Thursday, 18 April 2019

Morgan Taylor The Colour of Petals Collection

 Step into a floral bouquet this spring with Morgan Taylor’s beautiful new The Colour of Petals collection.

Inspired by the soft and subtle colours of the gorgeous petals that are beginning to bloom at this time of year the polishes provide the perfect colourful yet subtle springtime look.

The collection comprises of six shades from plush pastels in shades of pretty pinks, toned-down nudes and pops of creamy peach and muted purples.

CEO and founder Fanny Haile says;

The colour palette for the upcoming spring collection is filled with soft tomes that are perfect, not only for this season but for all year round. Each shade was create with showcase Morgan Taylor’s range of pinks and nudes for all of the classic beauties who love mail colour.

I feel like this collection could have been made for me. I don’t tend to wear nail polish on account of the issues I’ve had with dermatitis on my hands (long story, lets not go there but hence why I haven’t swatched on my nails) but when I do I’m all about the pinks and nudes!

It’s actually almost impossible to choose my favourite shade from this range and this never happens with complete collections!

They look truly stunning to regard, heavy glass bottles with a soft grey lid embossed with MT on the very top.

When I went to photograph them I actually struggled to tell some of the shades apart when lining them up they are that soft and subtle and it isn’t until you see their true colours swatched that you can see and appreciate their real beauty.

Merci Bouquet

Up first is the stunning lilac crème shade Merci Bouquet. I mean, it’s a gorgeous soft lilac which is almost pastel in softness.

Gardenia to my Heart

Next is Gardenia to my Heart, a dusty rose crème which I THINK could be my favourite shade. It’s the perfect blend of dusty pink and nude and just gorgeous!

I feel Flower-ful

I Feel Flower-ful is described as a light nude crème but I’d actually say this is closer to a very soft, pale pink and definitely fought my affection for first place in terms of preference of colour.

Young, wild and Free-sia

Young, Wild and Free-sia is the brightest of the collection with its soft peach tones. I’d describe it as a pastel coral, if there is such a thing!

Follow the petals

Follow The Petals is the only pearlised polish in the collection and is a distinctly pearly pink shade, brightest of all the other pinks and lightest in colour for sure.

Strike a posie

Last but by no means least is Strike a Posie, a very pretty blush pink shade. It’s the truest pink of the range and is a really gorgeous pastel addition to round off a stunning collection.

These are high quality polishes and you can tell that from the moment you apply them.

Developed for professionals by professionals, all pigments are saturated, pure and finely milled and free from formaldehyde, and DBP. The payoff is smooth, even, long-lasting colour with a gorgeous professional finish. 

You can indulge in the Morgan Taylor Spring 2019 Collection The Colour of Petals online at and now where they cost £10.99 each. 

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  1. Love that shade 'I Feel Flower-ful,' although these are all beautiful shades and a colour palette for spring!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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