Monday, 29 April 2019

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

 Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is the exquisite new scent from Guerlain. 

A tribute to today's femininity, strong, free and sensual it’s been unsurprisingly  inspired by Angelina Jolie. 

The newest addition to the Mon Guerlain range continues to explore the different facets of femininity with a composition that celebrates the joy of individuality and being yourself.

Bloom of Rose (In case the name didn’t give it away)  is a floral Eau de Toilette which has been created like a bouquet.

Sambac jasmine,Carla lavender, vanilla tahitensis and Australian sandalwood (all signature notes of Mon Guerlain) are combined with neroli and bulgarian rose to form a radiant and lively fragrance the exudes elegance and femininity.

Housed within the now iconic bottle the juice within posesses a soft pike hue while the hot pink necklace around the stopper hints and the feminine and floral notes within.

Considering I dislike floral scents, I’ve rather fallen in love with Bloom of Rose.

Top notes of Carla lavender blend with sensual sambac jasmine, radiant neroli and happy and fresh rose to create an abundant and fragrant bouquet before base notes of  familiar sweet vanilla and warming sandalwood wrap the scent in sensuality.

It is a beautiful combination of notes and actually despite its name, Rose does not over power or stand out above the other elements within the scent. 

It is a luminous and respendent white floral bouqet which is ruled by the Rose.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is available now and costs £65 for 50ml.

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