Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Instant Eyeshadow

Ever poured over endless magazines and looked longingly at the perfectly made up eyes of celebrities and stars on film and tv? Ever sat in front of your mirror for hour upon hour attempting to recreate these flawless, smoky eyes on yourself, only to end up looking more goth than glam?

Fear not as American beauty brand ColorOn Professional has arrived in the UK with their debut product, eye shadow kit Eye Envy.

The US company has been making their signature item since 1992, with the primary aim of making anyone look as if they have been glamorized by a professional make up artist.

In essence, the ‘eye shadows’ are mineral eye shadows laden onto a disposable, single-use applicator, in colours and designs ranging from subtle daytime to smouldering evening looks.

Each appliqué allegedly fits every eye size and shape and can be applied in a matter of seconds.

And  the verdict?

My Colour On Pro Eye envy arrived whilst i was in the office. The result? I have mixed opinions about this product.
The girls cooed over the variety of different colours and shades and were all desperate to try them on. They were really easy to use, far easier than I imagined they would be, though I was surprised that the shadow was more of a wet, gel than smooth powder ( clearly this is what the finishing powder is for, to dry and set the shadow)

While the more novelty shadows went down a treat and did look incredible, I was less impressed by the regular colours. Im not going to lie, I did look a little like a drag queen and I couldn’t get the shadows to match on both sides- one would be higher than the other, one would come out better than the other, and I found it almost impossible to blend the shadow to make it look more’natural’. 

So, for a big night out id say try the novelty shadows like that pictured on my colleague, but if your after a more natural look, stay well clear of these!

ColourOn is available from Spas, Salons and Independent Retailers UK wide now.


  1. Omg I've been DYING to see these in action, they look so ridiculous in the ads I see them in. I think I will stick to regular eyeshadow.

  2. I was really let down, they just didn't work for me- if they worked for anyone else id love to know!

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about these! The sound great but I have a feeling I would be a bit rubbish on application! x

  4. WOW! I watched a youtube video and it was enough to scar me away from playing with the process. I've always like to test market trends, but this one brought the "Oh No" I don't think so out of me.. LOL - - I'll stick to the Chanel Tattos that came out a few years ago. Never made it big in the SF Bay Area, but there great and long lasting. CHANEL TATTOO via SDMSTYLE demo (1)

  5. Hmmm, not sure if I want to try these 'instant' eyeshadows :(. I think doing my own eyeshadows is still far the best thing to do to create a natural look.

    And yea, i do think they look overly made though. But thnx for the post gurl.


  6. I like instant eyeshadow when on the move or in the rush! It save lot of time. The most important thing is no skill needed.

    KS Lim


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