Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tantastic Fantastic

Im not a great lover of fake tan. I am bad at applying it, bad at maintaining it and bad at wearing it, which means that for 360 days of the year I look like snow white with skin as white as snow.

My sister  Megan (to the left) on the other hand is a total fake tan expert and connoisseur, so when I asked her to review Tantastic instant tan, she was more than happy to oblige.

Tantastic contains vitamin E and creates a tan which lasts for up to 5 days. It bronzes your skin instantly, doesn’t stain your clothes and it doesn’t smell. The makers claim the tan looks great on everyone as it adjusts to your own complexion.

So what did Megan think?

Tantastic was very quick and easy to apply - its a runny liquid though so have to be careful when you pour it to ensure it goes on the mitt and doesn’t drip onto floor.
The product had the consistency of water and dried quickly without an unpleasant after smell.
The mitt allows you to cover your skin smoothly and evenly, but beware as it does stain your  hands without the mitt.
For a quick fix it looks good, its not greasy and it dries relatively quickly compared to Rimmell sun shimmer and St Tropez. Another massive plus is that it doesn’t feel tacky on your skin.

So ladies (and perhaps gents) go forth and instant tan!

Tantastic is available in over 1500 pharmacies and department stores in the UK and Ireland.


  1. I hate the smell you get with most fake tans and love the fact that this one doesnt smell! Im deffinately on a hunt for it now!

  2. I'm not big on fake tans either.. I wouldn't look good wearing it at all! This one does sound good tho ^^

  3. I must say im rather tempted to pinch it back off her and give it a try! I just hate the smell of biscuits most of them have!

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