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Q&A with Liz McClarnon

Photo courtesy of  www.marklightford.com

Liz McClarnon is one talented chiqua. She’s a singer, a dancer, an actress a TV presenter  and a Masterchef champion! (Is there anything this girl can’t do!)

As one third of the hugely popular girl band Atomic Kitten she has three UK number one selling songs under her belt, finished second in 2005’s celebrity love Island, presented BBC3’s Hotter Than my Daughter TV show and is now appearing as Paulette in the highly acclaimed Legally Blonde the Musical Tour.

I am Fabulicious caught up with her to find out all about her beauty secrets!

Hi Liz, can you tell me what’s in your make up bag today?

I actually don't have a make up bag. I just chuck all the make up in whatever bag I'm using that day, But I have 4 different mascaras (depending on the look I'm going for) – 2MACs, 1 Bourjois and 1 Armani....MAC foundation, Nars blusher, Revlon eyeliner, YSL lippy, 4 special creams from Jenny Harding for super duper sensitive skin and Eyelure lashes.

What is your all time favourite beauty brand and why? 

Im a big Bourjois fan! I love there bronzers, lip glosses and especially there nail varnishes!
 How does your skin cope with all the heavy stage make up you have to wear in your role as Paulette in Legally Blonde the musical?

BADLY!! I get so scratchy after all the make up  everyday so I have to clean it twice a day with Jenny Harding Soft Rain Cleanser then I use her Pink Heaven moisturiser! It is honestly my life saver tip for anyone with sensitive skin!

 Do you have a beauty Icon? If so, who?

Denise Richards or someone like her with a massive gorgeous smile...I love that friendly but attractive look!

Denise Richards is Liz's Beauty Icon
When do you feel most beautiful?

 After a holiday when I'm happy inside and I've eaten fresh fish and salads all week...my skin feels great!

Would you ever leave the house fresh faced and make up free?

 Yep. Not often really, because once I'm out I'm out for the day. But if I have a day off I won't be wearing any make up and I'll be covered in rich oily creams.

Back in the day when you were part of Atomic Kitten, would you and the girls do your own make up or would it be done by a make up artist?

 It depended on what we were doing but usually you do have a full make up and hair team with you. (it would've be so much easier to be a boy!) 

Can you describe your skincare regime? Do you have a specific daily routine?

 I do. I give myself facials all the time but only with certain creams. I  use Jenny Harding creams. I cleanse my face twice in the morning then twice in the night. If I didnt I'd hate to think what would happen. I'm a bit obsessive with my skin.

Can you share with us one of your trade secret beauty tips?

Liz in her Atomic Kitten days
Taking your make up off at night! I know you'll hate me saying these things but also, water! Sorry but it's a fact. I drink Willow water (it's meant to have certain minerals which are great for your skin and it works for me!)

Have you ever had a make up/ beauty disaster? What happened?

I have a make up disaster every night in Legally Blonde... Paulette wears FAR too much make up. Think blue eye shadow, pink blusher, red lipstick and eyelashes any drag queen would be proud of. But I tell you what it's good fun to slap it all on and it definitely gets me into character! 

What was the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?

  "You are what you eat!" It's true! If I binge on crappy foods for a week I look and feel so sluggish

You can currently see Liz in the role of Paulette in Legally Blonde the Musical at the Liverpool Empire until 17th September 2011.

You can follower her on twitter @lizmcclarnon or visit her website for info, news and photos  http://www.lizmcclarnon.com/site/index.php?pid=home



  1. Oh wow i loved Liz in atomic kitten- always thought she was really pretty and had such a great voice. Wish i lived nearer liverpool as id love to see her in the play!

  2. I wish i could go see her in legally blonde!

    Lucy xx

  3. she always seems like such a down to earth girl- nice to see a fellow Borjouis fan too! x

  4. Wow you were so lucky to have gotten to interview her!
    great post hard to believe she uses borjouis !
    Must have a look our for Jenny Harding creams, ive never heard of them before, xx

  5. I actually used to love Atomic Kitten, she looks stunning in that photo too x

  6. P.S. LOVING the new celebrity twist to the site :-) xx

  7. I used to love atomic kitten so much, haha!


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