Wednesday, 10 April 2019

W=Hb² La Formule Secrete

Ever thought you needed a two In one serum? Or better still, two separate serums?

I know I didn’t, that was until I met the very luxurious and very chic looking W=Hb².

Standing for wellness = (Health x beauty) Squared = W=Hb², this gorgeous looking bottle harmonises the ancient Chinese Yin Yang philosophy that relates to the balance of all things with the Western science of beauty. 

Created by Yilin Wang, a leading Biochemist, W=HB2 La Formule Secrete has been researched, developed and produced in one of the leading skincare laboratories in Switzerland using advanced technologies to create a brand that delivers.

Featuring a unique double pump, this sophisticated, two-phase triple action skin care treatment that can be used in combination with any other skincare. 

It has been created to help promote balanced skin health, beauty and protection and the serum breaks new ground by combining a powerful anti-ageing action for skin beauty in phase I with intense brightening and pure anti-pollution actions for skin health in phase II. 


Harnessing some of the latest explorations into bioactivity partnered with advances in formulation technology, the product has been researched, developed and produced in one of the leading skincare laboratories in Switzerland with world-renowned experts, to ensure optimum performance for long term, visible results. 

Designed to be used twice a day for maximum effectiveness on freshly cleansed skin, the serums possess different textures!

Colour and fragrance free, the Phase I serum is much thicker and more gel like that Phase II. Phase 1 focuses on beauty through the renewal, strength and vitality of your skin.

It features some pretty impressive ingredients including;

PhytoCellTecTM Alp Rose Stem Cell:  2000 metre up in the Swiss Alps, it is one of nature’s most resilient evergreen plants that can live for over 100 years. It is transformed into a pure and precious stem cell extract through a patented technology process to charge skin’s Stem Cell Resistance.

Biotechnological Tri-Peptide: Provides global action on youth genes and is proven to help protect the skin from premature ageing.

Probiotic Bacteria: A skin barrier protector that helps fight external aggressions and accelerate cutaneous barrier recovery.

Botanical sodium hyaluronate: This fortifies the internal strength and resistance of the cellular matrix. It helps maintain cellular vitality hydration and elasticity to support repair and delay the effects of premature ageing. Wrinkles are less visible, and the complexion is more radiant after as little as 16 days.

It’s a lot to take in isn’t it, and all that is packed into that clear gel which you gently massage into your skin. And that’s just Phase I, don’t even get me started with Phase II!

Phase II is all about health through detox, control and repair, purifying, protecting and creating radiant looking skin.

Much more lightweight and thinner In texture than Phase I, this serum is absorbed even quicker into your skin and features (as you may expect) a host of complicated but impressive sounding ingredients! 

Niacinamide: This ingredient is effective in preventing and tackling skin issues due to the external environment. It protects against UV and blue light, and repairs stressed skin to maintain its beautiful glow and elasticity.

Moringa Peptide: From the seeds of Moringa, it helps protect cells against pollutant aggressions and purifies the skin by removing micro particles that inhibit the skin from breathing normally.

Leaf Cell Culture Technology: From Raspberry cultured stem cells for immediate soothing effect and long-term protection

Sodium Hyaluronate: This protects the outer layers of your skin by offering super hydration to help maintain and effective barrier for the structural integrity of the skin, in turn helping maintain cellular turnover and minimising premature damage.

The result, improved skin tone, radiance, strength and elasticity. 

I’ve been using this serums for several weeks now and I have to say I’m really impressed! My skin looks and feels lush and I love knowing that I’ve got a host of impressive ingredients looking after my skin as I’m going about my business. 

Now, it is expensive, £110 a bottle BUT can you really put a price on beautiful skin?
W=Hb² La Formule Secrete is available now from

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