Monday, 18 July 2011

I'm In love with Argan Oil

exhibit 1
exhibit 2
My hair is absolutely not the type of hair which you would look at and think ‘blimey, that could do with some conditioning or serum to tame it!’. My hair is currently long and absolutely dead straight, though even when cut short it was still exactly the same (see exhibit 1 and 2!)  My hairdresser describes my hair type as glassy- in that the strands are smooth and reflective. 

 That said, just because I don’t need an industrial strength type serum to tame my mane doesn’t mean I don’t want one!  I too want to be able to use a product that will make my hair even silkier!
Now allow me to introduce you to Tresemme’s Salon Smooth serum containing  Argan Oil. Argan Oil is an oil from Morocco known for its nourishing and smoothing benefits.  I’d been desperate to try a product containing this oil as I have heard such great things about it. 

I squeezed some of the product out into my hands and noticed immediately how different the texture was to other serums I had tried. This was light, non sticky, and more the texture of oil than a gloopy serum.
I rubbed it into my fingers then pulled my fingers through my hair, concentrating on the tips, then blow dried as usual.

Tresemme claim that the serum helps to calm frizz, instantly smooths and leaves hair soft and healthy looking with a gorgeous shine. It certainly did that- my hair felt light, shiny and very smooth to touch.  

Whether it was the Argan oil or other elements of the products that produced such a positive result I don’t know, but im going to be on the hunt for other products featuring Moroccan oil from now on!


  1. Ooh I bought the Vo5 version yesterday and I love it so far! Might try this one out too xx

  2. Definitely going to be trying this, I too keep hearing so many good things and reviews that it makes me want to have a go myself! Mel x

  3. Oh that sounds good! I don't think it's available here tho ):

  4. ive tried this and i love it. i have thick hair that can get frizzy and this tames my hair making it so smooth and shiny.

  5. Is that your hair in the pics? It's amazing! Please never stand too close to me! :)

  6. Yeah thats my hair lol- but remember, the grass isnt always greener!

  7. Ive got to get some of this my hair is really dry & frizzy,your hair looks so healthy and shiny !!
    I bleach & dye mine pink so I don`t suppose that helps lol


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