Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The UK welcomes Jouer!

August saw the launch of the huge US cosmetics brand Jouer here in the UK.

Exclusively available on Cult Beauty, Jouer’s mineral –rich range offers a collection of gorgeous face, lip, eye and cheek cosmetics which have been formulated with botanical antioxidants and reparative ingredients which promote a healthy, glowing complexion.
An example of the fab interlocking packaging which allows you to create your own unique palette

 As you know im a big fan of ‘natural’ make up, which not only helps to make you look gorgeous, but is also great for your skin too. Jouer offers you this.

Im also a fan of original, unique, pretty and clever packaging. Jouer has all this too with its unique, interlocking packaging which allows you to create your own palettes which slot neatly into one another.

Jouer’s mission is to bring you wearable colours, intelligent packaging and quality formulas which result in an effortlessly beautiful look for you.

From stunning shimmer nudes to rich matte chocolates, the Jouer color palette is timeless, yet modern.  Fashion-relevant, yet approachable. Simple, yet chic.

I tried one of their blush’s, eye shadows and lipgloss’s which arrived as a uniquely interlocked set, creating my own interlocking palette!

I was really impressed with the items and LOVED the blush and eye shadow.

The blush was a gorgeous, subtle colour that added a lovely hint of colour on my cheeks which lasted all day. It felt wonderfully soft and smooth when applying it to my cheeks and I love the matte finish it provided, yet it still had a subtle hint of shimmer .

The eye shadow was to die for! Such a rich colour which went onto my lids really smoothly and didn’t crease. The only was to describe these products is like you are applying something as smooth as silk but as soft as talcum powder. Its really nice.

The gloss I tried complimented the Blusher and shadow perfectly offering a diamond shine and subtle colour to my lips.

Currently you can only get hold of Jouer on Cult Beauty’s website here, but I like that- it makes me feel like im buying something very exclusive and special!

The Blusher retails at £20, the Lipgloss at £16 and the eyeshadow at £16.


  1. Ive never even heard of this brand before- thanks for sharing i had a look on their website and they look gorgeous x

  2. I've never heard of this brand either, sounds really good though! The packaging look lovely too :) x

  3. they're all gorgeous shades.


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