Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Birthday Wish

So Today is my 26th Birthday. I have successfully managed to survive 26 years of life, which when you think about how fragile life is, really is an achievement. For me, this puts a whole new spin on celebrating birthdays. 

Yes people give cards, gifts and come together to celebrate the day you were brought safely into this world, but in a way, to also acknowledge the fact that despite the odds stacked against you every single day of your life, you are still here. Healthy and hopefully happy.

That got me thinking, life is unpredictable often challenging and it can be cut short in a split second and then that’s it. 

I currently have my health, which I am very grateful for yes, but can I put my hand on my heart and say I have my happiness too? Sometimes. And im ashamed to say that the things I perhaps don’t feel happy about, are the least important in the grand scheme of life. 

I opened my twitter feed this morning and whilst reading peoples tweets I was astounded (but not surprised) to read about the number of people tweeting about their dissatisfaction with their bodies. 

‘’The diet starts today’’, ‘’Anybody tried the Dukan Diet?’’, ‘’Competitive dieting just isn’t working for me’’, ‘’10lbs down, 5 more to go’’, ‘’shouldn’t have had that bacon sarnie this morning #guilty’’, ‘need to get down the gym asap,’’ ‘’any tips for getting your body bikini ready.’’ The list goes on, and on, and on.

Given that we only live once (well, so some of us believe) why are we frittering our lives away worrying about such unimportant, superficial nonsense such as our weight and body shape?

I feel a bit of a fraud writing that question as I am currently battling my own personal, evil, deep seated, unhealthy, body image demons every single day with the help of my family and my friends. But this battle, as hard as it is, has begun to make me look at things a little differently.

Ok so your not a size 0, 6, 8 or a 10. So what? You have cellulite and wobbly bits. And? You get a bloated tummy after a big meal and find the buttons on your jeans stretching to breaking point. Who cares?

It doesn’t matter! Your body does not make you, you. Your personality, your character, your being, your love, your soul is who you are. Everything else is just ‘stuff’. 

We only get one shot at this life, why waste it worrying, being unhappy, feeling unsatisfied, feeling insecure?
The world is full of people of all different shapes and sizes and how boring would it be if we were all the same.

If you have your health, you are blessed. There are many that don’t. 

I would love, for just one day in the entire year, to see twitter statements, facebook comments, texts, phone calls and conversations centered around people embracing who they are and being able to feel happy with themselves. 

Put down your gossip magazines with articles on ‘best bikini bodies’, ‘top tips for losing weight fast’ and ‘celebs who gain 10lbs’. Close your diet books telling you to avoid carbs, sugar, wheat, caffeine, dairy, grains, ok EVERYTHING! Get off those bathroom scales and put them away. Stop comparing yourself unfavorably to every other person you see. Step away from the slimming counter in boots.

Now go and stand in front of your mirror and look at what a miracle you are. Smile. Give yourself a break and try with everything you’ve got, to be happy with who you are.Everyone deserves to be happy. x

Cheers! Here's to you



  1. Happy Birthday! Great post, nice idea xx

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head- i moan and whinge all the time about my body when really i should be grateful that i am healthy- my hubby loves me, and my friends and family, why i cant i be happy with that

  3. very good points! I stayed in hospital for a while and you would not believe the ammount of teenage girls admitted for eating disorders, usually having to recover with a tube down their throat, we should all be happy with our bodys, its the only one we got! Hope you had a great day :)
    Grace xx

  4. Happy birthday! I really agree with the whole idea of embracing who you are & loving your body but I feel like a bit of a hypocrite since I'm not fond on mine haha. If only we could all realise that we're lucky to have our bodies, no matter what they look like!x

  5. I feel like a massive hypocrite too Shanice- ive had issues with my body and food for a long time but ive had enough of it, its time to change! xx

  6. How very open and honest of you, i hope people read this and do smile and give themselves a little love today :-)

  7. Happy birthday!
    And this is a brilliant post. Although I've also had issues with my body/food etc, I have mostly come to terms with myself, because we have to live with ourselves every single day, all day, so we may as well like ourselves! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  8. Its true Katy, we are with ourselves every moment of every day- life would be a much happier place if we learnt to just accept and embrace that rather than challenging it and trying to change all the time x

  9. Happy Birthday and Be Happy Always!


  10. Happr Birthday! I love this post so much

    Alice x

  11. Happy birthday! I'm fairly new to your blog but I love what you have to say :) Great post - we all need to hear it every once in awhile!

    *I'm hosting a giveaway that you may be interested in - stop on by if you want!*

    <3 Sidd

  12. Happy Birthday! xxx

    What a fantastic post, I agree we are all far too obsessed with our bodies, at the end of the day it's what's inside that counts!

  13. Happy birthday!

    Brilliant post x

  14. Happy Birthday! And I think you're right-- enough of the #skinny trend.. let's go for #happy and #healthy! Enjoy your day! :D

  15. Happy Birthday, this is a great post and something I desp want in my life, to be worry free about my weight would be amazing :) :) x x

  16. Happy Birthday.... never be ashamed on what God provided you. Lets stay happy and plumpy. Cheers!!!

  17. Just discovered your blog - a very happy birthday, hope you've had a beauuuutiful day!

    An absolutely delightful post too - such a refreshing read. I look forward to following your blog (and I mean it!) xo

  18. Happy birthday! I remember that the winners for your two giveaways will be announced today, right? I'll wait for it :)

  19. A belated "Happy Birthday" to you :)

    Also, what a wonderful post! I couldn't have put it better myself. I've made a conscious effort to stop reading women's mags - I find that they're full of poisonous, hateful rubbish.


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