Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Weird and Wonderful Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Unlike us mere mortals, celebrities have the luxury of being able to afford the best that money can buy when it comes to beauty, so it comes as somewhat of a surprise to learn that some of their beauty regimes involve products you would never have imagined them using. 

Sellotape your Face Gaga Style

Now we all know Lady Gaga has a unique sense of style, but who knew she had her own take on make up removal too. For the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga wore a huge amount of black glitter around her eyes which was fixed with an alcohol free hair gel. Sounds weird enough in itself right? 


Despite the thousands of fab make up remover products on the market, Gaga chose to use sellotape to remove the flecks of glitter form her face. I really can’t imagine that felt particularly nice!

Placenta Facial

Eva Longoria is unquestionably gorgeous, but if smothering my chops in Placenta Protein, as both her and Katie Holmes have been rumoured to do is the way to achieve their radiance, I think I’ll give it a miss. 

Both are said to be fans of expensive creams containing placenta which is thought to boost collagen levels in the skin. Forgive me for finding this a tad grim!

Minty Fresh Skin


Jennifer Love Hewitt apparently believes in the old wives tale about using toothpaste as treatments for spots. Pop it on the blighter overnight and by day it will have shrunk and dried up. 

I don’t know if it worked for Jennifer but it didn’t work for me when I was 13 and desperately trying anything to rid my skin of my zits. My skin reacted so badly to the toothpaste it turned purple and blotchy and ended up looking 10 times worse. Don’t try this if you have sensitive skin.


Coffee to go with that shower gel?

We all know that coffee is great for perking us up in the morning, but did you know it is being used by none other than Halle Berry to banish her cellulite? (as if she had any anyway) 

Used in the shower as an exfoliator it can be rubbed into your legs and the stimulant and diuretic effect when applied to the skin allegedly increases blood flow, thus detoxifying and breaking up fatty deposits. I think id rather just drink it to be honest.

Vaseline can have too many uses…

Even my own beauty Idol, the magnificent Marilyn Monroe was alleged to have her own bizarre beauty secret. The icon would apparently smother her face in our favourite staple product, Vaseline. One source said that Marilyn would apply Vaseline to her face, then follow with loose powder, then smooth another layer of Vaseline on, then apply more powder.

She would do this until her skin looked flawless. Apart from this sounding and im sure, feeling completely gross on her skin, sources have said that as a result of this Marilyn ended up with fuzzy cheeks in her later years as a result of the Vaseline encouraging hair growth. Hmmm. Think I’ll just stick with using this on my lips!


  1. sellotape to take off eye make up? ouch!

  2. Such a great post! I'd love to know if the coffee thing reallys works for my later years ;) And the vaseline trick is just nasty - I'm with you - Lips Only please!

    <3 Sidd
    *giveaway posted!*

  3. ugh. I cannot imagine putting any amount of vaseline on my face let alone LAYERS of it!

  4. Coffee? I'd rather not have my body smell of it all day! And lady gaga, using sellotape - ouch! These are so weird. Good post :)

    Lucy x

  5. Kelly, i know!!! It is so incredibly weird and must have felt (if indeed she did do that)incredibly gross! I think the MM one is likely to be a rumor born from her association with Erno Laszlo products, in particular his Active pHelityl cream which does have a similar consistency to Vaseline- i wrote all about that below xx


  6. I don't think I'll ever try any of these any time soon, the sellotape eye makeup remover made my eyes hurt just reading about it!

    Alice x

  7. Sellotape, ouch? Placenta, bleurgh! Toothpaste doesn't work, I've tried! Coffee, I've heard of, well, I've heard of caffeine in products to reduce cellulite! And the Vaseline story is just very, very odd. I can't imagine it'd work very well, surely you'd end up with a greasy face? Odd! xx
    Sirens and Bells

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