Monday, 15 August 2011

St Tropez Skin Illuminators

Everyone’s knows St Tropez as one of the leading fake tan brands. It has a massive collection of different fake tanning products to suit every tanning preference- from lotions to mousse, sprays to airbrushes.

But did you know that they now do skin illuminators? And did you also know that they are actually really good?

Making their debut on the runway at London Fashion week SS11, they have introduced three new skin finishing products that add a gorgeous iridescent shine to your skin.

The illuminators come in three shades, Rose Skin, Gold Skin and Violet Skin, and if you couldn’t have guessed already by the names, the shades match that of their names.

My favourite is the Rose Skin, a gorgeous pinky shade which compliments my pale skin tone really well.
Im packing my Gold Skin illuminator on holiday with me as it will be perfect on sun kissed skin, great for accentuating your brows and cheek bones in the same way as other hi-lighting products, as well as creating the illusion of elongated limbs when smoothed sparingly over your legs from the mid shin to the top of your foot.

St Tropez’s Skin Illuminators are £12.26 and are available across the UK in selected retailers and salons.


  1. Theyre really pretty- i love the violet shade

  2. lovely shades. The golden one looks good

  3. Oooh, i just picked one of these up in superdrug, they are half price at the moment with your beauty card!!!xxxx

  4. These are great, its good tat they've made three shades suitable for all.

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