Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Only Make Up Way is Essex

The Only Way is Essex, or TOWIE as it has become known has become a massive phenomenon since it burst onto our screens last year. 

 I was particularly captivated by it given that im from Brentwood (for those of you that don’t watch it that’s just one of the areas in Essex where it is set) and I used to work at the Sugar Hut with Kirk.

Now, you cannot open a newspaper or magazine without seeing the stars of the show splashed across the pages. 

You cannot turn on a talk show without one of them plugging something or other. Theres  Laurens with her fake tan rage, Mark promoting his club, Joey Essex releasing a single (yes really) and the Faiers sisters harping on relentlessly about their clothes shop Minnies boutique ( which yes I have been to and fled in a panic after finding myself drowning in a sea of hoards of pre pubescent girls all vying for a photo with the sisters. I was just looking for a maxi dress.) 

As If they weren’t already taking over the world, Superdrug has announced that come September      (and in plenty of time for Christmas, of course) they will be unveiling the TOWIE beauty range. 

The TOWIE gift range comprises four beauty gift sets designed to offer an archetypal Essex effect whether Essex-eyes, bronzed face and body or even, yes, the scent of Essex with the first ever The Only Way is Essex fragrance.

I have 1 word for you. Wow. My initial reaction is to mock this range relentlessly. A TOWIE beauty range? What is the world coming to!?

The thing is, im absolutely positive that it will be a massive success!  The hundreds of girls at Minnies willing to spend their pocket money on an item of clothing associated with the TOWIE sisters is testament to that! Superdrug has even noticed how the show has changed the sales of some of their products;

The TOWIE effect has been far reaching this year and Superdrug has been at the forefront with sales of Essex favourites false lashes rising 28 per cent, self tan wipes +210 per cent and body boosting dry shampoo +40 per cent.

The figures speak for themselves and with TOWIE set to come back on our TVs in the autumn, ive got a feeling these will be flying off the shelves.

The TOWIE gift sets comprise a lip gloss set (£5.99), eye shadow palette (£5.99), light up lip gloss and mascara set (£7.99) and a classic bronzer set (£7.99) all available exclusively at Superdrug from September.



  1. I'm from Brentwood too and can't believe the way TOWIE has changed everything. I think the beauty products are slightly too far though x

  2. Its crazy isnt it! Who knew it would be so popular! x

  3. I love TOWIE - can't believe you used to work with Kirk, and you live in Brentwood, so lucky! I think i'll check these out! :') xx

  4. oh dear, make-up now?!
    i live in essex, bit annoying because hardly anyone i know acts like they do :/


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