Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Body Shop Lip Oils

Yesterday I excitedly received a product ive been waiting in anticipation for ages to try- The New Body Shop Lip oils.

The 5 flavours, Rose, Mint, Orange, Berry and Coconut  are made from 100% natural ingredients with community fair trade soya oil and organic olive oil- I was sold by the 100% natural part and the fact that it is a roll-on lip balm. I can now say goodbye to sticky balmy fingers now and can instead roll moisture onto my lips with ease!

I must admit, it did feel odd rolling the balm onto my lips- im used to using products with rolling action mainly around my eyes such as the l’Occitane Angelica eye gel.

That said the lip oil was lovely and smooth, not thick and gunky. It gave a lovely delicate and natural sheen to my lips (see photo) whilst leaving them feel really moisturised. Some lip gloss’s and lipsticks leave my lips looking lush but feeling dry, so this was really pleasant.

I particularly liked the Mint flavour which gave a cool sensation when applying and tasted nice too!
Just make sure you don’t go OTT and apply loads, you don’t need it and it will make your lips slippery due to the oil.

You can get hold of these treats for you lips on the Body Shop website for £3 which is a bargain!


  1. Wow I love this review, think I will order them all right now!!

  2. I think theyre really nice, i want to collect all the flavours now!

  3. I did not know these existed but now im in there like swimwear!! xx

  4. Mmm, the coconut one looks very tempting!

  5. These look nice! I do love coconut...!


  6. I love body shop and i seriously havent seen these before!! but I would love to try these out if i see them in stores i will pick one up =].. thanks!!


  7. Oh wow, next time I'm in The Body Shop I'm going to pick up a Rose one of these to try - bargain!

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

  8. Didn't have a clue about these! Definately gonna get my hands on them now! I found you on the bloggers map! I live in Upminster. Hope you're well. x


  9. I was wondering why you haven't updated the blog....and then comes this story. Liked the langur shot.

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