUI  is packed full of innovative and complex ingredients, housed within a show-stopping, brilliantly designed bottle. 

Created in equal parts to be both playful and provocative, OUI  highlights the complex, multi-faceted personality and lifestyle of the modern Juicy Couture woman. 

“With Oui Juicy Couture, we created a new fragrance inspired by this new generation of Juicy
Couture consumers. We want these modern women to go on a journey of self-discovery,
bringing their unique personalities to the experience of wearing fragrance. The fragrance is
lighthearted and upbeat; it is the personification of today’s Juicy Couture Girl with her carefree
spirit, candor, curiosity, and joy. Welcome to the world of YES!!”

Before we even begin to go there with the scent itself we need to speak about the bottle.

Talk about making a real statement with this one guys!

The OUI Juicy Couture bottle features a contemporary decanter-style shape and one-of-a-kind dual colour glass In a soft yet bold pink and fiery red-orange, highlighting the various elements of a woman’s personality. Soft and feminine and yet also sensual and passionate!

 The oversized gold chain and logo pendant draped around the neck spelling out OUI Juicy Couture gives the design a playfully provocative feel yet the floral gold neck of the lid brings back the femininity and adds a rather sweet element to the appearance.  

Finished with a modern crystal topper that captures the light and radiates out, the bottle is as  elegant as it is edgy and as complex as it is simple really. 

All of these elements of course hint at the nectar within.

OUI opens with a tarte juiciness from water lemon accord- a concoction of watermelon and lemon along with juicy pear and Acai tea accord.

Wild Tuberose from India is paired with sophisticated Jasmine absolute and delicious dew honeysuckle to create a feminine and playful heart, a core foundation of Juicy Couture’s DNA.

A complex and woody dry down rounds off OUI with warm captive musks, glowing amber resins and the unique Techno woods accord for an edgy finish that lifts the entire composition of the scent.

Categorised as a ‘Fresh’ scent I’d say that’s a fair description of this fabulously unique fragrance. 

Light and fun, playful and intriguing it is a gorgeous perfume.

OUI by Juicy Couture is available now and is currently on offer from The Fragrance Shop for £38 for 50ml.
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