Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Easter Egg & Sea Shell Chocolates

When it comes to boxes of chocolates they don’t get much better for me than Guylian.

These Artisanal Belgium Chocolates are absolutely delicious! Iconic and unique they feature a roasted hazelnut praline filling in a variety of different seashell and seahorse shapes.

There’s a reason for this, its not totally random!

Every time you buy a box of Guylian’s Original Sea Shells you’re actually supporting something ‘Project Seashorse’ an international marine conservation organisation.

Their motto is ‘Saving the seahorses means saving the sea’.

How great is that, knowing that while you’re laying back indulging in the most decadent chocolate you’re actually helping marine conservation.

Nice one guys.

SO, this Easter there was no doubt in my mind which Egg I’d be choosing.

Priced at a bargainous £7 you’ll not only receive a box of 11 delicious Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells but a really decent sized Milk Chocolate Easter Egg wrapped in glinted gold foil.

Suitable for vegetarians, these iconic marbled chocolate sea shell eggs will not last long let me tell you (or maybe that’s just me) but the egg, my goodness it’s been made with the finest milk chocolate and is really thick, creamy and utterly delicious. 

There’s nothing worse than an egg that breaks before you’ve even opened the packaging but this bad boy needed a knock on the table to break into it!

At £7 it’s a great price and a MUST for all Guylian fans.


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