Sunday, 14 April 2019

Cadbury Easter 2019

Easter is just around the corner and no matter your requirements, Cadburys have got you covered.

Whatever your budget, whoever you are buying for, they’ve got something for everyone.

I love the huge variety of eggs and smaller pieces they have on offer, perfect for gifting giant super impressive eggs, to tiny little treats they’ve got it all.

A particular favourite of mine this year is their Crème Egg novelty egg (£9.98).

Housed literally within a giant Cadbury Crème egg, this is the perfect gift for crème egg lovers and contains 3 full sized crème eggs along with a bag of mini crème eggs too.

It’s so eye catching and is available in the same format for Mini Egg lovers too. 


They have super cute smaller eggs with Freddo aimed at kids along with medium sized Easter bunny shaped chocolate wrapped in their iconic, eye catching purple hue.

Also great for monitoring your child’s chocolate consumption are their Giant Easter Pouches which come as either Mini Eggs or Heros (£11.38). 

Perfect for using in egg hunts (particularly if the weather isn’t great as they won’t get wet) you’ll find 10 individually wrapped packs. 

Great thinking ahead guys, you neer can trust the British weather!

Also great for Easter egg hunts are the packs of individual mini crème eggs and Oreo minis (£1.49).

These bad boys are small you’ll have to work really hard to find these which if like me, you really enjoy infuriating people with, will be perfect!

They have eggs of all size and description and I particularly like my Picnic egg which is brand new for 2019 and contains two yummy picnic bars to enjoy.

You really need to check out their website at the moment too, Cadburygiftsdirect as they have some fab offers on some of the products mentioned here as well as many, MANY more!

Get yourself prepared and head over to the website to stock up now!

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  1. Yum! Yum! Cadbury chocolate is a favourite of ours especially when it comes to Easter!


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