Thursday, 25 August 2011

I Am Fabulicious Chats to EastEnders Star Bunmi Mojekwu

Bunmi Mojekwu is a rising star in film, TV and theatre and is definitely one to watch!

Soap fans will recognise her from playing Mercy Olubunmi in EastEnders, where the Olubunmi family were the first Nigerian family to appear in the famous British soap.

I Am Fabulicious had a chat with her about how she keeps herself beautified!

Hi Bunmi! What’s in your make up bag today!

I have MAC products as they cater to my skin tone. I just recently bought Iman's foundation which I really love. I have loads of lip gloss from MUA, Victoria secret’s and MAC.

What was your opinion on the make up look Mercy was given on screen? Was there ever a time when you just said ‘hang on, I’m not going out on set looking  like that!’?

Mercy kept it simple when it came to makeup, the time I thought it was looking not quite right was when I noticed my skin tone had changed and the foundation I usually use needed to be darker. The tone of my skin changes quite often.

Bunmi with her EastEnders co Stars

Did the girls on set ever share beauty tips with each other?

The beauty tip I learnt was to always clean your skin at night to keep it healthy and free from a potential break out, because on set you tend to wear a lot of makeup, probably more than usual and a lot gets put on in between takes.

What were your male co stars opinions on having to wear make up?

With all the men I have ever worked with while filming they know it’s the norm to wear makeup. I think they enjoy being pampered in the morning by a woman!
What is your all time favourite beauty brand?

Clinique.  I find their products are best for my skin, it keeps it healthy. I use the foam, the anti blemish and the cream for my face and it has cleared up my skin. I love my aloe vera from The Body Shop too. That is probably my all time favourite  as you can never go wrong with aloe vera.

Do you have a beauty Icon? If so, who?

Kelly Rowland as she always looks flawless. Her make is simple but still makes a statement and I love Iman. She created a line for darker girls because sometimes a lot of products don’t show on our skin and that is something I would also like to do one day.

Do you tend to stick with the brands and products you know or do you like to mix it up and try other things?

I tend to stick to what I know, because I have sensitive skin I worry about using new products

Can you share with us one of your trade secret beauty tips?

People always wonder how I get my eyeliners so straight on my eyes. When you close your eye, stretch along the corner of your eye, that way you wont need to put the eyeliner along the creases of the eye as that’s what makes it uneven.

Have you ever had a make up/ beauty disaster? What happened?

When I was in college I wore a ponytail clip on and one day while walking to college I felt a bit light headed.  I felt the top of my head and my ponytail had gone.  I turned around and it was hanging on the tree branch.

What was the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

Find what suits you because what may look good on others may not compliment you.  

For more news on Bunmi’s up and coming projects follow her on twitter @BunmiMojekwu


  1. How fab does she look in that first pic- Love eastenders, she shouldnt have left Fatboy!!

  2. Hha Rebecca- shall we start a petition to get Mercy back with Fatboy? Such a cute couple!

  3. She looks so gorgeous in that first photo!
    Lucy x

  4. Lol - poor Bunmi getting her ponytail caught in a tree :) Now that is very funny!

    I agree it is so important to find out what suits you and not just try to acquire a look that you like on models or friends.

    Once I was out on the town and my galpal gave me some of her blusher and lippy to wear while we were in the deceivingly dark ladies room... it wasn't until the pics were posted on facebook the next day that I realised I had spent the night looking like a scary clown doll! Eek.

    Editor of A-MUSE Mag

  5. Gorgeous girl- very right about choosing things that suit you rather than something because it looks good on other people.

  6. I love this girl she is so pretty. I hope she gets more challenging roles in the future though - it would be a shame if she was pigeonholed like so many other actresses from 'enders!

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