Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Magic Mirror on the... In the Make Up Department?

When shopping for make up do you ever wish you could try the products before you buy? 

See what the lipsticks, eyeshadows or blusher look like on your face before parting with your pennies?

Thanks to Shiseido, now you can.

Shiseido’s Magic Mirror is a completely unique virtual make-up application  mirror/computer that captures the movement and expressions of your face in real time.

The revolutionary technology identifies and scans your facial features, allowing you to try the latest make-up trends, allowing you to chose from a range of their cheek, eye  and  lip colours.

I have tried this mirror out for myself and it is actually amazing, if not a slightly bizarre experience. (You will sit there staring at your own face for a long time let me tell you!)

Previously only available in Japan, Shiseido’s Magic Mirror is now on tour in the UK and will be available at the following stores:

5 July – 18 August:  John Lewis Oxford Street
29th August – 17th September:  House Of Fraser Meadowhall Sheffield
19th September – 3rd October:  House Of Fraser Manchester
5th October – 19th October:  Jenners Edinburgh
21st October – 4th November:  John Lewis Newcastle
9th November – 29th November: House Of Fraser Westfield
1st December – 24th December: House Of Fraser Milton Keynes
23rd December – 20th January - House Of Fraser Oxford St
23rd January – 11th February - Harrods


  1. Think im going to have to try this out- i hate when you buy something and when you try it on it looks horrible- the mirrors they have in some shops are so small you cant even see if you test it anyway!

  2. Oooh it looks so good! I shall definitely be going to one of these stores to try it out! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. these look amazing !

  4. This idea is quite similar to that of the ones in glasses shops across the uk, its a good idea you can try the makeup in real time, although I can't see too much of the point...the testers are there for a reason!

  5. that's awesome! I really want to try it

    Alice x

  6. haha need one of these in my room


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