Friday, 12 August 2011

Enrapture my Hair

My hair sucks. Fact. Its long, deadly straight for the majority of the time, I can do absolutely nothing with it.
I can curl it but within approximately 90 second, despite using an entire can of hairspray, it has dropped and is once again, guess what. Dead straight.

When I came across a new hair styling appliance brand called Enrapture, I was excited to give their tools a go but I also knew that the likelihood of them being able to create anything more than a slightly dishevelled mess was unlikely.

For years I have tried to recreate the sexy rock chick, beachy and bohemian wave look and have ended up looking like I just haven’t bothered to brush my hair, so I decided to give one of their new tools a try and see how it would fair against my hair!

Let the battle commence!

Enraptures  new tool , the Amplify Jumbo Waver claims to be able to create the beachy tousled look for you  effortlessly and in just a matter of minutes.

The Titanium plated jumbo  barrels are meant to easily create a snag free, big, tousled ‘S’ shape wave with long lasting results.

It really, REALLY did!

Knowing that my hair is somewhat troublesome and reluctant to be moulded by styling tools I whacked the heat setting up to max. It headed up within a matter on minutes which was impressive, and was incredibly hot.

I simply started at the root and placed sections of my hair in the styler, held for a few seconds, then moved down the length of my hair.

I still needed a generous spritz of hairspray, but wow these curls actually stayed in my hair, and they looked incredible!

The only negative point I can make is that the tool itself, due to its quality and size is quite heavy to hold for a long period of time- I found my arm aching by the time I was half way around my head.

That said, an achy arm is a small price to pay for a head of gorgeous waves that I’ve waited years to have!


                                                             Nice one Enrapture!

The Amplify Jumbo Waver is available from 15th August with an RRP of £74.99.

 Enrapture are also launching their Encode Totem Styler, a new curling tool featuring three independent heat zones and their Extremity Heated Rollers  which create big body, luscious curls and soft waves both on the 15th August both with an RRP of £74.99 each.

You can find Enrapture at Boots, John Lewis & Debenhams


  1. Oh my word your hair looks amazing!!! That last photo could easily be from a promotional campaign! Totally gorgeous, i may need to try these out! x

  2. You hair are beautiful :)What color hair dye you have?

  3. your hair looks great!
    Grace xx

  4. Wow i love your hair! this tool looks amazing to have! x

  5. Gorgeous!!! As well as you!! You look like a model!!

  6. Wow it really is good, your hair looks amazing! And I love the last photo xx
    Sirens and Bells

  7. Loving this tool! I think I may have to add it to my collection. Great review as always hun, you look too beautiful! So not far ;)
    Mel xxxx

  8. Wow that is fantastic, it looks perfect on you!

  9. OMG you are so beautiful and I LOVE your hair! Would really like to try Enrapture!
    Nic x


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