Monday, 29 August 2011

Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser, Greasy Skin's Saviour!

I have very oily skin and for the past few years have never used a moisturiser- i know i know, this is really bad news and bad for my skin.

Problem is, every moitsuriser ive ever used has been too heavy, greasy and oily for my skin. The result has always been the same, shiny, greasy skin which would often result in break outs.

At 26 years old, or indeed at any age, this is not something  you want.

It wasn’t until i came across Origins Zero Oil range that i decided perhaps i should give moisturiser’s another go.

Origins Zero Oil moisturiser is fast absorbing and oil free with Saw Palmetto (a plant used for its anti irritant properties) and Broad Leaf Kelp providing lasting hydration and surface oil control.

The lotion is feels light and non greasy with a fresh, slightly minty aroma to it.

It soaked into my skin instantly and removed the ‘tight’ feeling i sometimes experience after cleansing and toning.

2 weeks on i haven’t had a single break out and my skin feels smoother and looks more radiant than before.
I  now look forward to treating my skin to this moisturiser after a long hard day and i think my skin thanks me too!

The Origins Zero Oil collection also includes a deep pore cleanser, pore purifying toner and an instant matte finish for shiny places.

The moisturiser may be a little pricey at £22, but i know that i would pay almost any amount to maintain clean, clear skin.


  1. I have such greasy skin and dont use moisturiser either- my mum has a go at me as she says i will end up with horrible skin! thanks for this!

  2. This is such a coincidence, I was wondering where on earth you were on my dashboard for the past three days and then this post popped up on my next refresh!
    I think £22 is quite pricey for a moisturiser but you do get quite a lot for your money! I have found quite a few cheaper moisturisers which work fine for oily skin though, or you can tone skin to remove oiliness before applying moisturiser.
    Sounds like good results seeing as you had no breakouts though!

  3. It is pricey i agree- but ive been through years of horror with my skin and would have paid ANYTHING for clear skin! Now im 26 i need to think about my skin for the future and i really should be using a moisturiser so im sooooo glad ive found this! Looking forward to trying to rest of the range now!

    Ive found that even if i use toner before i moisturise the grease still seeps out (gross huh!) But i really like this product and genuinely think its helped x

  4. Liking the Origins products I got last week, so when those are finished, will be investing in this product :).

  5. won a set of these products will give them a try, after reading your review

  6. Origins Zero Oil products are the ONLY products that truely work on my very oily skin. It is amazing.....just after one cleanse the first time using it was almost gone. I can cleanse with this and use Origins eye creams and anti-age moisturizer AND the Zero Oil moisturizer and it all works great together. There has been no other solution until this stuff.


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